Bitcoin Trader Review: Horrible Scam Software!

Bitcoin Trader Review: Horrible Scam Software!

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Obviously when there is a ton of money floating around in form of Bitcoins, scammers have to be involved. Cryptocurrency market is the house of many scammers. No wonder Bitcoin Trader software is plotting to scam those who won’t do their due diligence before investing. For that reason, we are reviewing this app to see whether or not this seemingly genuine trading software is the real deal.

The first thing we notice in the video presentation is that they are making use of very familiar faces. These faces are unwelcome because they have appeared in a couple of other Bitcoin scam websites before.

It should be noted that the Bitcoin Trader app is not the same as the Bitcoin Trader Code. But they certainly share one similarity, and that is, all of them are shady robots for trading Bitcoins and other altcoins.

As for the Bitcoin Trader app, the owner is completely anonymous, plus the promise of earning a million dollars in a short time is equally suspicious.

In fact, very many things don’t make sense in this website. For that reason, we are asking questions that need urgent answers. For us to reinforce the seriousness of our concerns, we have decided to post this Bitcoin Trader software review with the intention of warning users to be extremely careful with this Bitcoin Trading app. It’s fake. It’s corny. And this is the evidence.

Bitcoin trader Software review

Theoretically, the software is supposed to help you trade Bitcoin and other altcoins without subjecting you to the risk of potentially losing your money. The profits that come from the Bitcoin Trader software are supposed to be huge.

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bitcointrader review

This is definitely too good to be true. There is no point in expounding on this because all evidence already point to the fact that this software is nothing but a rip off.

We do not want to dwell on the theory side of things because there is no point in doing so.

How it works to make millions of dollars

Believe it or not, these folks are giving us nonsensical explanation with regards to how this software is supposed to work.

See, they claim that the Bitcoin Trader software is faster than human beings and everything else in the world. They almost lied that this program is faster than lightening.

The story is something like this: The Bitcoin trader software is 0.0001 seconds faster than any computer, broker, trading service or human.

But if you use a little bit of common sense, you will see that this is a big fat lie. If it was amazingly fast, every computer and trader out there would have closed down shop and ventured into another business because users of the Bitcoin Trader software are taking all the share in the market.

Again, if this software was to work any faster, the owners would have to invest a lot of time and resources into coming up with a truly unique piece of technology. This has to be innovative and sophisticated. Unfortunately, no scammer is willing to go that extra length because it would defy the logic of scamming people on the web in the first place.

Disappointingly, no trading methodology has been given to support the explanation of how this software works. While we were expecting them to explain how this software is able to work faster than all other systems in the world, they did the opposite by giving us vague and monotonous explanations instead.

While we don’t expect them to disclose the exact working of the algorithm, we don’t think that it’s right to leave people guessing about it. We needed some clue in order to gauge whether or not the Bitcoin Trader software is a legit Bitcoin trading app to work with.

In short, the crooks are not willing to let us know how this system is able to work faster to generate so much cash in such a short time.

We believe that any website that is not willing to divulge crucial details should be avoided at all cost. This clearly shows that the Bitcoin Trader software is a scam. No doubt about this assertion.

Laser accurate performance claims

You can earn enormous amounts of money with the Bitcoin Trader software. That’s what the website wants you to believe, thanks to the alleged win ratio of this software.

The person behind this junk app has said that the software can and will always trade with 95% accuracy. This would mean that for every 100 trades that the software takes, it will only lose 5 of them.

Now, this is just too good to be true. If it was real, Bitcoin Trader software would outshine the best of the best trading robots. 

Sadly, it is not true that this software has a win rate of 95%. These claims are impossible to achieve. To tell us that we can triple or continuously multiply our investments every day with this software is to show that one is ignorant about trading. It’s nonsensical.

In short, automated trading robots don’t perform with 95% accuracy. They are meant to make work easier but not to perform with that kind of accuracy. Any salesman who tells you that they have a trading app that gives 95% accuracy rate is a scammer.

False commentary on the product’s alleged performance

We want you to understand this one thing: that neither Bill Gates nor Richard Branson have ever talked about this trading app. They will never do that because billionaires have no time for scammers on the internet.

Just to clarify on the comments appearing on the site, they claim that Gates and Branson have been talking positively about the Bitcoin Trader software.

There is a video on the homepage which shows the two talking about Bitcoin and Crytocurrencies in general. At no point in that video did they mention Bitcoin Trader software.

As a visitor of this website, you are intentionally being misled into believing that these two investors endorsed the software when that is not the case at all.

What these criminals are doing is to try building some false sense of credibility by associating their horrible trading software with these wealthy folks.

You need to be very conscious and aware of the fact that these two men don’t endorse trading robots. If anything, they would endorse these trading robots, but not a scam like the Bitcoin Trader app.

Who owns this illegal trading software?

It is very clear that the owner of this software is an anonymous guy looking to scam as many people as possible.

The video presentation on the homepage has a narrator who does not introduce his name or even tell us the people behind the Bitcoin Trader software.

In addition to this, no contact information was ever given to enable us reach the owners of this fraudulent operation.

The point is, you must never trust anonymous persons on the internet with your money. Unless you want to lose money, there is generally no need to gamble with your money this way.

Our best advice for you

Stay away from the Bitcoin Trader software. If you need any robot that can trade Bitcoin and other altcoins profitably, pick the ones found in this list.

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