Bitcoinvest Review: No Scam Will Ever Double Your BTC

Bitcoinvest Review: No Scam Will Ever Double Your BTC

Share This! claims to be the ”Wall Street of Bitcoin‘ because it allegedly doubles Bitcoins in 1 hour. This site is asserting that if you invest $100 worth of BTC, they will return $200 worth of BTC in just one hour. They also claim that they don’t see the need to hold your contract for 1 year like other sites do. That is apparently the reason why they are returning profits super fast. The minimum investment is 0.02 BTC, 0.5 BTC and 0.01 ETH respectively. This depends on the plan which you are trying to ”invest” on. Bitcoinvest is aggressive with their alleged investment plans which directly suggests that this is not mining or trading but a full blown pyramid scheme.

You are supposed to make 10% in 6 hours or 40% per day. If not, you can choose the plan which says 40% in 3 hours. If not, there is the last option which turbo-charges your earnings so they can double up in just one hour.

Is this true? Definitely there is no truth to these promises. If it were true that indeed true that Bitcoinvest knew how to double Bitcoins in one hour, they would be the richest people in the planet. There would be no need to solicit internet users to send Bitcoins so that it can be multiplied. That’s common logic.

You do not send Bitcoins to have it multiplied in one hour. You are instead sending it because Bitcoinvest recons the fact that they are trying to appeal to the financially illiterate. If you become financially literate, you will question why on earth someone would request you to send Bitcoins so they can double it in one hour. We think they’re better off not involving you or anyone else in this. It makes a lot of sense to make wealth in exclusion and then retire early in a sea-front apartment. But that is not what the admin of this dodgy site is doing.

So the aim of this Bitcoinvest is to show you that you cannot earn a penny with this website. If you want to genuinely invest your coins, consider trading them first. If not, the option of mining more coins is still a viable one.

Having said that, let’s address some of the issues that have plagued Bitcoinvest are making it to fit the description of what a scam is.

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Bitcoinvest Review

When you visit this site, the first thin you will see them boasting about is how quick, safe and profitable they are. Actually, this is to come across as boasting when in the real sense they are just luring their visitors to find out more about them. Their target is those who either have BTC or ETH lying somewhere and are very gullible.

At some point, the site claims that Bitcoinvest is transparent concerning their operations. The truth is that nothing is transparent about this website. If anything, they have failed to provide us with satisfactory information that can add value to someone who is seriously looking to invest their Bitcoins.

They even invite us to check out their FAQ section because that is the part that is allegedly going to enlighten us on how they are able to generate such ”outrageous returns”. Well, that section has nothing but generic information that you and me already know.

On top of that, Bitcoinvest is promising us total security as they claim that their coins are usually held in a safe offline wallet where there is no internet connection. That should mean that hackers can’t take advantage of the site.

Whether or not that claim is true can’t be verified. However, it can be verified with concrete evidence that the site neither mines or trades Cryptocurrencies and is instead involving itself in pyramid scheming.

They are even giving us an example of how you can double your BTC in one hour and re-invest to make a lot of money in just a few hours. This agrees very well with the ideology of getting rich overnight. We know that such opportunities don’t exist. Whatever this site is telling you is definitely a lie.

Bitcoinvest a bona fide ponzi scam

After seeing how high and unreasonable the returns are, we have no choice but to conclude that this is definitely not mining or trading or Cryptocurrencies. It is something else. We should probably think of Bitcoinvest as a pyramid scheme because emphasis is put on their referral program than on any activity. Upon signing up, the scammers will encourage you to share Bitcoinvest with others too. In the end, you won’t receive returns anyway. It is a total waste of money and time.


The site is even encouraging you to leave your comments which will act as testimonials for your success. What you might not know is that Bitcoinvest will be rewarding virtual coins that can’t be withdrawn. If you are quick to write something on the comment section, guess what, others will see it and get tempted to send Bitcoins to this site too.

Already there are at least 200 comments where alleged users seem to be testifying how profitable Bitcoinvest is. We suspect those comments are fake because there is no feedback about this website elsewhere. It is most likely a scam because even the comment section can be edited by the moderator. You shouldn’t be too gullible as to believe anything that you see on this deceptive site. The red flags must be too obvious for you, right?

The things we nee to agree on

No matter what you hear from a scam like Bitcoinvest, you can neither double your coins nor realize any returns with this site.

The second thing is that this site is not transparent. Any attempt to portray it as a transparent investment platform is definitely misleading. Who is the owner? No one has the idea.

Our best advice for you

If you do not want disappointments, your safest bet is to avoid this site like the plague. We know it is run by scammers since we have a vast amount of experience in this field.

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11 Replies to “Bitcoinvest Review: No Scam Will Ever Double Your BTC”

  1. Please be aware that is a clone of which is legitimate, I am investing on since February and they always made the payments on time. Look at the registration date on Do not invest in the clone, it’s a SCAM!

  2. I am investing in and have receiving payments on time for approx 1 month. Then suddenly all stopped and nobody is repl**** on my emails.

  3. Attention to all :::
    Investments will not come back after some time.
    over 400 euros loss …
    here the stolen coins (TxID)

    No reaction or response from the service !!!
    SCAM !!! !! Give me my money back … immediately!?

        1. Yes, same situation with me. Do not invest, scammers!! Comments on their website are fake. You will receive few payments back and then they will stop. Don’t do the same mistake as we did.

    1. Absolutely Thomas
      These B**t**ds also sent an email claiming I received 0.3 bitcoins while they sent 0.003 mere bitcoins out of more than 0.2 bitcoins I deposited on the 21 of September 2018.
      All my money is gone and no response whatever.

      F**k these scams is legitimate conman and smart scandal scam Bustards

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