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Share This! claims to a diverse platform that offers a lot of services around the financial market. The investment company claims to be a binary options broker. They claim to be regulated and have featured a fake license document in their platform. has not verified their crypto trading activities. There is no available data to back up their financial narrative.

A lot of investors are looking for methods to get rich quickly. Which is why there are so many Ponzi schemes promising them precisely what they are looking for.

Without proper background knowledge, the odds won’t be in your favor. You will lose all your funds after investing all your money with

Trading is all about the figures. There is no data to prove the company is legit. The company returns are false. If they were making the amount, they are claiming they would be among the wealthiest people in the universe.

Sadly, this is not the case, and the platform only wants to scam investors. We have compiled an unbiased review of the platform that exposes their fraudulent activities. Check out this list of trustworthy mining investment companies that you can get returns.

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worldmarkets Review generates money by trading cryptocurrency, binary options, and the forex market. The three services are highly profitable, but it is not easy to run all of them together. It is also hard to find a straight edge in all of them. does not state the strategy that they optimize. We also don’t know how they mitigate the associated risks. The asset’s location is not mentioned somewhere on the platform.

You should be cautious with this investment company as they haven’t revealed anything regarding their team or how they manage funds. The security of investors’ money is a big problem with offshore companies. review, website

There is no experienced investor who would fall for the scheme. The platform does not offer a demo account to their investors. The demo would familiarize traders with the platform as well as increase confidence. is not a reliable platform. It is an offshore broker that you should keep off. You should make sure you are dealing with a company that you know its founders. There is also no banking information, and the brokers may go bankrupt at any time.

We also don’t know the win rate or the drawdown of the platform. There is enough information showing the platform is a pyramid scheme and wants to rip off investors’ funds.

How does operate?

The platform claims to have a group of experts that can guide clients on how to make trades or automatically program trades.

The site claims to have more than 15 years of experience. It also claims to be among the fast-growing trading brokers online. The platform states that they have been selected as a leading mobile trading company.

The company states that they analyze projects, budgets, businesses, and other financial matters to evaluate their sustainability and performance.

The company claims to offer the best returns in the market. The platform states that they are based in the United Kingdom.

The company is web-based, and clients are not obliged to download any software. The platform claims to be safe, and people from all over the globe are welcome to trade.

The platform assures their clients that they do not need to have background knowledge in trading. Well, this is false as trading is not as easy as has put it.

The company claims to utilize updated technology to ensure its clients enjoy secure, safe, and fast transactions. is a platform that says a lot concerning their operations, but they don’t show how they intend to achieve it.

Licensing and Customer Support

For an investment company to run an investment firm, they need to be documented by the appropriate authority. If any company decides to include the members of the public in raising the capital, they need to adhere to the regulations set by the relevant authority.

The investment company that does not have a license is operating illegally. claims to be a regulated platform and have even displayed a certificate on their website.

The document is fake as we have checked with the FCA, and the investment company is not listed. The platform should not be trusted.

You should ask yourself what else are they deceitful about. If they can put up a fake certificate to buy your trust, what can’t they do? will exit the market anytime, and they will leave their clients high and dry when you invest online perform a thorough research on a platform before trusting them with your funds.

Unregulated companies come along with high risks. The only mode of communication that is available to contact the support system is via email. does not have a telephone number to be contacted with. The platform wants to remain anonymous. Never ignore these red flags associated with a Ponzi scheme.

The investment company has managed to cover up their tracks. If they were to exit the market today, nobody would come after them. The pyramid scheme is operating mysteriously. Investment plan and Returns has four available plans. The platform’s first plan is the Starter. The amount that can be deposited is $200. Investors can make a 2% bonus, and they provide a trade history.

Regular is the next plan offered by this pyramid scheme. provides twice the assistance when it comes to trading, and clients can deposit $500. The bonus that can be received in this plan is 5%.

Premium is the third plan of Clients can yield a profit of 10%. The amount of funds investors can deposit is $5,000. It provides trade history and three times assistance.


The final plan of this pyramid scheme is Ultima. The amount of money that can be deposited is $100,000. The platform claims to provide four times trading assistance. They promise their clients a 12% bonus.

We strongly believe that the platform is a Ponzi scheme. Their deal is too good to be true. You should not give them any benefit of the doubt.

The trust score of is very low. They have not provided any proof to validate their accomplishment.

False Testimonials

There are several testimonials in The reviews are inspiring and very positive. They can trick new investors into joining the website.

All the reviews have stock images, and the people who have posted have not linked them with any social media platform. The founders of this site are using all fraudulent means to show their false performance to the public.

Some traders have complained that the website is asking for more money from investors if they don’t, they are threatened to lose all their funds. Scam Review, Fake Testimonials

You should not trust all the information you read. Especially if many people flag a platform as a scam, you better believe them. There are paid marketers whose primary purpose is to drive as many people as possible in a platform.

They will use videos, blogs, and leave fake testimonials of how they are earning huge amount of returns. Their sole purpose is to bring in traffic.

Final Verdict is a platform that wants to scam as many investors as possible. They are operating illegally and will leave your pockets high and dry.

You can protect yourself from falling into the trap of such Ponzi schemes. All you need to do is to avoid investment that promises vast returns without a realistic timeline.

Research and get appropriate information on how cryptocurrency operates. This will help you in making the right decision. Also, check out our recommended binary investment  services.

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