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By now, most of you have come across or websites that are similar to Bitcoin Trade Mate. The reason we are reviewing this website today is because it has caught our attention with its weird promises. It is very suspicious and we feel that this is one of those websites where people lose their Crypto currencies because they were fooled that they would invest and multiply it in a short time. Basically, Bitcointrademate claims that they are trading and managing the portfolio of their clients. They also claim that they are making trading easy for individuals and businesses. In their about us page, they make reference to investing in startups where they fund them for their course. This is a bit off the path because we didn’t expect Bitcointrademate to introduce something that is beside the main agenda which is trading and managing investor funds.

Bitcointrademate does not mention the exact name of their corporation but claims that their company is registered in the UK. We have checked found no company that has the name of Bitcointrademate and even if there was a company, this wouldn’t be treated as proof of legitimacy since there are many scammers in the UK who have websites and companies as well. We wouldn’t be shocked that this is just one of the tricks that Bitcointrademate is using to feign credibility.

On their website, they state the following:

That their business is a conglomerate of ”Distinguished companies and experts in Forex market analysis, Cryptocurrency investors, banking personnel, adept analysts on stock bond with specialty in future stock predictions, gold, Forex exchange, silver, oil and real estate with vast experience and skill, inter-partnered for collective ambition, company growth, economic stimulation and common goals.”

To reinforce the above statement, the site even claims that their team has exceptional knowledge and near accurate math prediction and that they believe in collective investment and partnership. Basically, this summarizes what their about us page is saying regarding Bitcointrademate. They claim that their head office is situated in  1 Bell Street, Maidenhead SL6 1BU, Berkshire, England. This address is of interest as most of the time scammers use fake addresses to fool investors.

It’s not a surprise that this address is not reflecting the actual location of Bitcointrademate. When we run it in Google search, we can see a few buildings and what looks like a residential area but there is no indication that Bitcointrademate exists in that area. So they are possibly using a fake address to cite their location. Already they have lost credibility by misleading us.

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If you want genuine trading or managed account services, we implore you to click here and find out what products or websites are offering your ideal service. But for Bitcointrademate, things are getting interesting as we can see that this site is clearly a scam. You are welcomed to continue reading anyway.

Bitcointrademate review

Having established that the cited physical address is fake, we wonder what else the site is trying to lie about. Of course there are plenty of those because when we look at this site, all we can see are red flags. Let’s start with the investment plans. There are three of them. These include silver, Gold and Platinum. Each one of these plans has a specific minimum investment which is 5,000 for silver, €30,000 for gold and €100,000 for platinum. You can bet that these are abnormal figures which are very suspicious because even if you look at this site, it does not seem to be a professionally managed investment platform. What they are asking as minimum investment for their plans is ridiculous, too costly and shouldn’t be demanded by a cheap site like Bitcointrademate.


We wonder whether there are naive investors who still folk out this much in order to invest with sites like these. Basically, these values are unrealistic given that the owner of the site has not even told us what exactly they are doing in order to generate returns or help us manage our funds in the most profitable way.

Weird monthly ROIs

As you explore the plans, you realize that investors are being promised a monthly ROI of 50%, 65% and 75% respectively. On top of this, there is a referral commission of between 5% to 25% depending on the plan which the investor is holding. What distinguishes the platinum plan from the rest is the abnormal minimum deposit requirement and the fact that users are being promised weekly withdrawals.

You cannot be so naive because here, it is obvious that scammers are playing with you. The ROIs are too good to be true, and you should know it by now. There is no genuine fund manager who is returning 50% per month. All those who claim that they are making 50% monthly are liars and con artists. You can rest assured of that.

The truth that most of you don’t know

The high returns which this site is promising are not real. If they were real, we believe that the owner of this site would never share this opportunity with you. They would simply make the millions of dollars secretly. The reason why they have the website and begging literally everyone to join is because they intend to scam. Their about us page does not seem to be very educative as it mostly sounds generic. Their FaQ page too fails to yield the kind of information needed to gauge the credibility of this suspicious site.

Our best advice for you

We are suspecting that this is possibly a pyramid scheme based on the affiliate commissions which the site is promising. Genuine fund managers have no need to explicitly announce what you will earn through referal commission. It is often very difficult to know whether a fund manager is offering this incentive to members who refer other investors. Unless you ask, there is no way you will know because it is not stated on the investment plan and the aim is never to ask members to recruit others. Find yourself a realistic investment objective.

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