Bitcoin Millionaire Review – New Scam Exposed

Bitcoin Millionaire Review – New Scam Exposed

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”This is not a conventional marketing video, I am not going to sell you anything. So put your credit card away.”

Okay, that’s exactly how the sales pitch on Bitcoin Millionaire begins the introductory part. Of course there is also a congratulation message which assures us that we are among the 500 selected visitors worldwide who have been lucky to get this opportunity.

The narrator quickly assures us that we will never need a credit card because Bitcoin Millionaire is free to use.

A man named ”Victor Gray” on the video claims that he will give you all the tools needed to grow your bank account shortly.

The estimated figure is $2,440 on Bitcoin in less than one day.

And then we are introduced to ‘Steve’ (a supposed user of the Bitcoin Millionaire system). He says he lost his job, found this software and things changed for the better. ‘Steve’ is encouraging you and me to take up this opportunity without hesitation.

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But before we can ask questions, Mr. Gray says that unlike most systems in the market which are designed for sales, his system is different because he is essentially giving it to you for free.

To put more emphasis on this, he shows us his ”account balance”.

Indeed his ‘bank balance’ can be described as having astronomical figures. This is due to the fact that the Bitcoin Millionaire makes 61% less losing trades than the ”analogues” in the market. We don’t know what ”Mr. Gray” means by analogues in the market. We presume that he is probably referring to other scams on the same boat.

 Bitcoin Millionaire photos

Truly speaking, these claims are insidious. Any sane trader would never dare make some statements which appear on this video.

Just in case you’re wondering how wild these claims are, you’d probably understand everything once you get my perspective on this.

Bitcoin Millionaire: The truth

According to the Bitcoin Millionaire website, wins are guaranteed. Losses have never been recorded because the software trades with 99% precision.

It only trades when it is ”sure” of a win. In other words, it does not trade a lot and when it does, it has to win rain or shine.

Now, from my experience. This is not trading. Probably this guy is talking about something else. I do not see how one can trade binary options and still expose themselves to zero risks. It is simply not possible. Unless you are a magician, you can never have the kind of advantage that this website touts.

Bitcoin Millionaire promises total financial freedom

As opposed to gaining financial freedom, you will suffer a huge financial wreck.

As you can see, the Bitcoin Millionaire sales page is obsessed with talking about wealth as opposed to talking about the software in question.

We are shown pictures of mansions, fancy cars, watches, clothing you name it. The narrator goes on to say that you will acquire all these, thanks to Bitcoin Millionaire which has made this possible.

The most ridiculous thing is that this narrator claims that whoever gets to his site to watch that video must have been invited to do so because it is impossible to find that website without special invitation.

We all know that this is a big lie. You just accessed the domain here — free. You were never invited. In fact, you can rest assured that this narrator is lying throughout the entire presentation.

The profit claims are exaggerated. He is simply selling a dream that will become increasingly elusive for most traders or online investors. Beware.

So, why does Mr. Gray intend to help you secure your financial freedom?

He gives a lame excuse as to why he is out there to help people succeed. He claims that he has faced the hardships of life before, and he knows how being broke feels like.

Now, he wants to help you make money to pay your bills, buy a fancy car, and basically live life on the first lane.

So, is this the reason why he wants to help you? Apparently Yes. Unfortunately, that’s a lame excuse. Wealthy people don’t just donate their monies like that. And why should Mr. Gray help you in the first place? Think about it.

Who is Mr. Victor Gray of Bitcoin Millionaire?

Truth is, there is no Mr. Victor Gray. He is a fictitious man. It’s the reason they chose voice over acting. It’s convenient for those who want to hide their faces away from the public.

In as much as this Mr. Gray claims to be a multi-millionaire, no one has ever heard about him before. He is not even famous. Probably he has been hiding under a cave somewhere, which could explain why we don’t recognize him.

However, this is quite unlikely. The truth is out there, and you must never wonder why this man is not popular in your trading circles.

He simply doesn’t exist. He is a hoax — the reason why he is selling a dream life that does not exist.

Fake testimonials on Bitcoin Millionaire

These testimonials on Bitcoin Millionaire website have one thing in common. They all involve people who follow a common script. testimonial is fake
Just another corrupt actor

These people claim that they lost their jobs and were almost facing a foreclosure before they found Bitcoin Millionaire. Others claim that they couldn’t put a meal on the table, and now they are eating like Kings.

The reason why Bitcoin Millionaire is getting endorsed by actors is because it does not have real customers who can do it. In fact, nobody intends to do it since the website is made up of blatant lies that no one can fall for.

Reason why you should use Bitcoin Millionaire – according to Victor Gray

If you have the patience to sit and watch the entire video, you will come across a section where Gray says that his software is different from scams since it only opens trades when it’s sure of a win.

That’s a funny explanation in an attempt to justify the credibility of a robot. First of all, is this a valid explanation as far as the legitimacy of this robot is concerned?

This is complete BS. This man was unable to justify his statements in support of Bitcoin Billionaire scam. And now everyone knows that we are dealing with a scam here.

Our Best advice for you

Honestly speaking, Bitcoin Millionaire is the same thing as other binary options scams on the internet.

Secondly, this is a scam whose intention is to run several trades at the same time. This way, you will end up losing money and fattening their bank accounts since they are paid commissions whenever this system opens a trade.

As you can see, this product lacks methodology, and it’s the reason why the narrator is being irrelevant. Instead of talking about the strategy which this robot uses to trade, he talks about wealth. In fact, he wastes a whole video channeling crap into our ears.

Avoid such systems. Binary Trading is still a valid trading instrument. The problem is that investors keep landing in the wrong hands. You can change that by using a proper trading robot. The products which you will find in that list have been tested and verified.

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