Bitcoin Prime Review: An Awful Crypto Trading Ponzi Scheme

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Bitcoin Prime Review: An Awful Crypto Trading Ponzi Scheme

Bitcoin Prime is an entity that is allegedly reserved for investors’ who have a high-risk appetite. The scam lacks originality. It is fabricating the same content that several scammers are using. The Ponzi scheme has an insane offer of $1300 within a day.

The returns raise eyebrows because if anyone discovered such an opportunity, they would not share the idea with public members. Additionally, the bot would not be offered for a cheaper price of $250

If you come across such trading bots, ask yourself the tough questions. Doing this will save you the trouble of and frustration of losing your hard-earned money to scammers. The signing in process is easy.

The investors of this shady venture earn money as they travel across the world. It is not a guarantee that you will become rich by venturing with this scam. Furthermore, there is no existing evidence of the entity conducting trading activities.

Invest in reputable digital currency companies. The entities are realistic and avail of real-time data and statics. They do not use words to lure clients but avail factual data that determine their legitimacy.

Bitcoin Prime Review

Bitcoin Prime does not provide sufficient data regarding their trading activities. The entity is only claiming that they will make you rich. However, their trading strategy remains a mystery. The scam states that you can earn from 500% ROI within 24 hours.

Additionally, this fraudulent bot brags that traders who use their system earn tremendous returns. The average win rate of this software is 90%. The majority of the trading bots in the market do not match the accuracy.

Investors can recover their initial capital instantly after signing up. Unfortunately, Bitcoin Prime is untrustworthy. The dirty scam states it is using AI to trade automatically on behalf of their clients.

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Bitcoin Prime Review, Bitcoin Prime Platform

Investors do not necessarily have to acquaint themselves with crypto trading. They can trade automatically regardless of their trading background. The scam further claims that it has features that minimize risks encountered by investors.

The shady venture does not have trading results. The only thing that the venture avail is manipulated data. Traders should no use the information to determine the legitimacy of this entity.

False celebrity Endorsement

Bitcoin Prime is a company that claims celebrities have endorsed their trading activities. The scam is using people like Richard Branson and Elon Musk to win over traders. However, they are not talking about this scandalous trading bot.

They are discussing the emergence of BTC. The platform is only being recommended by websites that are infamous for verifying scam. Traders should be keen when dealing with online investment ventures.

Who is the Owner of Bitcoin Prime?

The activities of this suspicious entity ate supervised by Steve McKay. He is allegedly a genius who developed ‘the top notch trading bot’ He formerly worked for a reputable software entity, which he does not see the need for disclosing.

The software can yield high ROI within a few minutes. All you need to do is watch the video that the Ponzi scheme avails. The lazy voice of the factious character will make you regret wasting time listening to the audio.

We searched for the founder to see whether there is any existing information regarding who him. Unfortunately, the owner is a ghost who does not have a social media presence. The scam is using stock images stolen from the internet.

False Testimonial

The company designates a section on their website that features reviews from their clients. According to the info availed, the scam traders are making huge returns in a short time frame. They are upvoting the scam as the best trading venture in the market.

The information is identical to other Ponzi schemes in the industry. From the information, we gathered that a factious character known as Steve is running the scam. Traders have also been able to clear out their debts.

What else can one ask for? The information available is in line with day to day challenges which most of us face. Investors have been able to purchase homes, quite toxic jobs, travel the world, and retire early.

The problem with the testimonials is that the information has been recycled multiple times. It is easy to notice the scam. Moreover, the Ponzi scheme is using stock images. You cannot base your judgment on a false review.

Additionally, the company has also paid individuals to endorse them to the public. The scam is in desperate need of new victims. Look for proof of payment or screenshots that can verify the statement of these individuals. Unfortunately, you will not find anything.

Customer Support

It is funny that the marketers of this investment company claim the bot has friendly support. However, the platform does not have an email address or a telephone number. We are therefore left wondering what mode of communication this entity is using.

The platform states that investors should look at the feedback they have acquired should attest to their great performance. We cannot rely on false information or paid marketers to determine the legitimacy of a trading entity.

Registration Status 

Bitcoin Prime does not have a registration document or license on their website. The platform is an outlaw that is ignorant about the law. They are collecting money illegally from all investors in the world.

We checked with several regulatory bodies in the market to see whether the firm is licensed. Unfortunately, nobody would permit such a scam to operate. Financial bodies will blacklist the platform.

Is Bitcoin Prime Legit or a Scam?

The trading bot is a scam that has red flags in every corner. Bitcoin Prime is infamous in the market. They do not offer the safety of funds to investors. The scam brags about having won several awards.

Moreover, this entity also falsely states that it has been featured on various news outlets and endorsed by celebrities. The company will not survive long in the industry.

Final Verdict

Bitcoin Prime is a fraudulent trading bot that we can exhaust its red flags. The platform does not offer trading services to investors. Instead, the firm is connecting investors to shady brokers.

They fish for victims by availing appealing and luring information. The entity is a scam that only cares about its greedy needs. Avoid buying the fantasy of this Ponzi scheme; you will not make any money. They play psychology games with poor investors by telling them what they want to hear.

Invest with legit digital currency trading companies in the industry. They are both reputable and trustworthy. Earn yourself real-time returns without compromising your safety. Moreover, you can read clients’ feedback to make a sober judgment.



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