Bitcoin Profit Now Review: Here’s another Scam

Bitcoin Profit Now Review: Here’s another Scam

Bitcoin Profit Now is a cryptocurrency trading bot that gives clients automated cryptocurrency trading. The system also allows traders to trade manually. Bitcoin Profit Now claims its software is fully cloud-based. Therefore, clients do not have to download or update anything.

Bitcoin Profit Now executes trades based on signals sent out by third-party analysts. They believe the best analysts in the industry provide their signals. Once a promising investment is spotted, an analyst sends out a signal to Bitcoin Profit Now. Bitcoin Profit Now will then act on the signal instantly and execute trades for clients.

Features of a reliable trading robot

These are the features experts use to list and recommend the best trading robots the industry offers

  • Accuracy of trading and results

As a trader, you want a platform that offers much in terms of reward. Accuracy of trading and performance is one of the reasons to sign up with these robots.

The robots have been a favorite when it comes to ensuring the best are available. Here’s what you need to offer traders with the best trading results.

  • Executes trades without human emotion

These robots offer an advantage in that they offer trading without any emotions and use raw data to speculate the markets.

Unlike humans who are likely to get swayed by human emotions, robots will only use market data to make informed decisions.

  • Fast execution of trades

The right robot ensures you enjoy fast execution of trades with ease. These robots offer a much-needed speed when executing trades.

You get a trading platform that ensures you have what it takes when engaging with the markets and isn’t slow to make decisions.

  • Efficient trading

Based on the parameters used by the trader, the robots will act and trade efficiently using set strategies and styles.

And this ensures every trader can take advantage of the market by infusing their preferred settings such as leverage and spreads.

  • Better trading performance overall

Experts and traders look for a robot furnishing traders with reasonable ROI. That means you will be in the leading position to offer the best in terms of positioning.

The robots were seen to produce results of over 85 percent in most cases, and these were consecutive trading days.

  • Customer support

When it comes to customer support, this is what every trader must try and find especially for reliable and fast support.

Bitcoin Profit Now claims its software is designed to maximize profit. Traders can set a sell position when the benefit reaches their specified percentage. With the trailing stop loss, you don’t trade right away. Instead, Bitcoin Profit Now monitors the situation of the market and tries to maximize profits for you.

Bitcoin Profit Now offers potential clients the opportunity to test out their products for free for seven days. Traders can freely opt out of Bitcoin Profit Now when the seven day period is over. There is no binding contract for this free trial period.

This free trial period allows you to see whether Bitcoin Profit Now is profitable. While this might be helpful, seven days might not be enough for potential clients to test the full range of the bot. If you do not have the time to test this product, here are crypto trading systems we’ve already tested and have proven to work that you can invest in right away.

Bitcoin Profit Now Review

Bitcoin Profit Now connects to your exchanges API and trades on your behalf. The API does not allow the board to make any withdrawals. Bitcoin Profit Now claims they do not hold or store any cryptocurrency. All the cryptocurrency is stored inside the client’s exchange software. Bitcoin Profit Now claims it does not require usernames or passwords from the client.

Bitcoin Profit Now provides crypto signals that are sent out by third-party analysts. Bitcoin Profit Now claims their expert analysts are always working hard to find undervalued coins to invest in. They believe these third party analysts are the best in the market.

Bitcoin Profit Now promises clients profitability by leveraging on market volatility. They claim to give you the edge by helping you make a profit from the ups and downs of the market place.

Bitcoin Profit Now Review, Bitcoin Profit Now Platform

The developers of this trading bot are unknown and operate anonymously. The strategies and methods applied to this trading bot are unknown. Moreover, we cannot verify the trading history of the owners of this trading bot.

Bitcoin Profit Now’s website does not feature any proof of profits made by clients. We can’t tell if this trading bot is actually profitable.

