Bitcoin Loophole Review: Scam Is A Copycat

Bitcoin Loophole Review: Scam Is A Copycat

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If you still believe in phony Bitcoin trading robots, it is just a matter of time before you can lose your investments. Trading Cryptocurrencies using a fake, copycat robot like Bitcoin Loophole ( is the worst injustice you can ever do to yourself.

A while back, we reviewed a similar software with same name, logo and website design. At the time, this scam software was being hosted at Now it looks like the same scam website owner has launched another shiny Bitcoin trading bot which he claims will make you $300 every hour.

You should notice the difference in their domain names. Also, has provided more information about the software unlike what can be seen on the website.

But that does not change the fact that both of them are scams.

So in this review, we will be presenting our facts which are inspired by reasoning and evidence that strongly suggest that the Bitcoin Loophole is either owned by the same person who owns or is just a blatant scam that disregards the fact investors are now too clever to fall for dimwit scam projects.

Bitcoin Loophole Review

When you land on the homepage of this site, you will see a message that says ”Be part of the lucky ones who have found the secret to making a fortune out of Bitcoins and other altcoins”.

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The question that you should ask yourself is this: if those who join Bitcoin Loophole are extremely lucky, then how come that this scam is still accepting everyone who expresses interest to sign up?

You see, joining Bitcoin Loophole with your name and email address is not like winning the lottery because Bitcoin Loophole is accepting everyone with an email address and a small amount of money to throw away.

There is nothing like limited time offer in this website. It’s a marketing trick. It’s designed to create the illusion of scarcity. We don’t know what they plan to do when the alleged offer expires. Probably sell it for $100,000 a copy? Well, that’s what they want you to believe.

Naturally if you’re not careful, you will think to yourself that it’s worth signing up now to secure your spot for free, just in case the owner decides to close the window of opportunity and force the rest who want to join to pay a billion dollars.

When you critically think about it, you will remember that no one can issue such an ”excellent trading robot” for free and later on decide to charge a fortune.

It does not make sense. Therefore, there can only be one thing in this scenario: That is, the owner is a scammer, and he wants as many people as possible to sign up for Bitcoin Loophole. Secondly, he will never sell any license at all. It’s indeed free except when it comes to funding your broker’s account to activate and use it.

At that point, you will realize that Bitcoin Loophole isn’t an intelligent software at all because it simply opens and closes trades randomly as long as you still have a balance in your trading account. It will only stop trading the moment it depletes your account. This can happen in a matter of hours if you deposit $250 for example.

The supposed intelligent algorithm behind this software

According to Bitcoin Loophole website, this software scans the Cryptocurrency markets to spot any loopholes before taking advantage and thereby making money.

This scanning is allegedly done 24/7 to gain maximum profits.

The software is supposedly backed by a team of Cryptocurrency and blockchain experts who have massive experience on their back.

They also claim that this software is easy to use and profitable as the average user makes $300 per hour. The win rate is 99%.

In another part of the website, the scammers claim that Bitcoin Loophole trades arbitrages using their own strategies and technology. The strategies in question have not been mentioned.

The other funny thing is that BitcoinLoophole spots trading opportunities that other robots cannot see.

The lies don’t end here yet as the scammers still claim that their software used being used by a global audience, thanks to their carefully thought out strategies and technology.

Which loopholes are these guys talking about? You see, there is no loophole in the Bitcoin market to exploit. Every other robot must use approved trading strategies which have been shown to generate profits consistently.

Otherwise, only magic Bitcoin trading robots will talk about exploiting loopholes in the market. We know that these talks are only meant to hypnotize the investor and make him believe that a robot is genuine. Here at, we don’t believe in snake oil trading products.

Bitcoin Loophole in the news: is this true?

It’s usual for a revolutionary product to make headlines. If the description of what Bitcoin Loophole is was the absolute truth, then rest assured that this website would have featured on prominent media platforms.

bitcoin loophole in the news

On the homepage of this site, you will find an area labeled ”as seen on”. That area purports that this software is being talked about by influential investors like Richard Branson and other media personalities too.

But when you analyze this carefully, you realize that nowhere did these people mention Bitcoin Loophole or anything to do with this software.

Yes, they may have talked about Bitcoin and the investment opportunities it presents. But that does not mean that they were endorsing this software.

As a matter of fact, these people have no idea that a software called Bitcoin Loophole even exists. This is clearly fake endorsement.

The people behind this software

Do you know that a great project on the internet is always backed by credible and transparent people who have nothing to hide about themselves?

First off all, this website’s domain details are hidden. The only information you can find about it on is the registration date. The name of the owner is privately registered, and thus you cannot find out who owns the website.

bitcoin loophole website

That’s the first red flag that you should look at. Secondly, the website claims that Bitcoin Loophole was created by several Cryptocurrency experts with a lot of experience.

These ”experts” are anonymous since they were not introduced by name and professional qualifications. Even their faces are anonymous. That means that they don’t even exist at all.

More confusion along the way

In the middle of telling several lies, these scammers got confused to the extent of calling it ”The Crypto Edge System”.

They claimed that ”The Crypto Edge System” (name changed from Bitcoin Loophole) was being delivered as a package containing a super profitable software and an ebook which is free.

This is quite ridiculous. In as much as this software is being purported to be so valuable, it is being offered for free, which bothers as very much. That is not possible.

Our best advice for you

You’re going to waste time and money on this scam if you ignore this review.

We are sure that in the next coming days, victims will find this review online. When they do so, they’ll start commenting below about how they lost money to this scam. But since you’ve read this, avoid. Invest in these trading services instead. 

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  1. Hola necesito un poco de ayuda, porque me registre en esta pagina de estafadores Bitcoin Loophole, no he realizado el pago de 250 ni pienso hacerlo, ahora quiero eliminar el registro porque no paran de llamarme,saben como puedo elimarlo?? Gracias

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