Bitcoin Trading World Review: Scam Continues Duping with B2G

Bitcoin Trading World Review: Scam Continues Duping with B2G

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Bitcoin Trading World is allegedly a Cryptocurrency mining and trading platform. But it provides zero information about ownership of the person in charge of its operations. The website whose domain is was registered in May 2017. At the time of writing this review, Bitcoin Trading World had installed a Cryptocurrency mining hijacker. This basically means that if you visit this site, your browser and CPU will be used for their mining operations. That’s how malicious they can get.

Bitcoin Trading World Review

The domain of this website was last updated on the 25th of April 2018. This is most likely the date that the current owner possessed the domain. The first thing we notice when analyzing details of this domain on is that identifying information is currently set to private, thus we are not able to know who owns it.

When we look at the marketing copy that can be found on the Bitcoin Trading World website, we find that this website is a property of Dragon Mining Tech, a platform that has been accused of hosting or working with other scams as well.

bitcoin trading world

Furthermore, we have concrete evidence that Dragon Mining Tech is also part of the Bitcoiin B2G altcoin pump and dump project. As you can see in that review, Bitcoiin is an outright fraud that you must not pay money to get involved with.

Bitcoiin was first introduced on the internet in January. However, by March, it had already attracted the attention of Securities regulators based in Tennessee and New Jersey respectively.

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As a result, the scammers who operated Bicoiin domain decided to pull an exit stunt with all investor money. The result? It caused investors to suffer losses that are estimated to be $75 million dollars in total.

Apart from the fact that Dragon Mining Tech and Bitcoiin have association with China, no other details have been revealed that can help us identify the owner.

Bitcoin Trading World is also part of the fraudulent scheme as there is concrete evidence that these schemes are all related in one way or the other.

As we have said many times before, if a website is operating like an investment platform and it’s not ready to divulge information about the owner, you should avoid it because it is possibly a scam. Scams love the anonymity, plus there is no reason whatsoever why a legit mining website would want to ensure that the owner is anonymous.

Bitcoin Trading World products

The truth of the matter is that this website does not offer any real product or services to the investor. The only thing which is offered here is affiliate membership. The compensation plans include monthly ROIs ranging from 8 to 15% plus referral commissions as well. The last plan is known as Bitcoiin (B2G) and this plan is actually promising 40% in 90 days.

What is more, the site is claiming that top leaders will get treated to additional commissions as well as incentives. When we explore the withdrawal section of the site, we find that the currency being used here is B2G. That suggests members are only paid in B2G Cryptocurrency. For one to fully participate in this website, they must fund their accounts with real money in form of Bitcoins, Ethereum and so on.

The truth about Bitcoin Trading World

It is crystal clear that this is a scam operations. This is because when they wrapped up Bitcoiin ponzi scheme after running away with a neat 75 million dollars, they learned that they had secured themselves a crowd of gullible internet users.

Having spent over 75 million dollars in exchange for a worthless coin called B2G, these investors had money and could believe anything they were told by Bitcoin Trading World and any of those scams that are associated with B2G.

Bitcoin Trading World is now looking to steal even more money from these gullible investors since it’s just an extension of Dragon Mining Tech. The B2G ecosystem is designed in such a way that it will continue to milk investors dry if they are not careful.

You see, the Bitcoiin website is still active and accepting deposits by cheating investors that they will gain hold of a ”valuable coin” known as B2G. However, Bitcoiin knows very well that they have abandoned ship and are not longer pursuing what B2G was supposed to do. This information is not revealed on their website anyway.

Thorex, which is a dodgy exchange was set up though, to siphon even more money from gullible investors who think they are purchasing value in exchange for real money.

On the other hand, they are using the cover of Dragon Mining Tech to run other scams in this ecosystem. Bitcoiin and Bitcoin Trading World are just some examples of their work.

The other truth is that these scammers are claiming that B2G is listed on CoinMarketCap. But when we investigate this matter, we find that B2G is not listed in this site at all. These scammers just created another clone site of CoinMarketCap to cheat suckers of their money some more.

These two sites, CoinMarketCap and World Coin Charts, are very similar. The obvious difference is that one of them includes B2G and a fake assigned value. And now that you know that World Coins Charts is a clone of Coin Market Cap, there is nothing else we can trust about Bitcoin Trading World.

The way we see it is that Bitcoin Trading World is just one hell of an excuse to launder B2G through.

Both new and existing investors will be required to obtain B2G, which we have said is worthless. This Cryptocurrency is purchased with real money, and that’s how investors lose money.

Our best advice for you

Bitcoin Trading World can never be trusted at all. This site is just part of a larger scheme to scam investors. Be wise. If we are talking of mining, please do so with these companies. If all you are concerned with is trading to increase the number of coins you hold, go here.

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  1. This is just another scam operated by willem adleberg and felix logan. They are total scammers- stay away. do not invest or buy any of their bs ….

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