Bitcoin Square Review – You Can’t Square it with a Scam

Bitcoin Square Review – You Can’t Square it with a Scam

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Thanks for reading this review of a website known as Bitcoin Square. According to the sales page, Bitcoin Square are the experts in BTC investments. They give investment advice. But they do not have a license to show that they have been authorized to provide this kind of investment advice.

Bitcoin Square is popular in the US as most of the traffic seem to be coming from this country. One thing we can promise you is that this is an illegal investment service. If majority of the traffic is coming from the US, it simply means that the mysterious owner of Bitcoin Square is targeting citizens of this country. They should be regulated to be allowed to conduct their operations in the US. There is no excuse about it. The SEC does not recognize this ponzi scheme.

Therefore, in this review of the Bitcoin Square website which can be found on this domain –, we will be providing a comprehensive analysis of the website and its offers. But it remains that this is still a scam no matter how appealing their sales pitch may sound like.

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Bitcoin Square Review – what it’s all about

It’s all about Bitcoin fraud. You have to send them your Bitcoins so they can invest it on your behalf and give you returns after 2 or more days. The site is hawking 3 different investment plans. The first investment plan is called Varuna, and it’s promising a 2 day return of 130%. The minimum investment that this site is looking for to recruit you into this plan is 0.0005%. There is a promised loyalty bonus.

Bitcoin Square

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The second and third plans require a minimum investment of 0.0001 BTC and 0.001 BTC respectively. These plans are known as Ahura and Lacra. Ahura is promising 175% in 4 days. Lacra has a 6 day waiting period after which the investor will allegedly earn a return of 250% which means 1000% in a month’s time.

These figures tell us that Bitcoin square is a high yield investment program and possibly a scam. When you look at those numbers, you realize that they are sounding too good to be true. There is no form of trading that can yield those returns in a short duration of time. No one who really trades can guarantee you a fixed income because markets do change. The market does not behave in exactly the same way every single day. That is why promising a fixed return is impossible. Only scammers can promise fixed returns which do not make sense.

Having gone through the site, we feel that everything about it is fake. The returns are too high. And the presentation is also fake. If the anonymous owner truly knew the secret of trading Crypto currencies to make these ridiculous returns, they would never share their secret with you. And even if they were to help investors by operating a hedge fund, they would charge a fortune just to join them. Money is never free. Working with the best hedge fund managers is always something that’s going to cost you upfront in terms of minimum capital and performance fees. If the minimum capital is low, then the inevitable is going to happen. The site will simply scam you because real fund managers do not work with a small capital. They hate it. We have never seen a legit fund manager who begs for 0.001 BTC.

Fake payout records

When you scroll down the Bitcoin square website, you will see a list of anonymous investors who were allegedly paid by this platform. As always, we cannot verify these Bitcoin address. There is no realistic way to do so. But that list of supposedly paid investors is long. If there was a way to verify this information, it would have been convenient for the purposes of writing this review.

Also, as you can see in that list, the profits are too good to be true. These profits are definitely fabricated. They are not real. The payout records are fake as the website cannot give us proof of trading activities.

Bitcoin Square – about the website

There is no trading license, and yet this website claims that they are offering the best investment advice. That’s a red flag. They also claim to have 5 years of experience trading for their customers. Again, this experience cannot be verified because the admin is anonymous.

They also claim that Bitcoin Square is striving to achieve ”highest professional’ standards. We don’t know how possible this is because the site does not act professional. They lack ethics as well. Their returns are abnormal and not persuading at all.

An anonymous admin and promises that cannot be kept is a good ingredient combination for a scam site. The website does not have a cleverly designed about us page.

The site is also trading in a worthless coin known as SQBC. They want to convert real money into SQBC. This coin has no real value outside the Bitcoin Square website. It is a way to launder real funds so they can scam you and make recovery of funds impossible. This coin is definitely suspicious because it costs nothing to produce it plus it is not backed by any value. Buying or exchanging your valuable Bitcoins into SQBC will result in a loss.

Bitcoin Square and why you must never trust this website

After analyzing this website in details, we see that there are several red flags that can’t be ignored. If you ignore the fact that the owner is anonymous and their trading experience cannot be proved, you will be taking too huge a risk. If you ignore the fact that this site is showing fake transactions to fool investors, you will be putting your funds at great risk by sending them to the scammer’s wallet.

To cut a long story short, this is not something you want to participate in.

Our best advice for you

To trade Cryptocurrencies and make money, make use of these trading robots. They are professionally designed and their track records are in order. Forget Bitcoin Square scam.

