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Bitcoin 1 Free Work is a scam Bitcoin mining operation that will rob you and once they are done with you, they block you from their website. There are several complaints that have been brought against this platform, and we are talking them seriously because a number of investors out there are losing their funds and Bitcoin 1 Free is continuing to smile on their way to the bank. What exactly is It claims to be a Bitcoin Multiplier that uses a technology which they call ”double spends”. which is supposed to multiply BTC every hour so that payouts can be issued every 24 hours. It is written on this site that they are in ”version 2” which makes us wondering what version 1 looked like. Right after making that statement, the site lists down a couple of non functioning domains under an area titled ”last domains”.

We searched and discovered that the person in charge of this domain is someone by the name Sydney Izen. They have registered this site with the physical address 300 Mercer St. Apt. 11M, New York City, NY 10003, USA. But most likely this is a false address and they are not based out of the United States. The domain was registered in November 2017. An email address and phone number has been provided through which the owner can be reached.

In the month of January 2018, there were at least 323,000 visitors to this site. That traffic was mostly coming from countries like Russia, US, Indonesia, Brazil and Iran. This is according to similar web platform. According to the site, the people behind Bitcoin 1 Free Work are a ”group of programmers” who in the year 2014 managed to bypass the security mechanisms of ”Double Spends” of BTC and decided to take advantage of it. The site also claims that since 2014, the creators of Block chain and Bitcoin have been trying to ”protect” the so called Double Spends. The last defense that was mounted on the mechanism allegedly happened in November 2017. Now, the owners of Bitcoin 1 Free Work are claiming that they never sleep and that they are always working round the clock to break these barriers and they have so far been successful in overcoming them all.

As you can see from the description above, Bitcoin 1 Free Work is not a credible investment platform. You can bet that these people are scammers who will not hesitate to steal from you. If you are planning to invest in Bitcoins, you should either trade or mine them here.

Bitcoin 1 Free Work Review

The first thing you realize is that this is not a trustworthy operation and you can never trust such a website. It is also obvious that this platform is not run or managed by a registered corporation. Instead, it is run by one person who is falsely claiming that they can help multiply your Bitcoins. How exactly can this happen? In the real world, we have never heard or even proved that such a thing can happen. It has never happened before. Only scammers have been making such claims for a long time now. But they have never proved that they are successfully multiplying any Bitcoins for their gullible victims.


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So what is the explanation behind the so-called double spends?

The scammers claim that they do send transactions twice. That way, sometimes the second transaction gets confirmed even after the first one has been confirmed. This can happen without the second transaction getting canceled. They also claim that this process can be repeated up to 8 times a day. This is allegedly going to multiply BTC invested into the program by a factor of 8. If you deposit some Bitcoins into the system, they are allegedly going to reward you with a hundred fold of your original investments and they keep the rest of the profit.

What you should know is that if someone in the world knew such a secret, the last thing they would want to do is share it with the world. They would secretly exploit the block chain network to steal all Bitcoins so they can become rich overnight. They would never put up a website online and start asking people to send Bitcoins so it can be multiplied. So this concept clearly does not make sense.

A very shady operation

The site is providing support through live chats. The first thing we did was to ask them who “Sydney Izen” was and they replied ”please, ask me if you do need help because we don’t play such games”. We also explored their FAQ section where they addressed a question related to their location. In that answer, they said that Bitcoin 1 Free Work was working on a ”black scheme” and that their job was to illegally get Bitcoins for you and themselves. For that reason, they were unable to disclose their location. In other words, these crooks are making it clear that Bitcoin 1 Free Work is an illegal operation that no one should get involved with.

If you want to find out whether this corny site is working as advertised, they will ask you to deposit anywhere between 0.005 – 0.02 BTC. Once you do so, the result will be a double fold of what you have deposited, claims the scammers who are operating this website. If you deposit more Bitcoins, say 0.015 BTC, this will automatically promote you to their ”standard treatment” group. When you are in this group, your investment are supposed to be multiplied 100 fold. The site also claims that only one investment will be possible after every 2 months. However, if you are depositing over 0.5 BTC, you can do so after every 20 days.

Our best advice for you

What you can see here is that Bitcoin 1 Free Work is an illegal operation that seeks to manipulate victims with lies. The concept which they are taunting on this website is not possible to successfully implement and make money just like that. And since they have admitted that they are an illegal and anonymous operatison, you shouldn’t trust them. Stay safe with these Bitcoin investment services instead.

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