To get in touch with Bitcoin Profit Now, you have to send a support request through an external link. Bitcoin Profit Now does not reveal the time it takes them to respond to a support request. Subscribers are provided with a full suite of tutorials and training videos on how to use the software. This means that even beginners can trade using Bitcoin Profit Now.

Bitcoin Profit Now does not express any indication that they are regulated by any regulatory body to run its operations. Ensure that you only invest in companies that are regulated by FCA, CySEC, or ASIC. Any unregulated company is not permitted to collect funds from the public.

How Does Bitcoin Profit Now Work?

Bitcoin Profit Now allows users to both manually and automatically trade in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Profit Now claims you can connect to all their available exchanges and manually buy from one single platform.

Additionally, Traders can let Bitcoin Profit Now trading bot to execute orders and sells them. Bitcoin Profit Now has a team of third party analysts that are always working to find undervalued coins. Once the analysts spot a promising investment, they send out a signal to Bitcoin Profit Now.

The firm then works on the signal instantly and executes the trade. This process runs instantaneously 24/7, and traders do not have to lift a finger to execute trades.

Bitcoin Profit Now claims its software runs entirely in the cloud. This way, you never have to download or update anything. You will get access to all new features and updates instantly.

The platform also claims the exchanges APIs do not allow the bot to make withdrawals, giving clients total control over their cryptocurrency assets.

This company also claims they do not hold or store any cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency is stored inside clients’ exchanges. This way, security matters are left totally in the hands of the transactions the clients choose. Further, Bitcoin Profit Now claims its system requires no username or password.

Fund Safety and Systems’ Protection

As mentioned, Bitcoin Profit Now claims its platform does not hold or store any cryptocurrency, leaving all security matters to be handled by the exchanges that clients choose. Fund safety, therefore, totally depends on the exchange program the client wants.

The company claims it does not collect usernames or passwords from clients. This is contrary to the truth. As soon as you click sign up, you’re prompted to create an account which requires your full name, email address, and password. Bitcoin Profit Now distances itself from any responsibility in protecting your account information, including your username and password in their terms and conditions.

Clients are assured total control over their cryptocurrency assets. This is because Bitcoin Profit Now cannot perform withdrawals for clients.

Subscription packages

Bitcoin Profit Now has two main subscription packages. These include the Starter and the Premium packages. The Starter package goes out for $97 a month. It entitles you to 500 trading positions and a maximum of 75 coins selected.

The premium package goes out for $197 a month. This package provides you  8/100 trading positions and up to 150 points selected. Subscribers of the premium package also receive monthly newsletters, access to cryptocoinPro, and 10 hours plus of crypto educational videos.

CryptocoinPro allegedly is a feature that automates all the manual research done by seasoned crypto experts to find undervalued coins, by putting all the tools needed into one simple, easy-to-use digital toolbox.

Both of these packages allow manual trading. They also give access to a Telegram discussion group and weekly Q/A calls. Both packages also allow you to test the products via a seven day free trial period.

These packages are rather expensive, considering the company does not provide any evidence that their bot actually works. Just because the system offers automated trading, it does not guarantee profitability.

Is Bitcoin Profit Now Trustworthy?

The owners of this trading bot are unknown. We always advise against putting your investments in the hands of mysterious people on the internet.

This company says it does not require usernames and passwords but ask for the same when you sign up.

While this bot might be legit, it’s trading for profitability is not demonstrated anywhere on the website. At this point, we cannot verify that it actually works. Moreover, the recurring expense for this product is too high.

Final verdict

While Bitcoin Profit Now might be a legitimate company, it does not operate in full transparency. We are not aware who the developers of this bot are. We cannot verify that they have a successful trading performance. There are many risks involved in investing with unknown people on the internet.

You should do enough research before choosing to invest in a company online. Ensure you only invest in companies that have a successful trading performance. Stick to these companies that have been tested and proven to work. These crypto trading companies will guarantee you profitability without compromising on your funds.


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