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64 Replies to “Bitcoin Square Review – You Can’t Square it with a Scam”

  1. How could you say that the bitcoin square is a scam? I have 2 payments proof from them! If this website is really scam why they do even payed already their investors and I’m the one who received my payout.but thanks for these info but I already received my payment from them!

    1. Its a SCAM, i paid 0.0018 Btc and it says payment not made, and their contact page does not work. STAY AWAY, BIG BIG SCAM

    2. Yes,2 received 2payment.after that,they did not pay you again when you invest more than 0.002 btc..they are scammer and stolen my 0.005 btc.not paying me

    3. #PA:DT-2018. never paid what I will do to get paid

    4. Moi depuis k j ai investis 2 fonds parallèles mais depuis k cela etait fini c maintenant plus d un mois k je n ai mm pas un msg et je n sais où est parti l argent. En entrant ds la page quelque part il est ecrit 2 transactions et puis rien…

  2. h***o i had also invest and they paid me today July 28 2018 and they have been 5 years on service and they have future plans except that u said the bitcoin price it go up and down so whats the problem on that they are paying you back in bitcoin and depends of you how much you will change that to cash i thing so you judge of my talk scame never pay you back they only get your money

    1. Bitcoinsquare is definately a SCAM, I invested and my investment has matured, now their payment to me after 6 hours, still says AWAITING BLOCKCHAIN CONFIRMATION.

    1. #PA:DT-2018. not paying for me waiting till 4 days

  3. I bought min. package. Site seems to go down for maintenance often, but always comes back. I got paid from the min 2 day pack (July 31,18). Doing the 6 Day now with 0.0005 to see what happens!!

  4. Been paid 3 times already.. They really are paying and its automatic. No need to withdraw. Just hoping they will not turn to scam like all other mining sites. I just invested the minimum though, still payout is real after 2 days. I haven’t tried the other 2 plans but I intend to. That’s why I came to be on this page now looking for some answers and so I will be able to decide whether to continue with their service or not. Anyway, my fourth investment is already from the profits I gained from the site. So if they will turnout scam someday, at least I did not lose everything rather gained something. Wish I can share screen shots here to show my payout Proof..

  5. Bitcoin Square is legit as I was paid many times and currently have 8 running investments. Started in the minimum investment.

  6. I did invest in this site i already tried all plans and got ALL payouts on time. Well if Bitcoin Square is a scam.. I am happy to be scammed. P. S. Already had my 12th payout.. And incoming 2..?

  7. I also git paid in here i have 23 investments in here, all 21 were paid already :-). I started from 0.0005 plan, the Varuna 🙂

  8. i dont understand because i also invest more than ten times and they pay me, all my referals are receving there payment, and they do as they have promised.

  9. But i dont think that they give the profit as what they advertise or promise. My friend invested 196ph and after 2daya got only 284?… Not even 50% out from 130% supposed to be.

  10. Don’t believe this website it’s a scam I’m paying 0.0035 BTC still it’s not showing in BTC square
    It’s a scam please save your time and money
    It’s my heartful w***s

  11. Bitcoin square is a SCAM, I paid 0.0018 Btc and they say i did not pay and their contact page is not working, STAY AWAY

  12. H***o everyone.. Bitcoin square is fake.. really believe me..i did invest 0.1 btc first…he paid me..then i invest 0.5 showing in that page..paid.. but i still not received any payment.. I’m waiting from a week…madherchod site h..bach k raho..madherchodon se..and no any option for contacting.. contact option upcoming.. careful you all..chutiyappa..

  13. Bitcoin Square is starting to have the sign and symptoms of being a SCAM…payments delayed, cannot contact support, and deposits not posted.

  14. How could you say that the bitcoin square is a scam? I have 2 payments proof from them! If this website is really scam why they do even payed already their investors and I’m the one who received my payout.but thanks for these info but I already received my payment from them!!!!!

  15. Never paying waiting for 4 days my payment id is #PA:DT-2018. not paying for me waiting till 4 days help me if anyone can

  16. Note: They left instructions that u should not refresh the page after sending payment. Perhaps that was the mistake some of u that are complaining did. Always read instructions…

  17. This is scam. Before they paid and starting August they are not paying. You will see in the site said paid but you will never receive any single cent on your bitcoin wallet. I’ve lost 0.035 in this site. Warning from others.

  18. Recentemente ho perso 250.000 per un broker falso, tutto era un falso, ero in un sacco di casino fino a quando ho incontrato qualcuno che mi ha aiutato a recuperare circa il 75% dei soldi ora. Puoi spedire ‘101102access # protonmail * com

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