Bitcoin Top Generator Review: Most Absurd Scam

Bitcoin Top Generator Review: Most Absurd Scam

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We all know that Bitcoin is a disruptive technology. But that’s also why scammers are burning the midnight oil to try coming up with opportunities where they cash it at the expense of the victim. The rule of thumb has always been straight forward. If you suspect that an opportunity is sounding too good to be true, just don’t participate. You will be glad that you saved your money in the long run.

So, what’s out with Bitcoin Top Generator at Is it an honest site? Can you trust them with your Bitcoin? Unfortunately No, you cannot. Bitcoin Top Generator is the usual scam. If you send them your Bitcoin, you will lose it. If you keep it, you will save it. That’s so simple. But apparently, people who get scammed on a mission to make overnight millions on the internet just don’t get it.

What is it that is so wrong with Bitcoin Top Generator?

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bitcoin top generate review

Bitcoin Top Generator scam: beware of

Bitcoin Top Generator is a very basic site in terms of design. When you land on the homepage, you will immediately know what is happening because the design of the site is focused on eliminating clutter and going to the message straight away.

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The message here is that if you send them your Bitcoin, you will make 0.1 BTC in 35 minutes. The site claims that they are only accepting 1 IP address for a specific length of time before that IP address can be accepted again.

The most useless claim that we have ever heard from a Bitcoin scam like this is that they are running a Bitcoin tool that exploits the pools and blockchains to make profit. This tool is apparently very accurate (although the site admits that it can fail anytime). If it does,the site claims that it will issue a notice to users that their exploits have been halted.

Bitcoin Top Generator also has a video explaining how this tool is to be used. When we watched this video, we saw that the main goal was to convince visitors to make deposits in Bitcoin with the promise that they will make 0.1 Bitcoin in less than 1 hour. We are not so sure why this profit has to be 0.1 BTC and not more or less.

On top of that, the site is displaying alleged profits that members are receiving by the minute. It is designed to issue alerts of fake IP addresses receiving profits. These IP addresses represent users who are alleged to have deposited BTC into their system and are making money as a result.

Another highlight that caught our attention was the chat functionality on this site. If you are not careful, you may end up falling for this trick. This chat room is supposedly private. But any visitor who comes to this website can actually view the supposed conversations going on inside the chat room.

However, visitors cannot participate in these conversations. It’s a see-only affair.

Well, we spent time studying this chat room and the conversation that was going on from the inside. We got a feeling that this was an automated script that was programmed to write sentences that would then make it look like real people are conversing about the Bitcoin Top Generator.

Bitcoin Top Generator fake chat room

The truth is that nothing is going on in this chat room. This is not a real chat room to start with. Like we said, it is a script that was programmed to make people believe that real people are discussing their experience with sending Bitcoin to Bitcoin Top Generator or even how they are making money, how it is easy to make money with this site etc.

However, more evidence suggests that this chat room is not entirely automatic. We finally gained access to the chat room and even typed a message. When we hit ”send”, we saw that message in the chat room.

This could suggest that this chat room is being moderated by the scammers themselves. The trick is simple. Because people are typing and sending messages/conversing here from across the world, the scammers are watching what is going on very carefully.

They are even using various aliases to lie that they just deposited BTC and made money. Of course they use different alias names to represent different people. It’s so easy to fall for this thing. If you’re not careful, you will just end up sending them your hard-earned Bitcoin. Not a wise idea given that Bitcoin Top Generator is already a scam, not exception.

Are the so-called Bitcoin generated stats real?

It’s quite obvious that scams will do everything they can to convince you that they are paying out profits. Is that the case with Bitcoin Top Generator? No way. The stats which they are giving us cannot be verified. There is no way we can verify these stats if evidence is not there.

We are a little bit hesitant because of the nature of this site. You do not need any more evidence that this is a scam when it has all the markings suggesting that it is not a good site.

Who owns this site?

Honestly, no one knows who owns this site. The site does not have a description of what they do or even how the so-called Bitcoin exploiting tool is doing to make this profit for their members.

The first issue here is that the owner is anonymous. They wish to keep a low profile because it makes it difficult for them to be traced. The more secretive they are, the more advantage they gain.

So that’s a big red flag already. Also, it bothers us a lot when no one is caring to explain the process that this tool is using to exploit the Bitcoin market.

They want to create the impression that this is a mysterious tool. It’s a magic tool designed to make money and not losses. This is according to Bitcoin Top Generator. But if you think about it with logical reasoning, then you will see that nothing authentic is happening here. This is just a tactic run by seasoned scammers on the internet.

Why are they insisting that you must only use Bitcoin to make payment?

Look, it is only reasonable that people should be allowed to use a variety of means to place deposits. This way, people can get a chance to recover their monies if things go the wrong way.

By the way, this is not a question of ”if” because it’s a guarantee that Bitcoin Top Generator will steal all your coins. It is not even advised that you make a deposit in Bitcoin. But if you are daring enough, insist to make that deposit in MasterCard or any other means of payment. If they refuse or ignore you, then you have full evidence that you are dealing with a scam.

Our best advice for you

Bitcoin Top Generator is a big lie and a rip off. If it was real, we would be having so many testimonials about it. As it currently stands, there is no testimonial or user feedback. The owner of the site remains anonymous up to this date. It seems that their aim is to steal more Bitcoin before they can eventually meet their fate.

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    I am looking to earn an honest decent living online and not be scammed .I am not looking for get rich quick just want to earn a decent living wage online Btc looks to be a decent way but I can’t seem to find a none scam situation please be honest and kind .I just really want to put my hours in online work and earn. Let me know if you have some legitimate ways .No investing or paying in or scam please

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