Bitcron Review: A Distasteful Crypto Investment Firm

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Bitcron Review: A Distasteful Crypto Investment Firm

Bitcron ( claims to provide the best crypto investment services. The platform offers contracts with 24 minimum vesting period. Now that’s a first; as we all know, vesting takes time. And this is why we have to expose the store for duping investors into signing up. Once you fund your account, the platform goes ahead and blocks withdrawal attempts. Please find out more in our exclusive BITCRON REVIEW.

NOTE: When investing in cryptocurrency, it’s best to go for what experts recommend. Use strategies and tools that enjoy the backing of the crypto community. Try out coin staking, DeFi, and Masternoding.

About Bitcron

The store claims to have care, freedom, and transparency. None of which you will experience once you sign up with the platform. Bitcron is targeting naïve crypto investors by promising high-profit margins.

Bitcron Pros and Cons

Before you sign up with such a platform, you need to ask yourself a few questions. The viability of such a project should be open to all. Unfortunately, we have a platform that fails to discuss how their transformation occurs.

And this leads to further questions that the platform fails to answer. For example, despite claiming to be a Bitcoin mining farm, no miners are mentioned. So we have to ask some of these hard questions to get real answers.

If the platform were a genuine crypto mining farm, they would mention available crypto mining gadgets. The platform would also disclose the location of their mining farm. Instead, we have a platform that wants us to take their word for it.

Judging by the platform’s aesthetics, it’s clear to see the people behind it have crypto experience. The homepage looks enticing and entirely professional. With the naked eye, naïve investors will sign up without blinking.

Before you commit and invest in any crypto platform, we recommend research. Make sure to find out what others are saying about the platform. It will help you make a more informed decision on what to use.

Accounts Bitcron

Bitcron offers four account types that come with distinctive features. These accounts include Normal, Tanzanite, Profit, and VIP. Each of these accounts comes with a guarantee of making a profit. That’s what investors want to hear.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these accounts;


With the normal account, the platform indicates that the minimum you can deposit is $3.00. The maximum you can deposit is $7,000 to get started. After that, there’s a vesting period of 24 hours with an insane hourly profit of 4.791 percent.


For Tanzanite account holders, there’s a minimum and maximum investment amount of $300 and $7,000, respectively. The vesting period is one calendar year with a guarantee of making a 5 percent hourly profit.


It’s the third most profitable account, with investors having to deposit a minimum of $700. The maximum you can deposit is $7,000.  You get a promise of making an hourly profit of 5.166 percent. It comes with a vesting period of one year.


The VIP account is the most exclusive account with the highest ROI possible. You have to deposit $1,500 and a maximum of $7,000. The account promises 5.625 hourly profit with a vesting period of one year.

Accounts Bitcron

Account features

There are several red flags found with their investment plans. These include the vesting period and the guarantee of making an hourly profit. It’s one of the biggest lies you will ever find in a crypto investment platform.

You won’t get a genuine platform claiming to make ‘guarantees’ on profit. The market is volatile, and investors will incur some losses. Even in crypto mining, the price of the mineable coin might go down.

The other issue is the vesting period which stands at a minimum of 24 hours. Again, you have a platform claiming instant withdrawal is available. Those who have interacted with the store will tell you another story.

With crypto investment, the minimum vesting period is three to four months. Any platform promising a vesting period of fewer than 90 days is fooling investors. We are dealing with a high-yield investment program.

Account opening procedure

We also have an issue with their account opening procedure. When opening an account, the platform insists that you fill in their form. The form contains your full names, address, and contact details.

Verifying these accounts is what makes the platform a huge investment risk. The platform will wait for you to hit the withdrawal tab to verify the account. You have to send vital documents such as credit card details and a copy of your ID.

We don’t understand why the platform would ask for such documents. There are other ways of verifying accounts, such as using a two-factor authentication process. We believe the platform plans to harvest banking and personal information.

The platform will sell your details to third parties for profit. For example, such platforms sell data to hackers and promotional email providers in most cases. That’s why you will start getting spam emails when you sign up with

Business proprietor

If such a platform were successful, they would lead us to believe, who is the owner? A successful platform would be open to the brains behind it. But instead, what we have is a platform that fails to indicate the people working behind the curtains.

And this makes Bitcron an anonymous investment platform. You’re bound to lose funds with anonymous platforms. There’s no way you get to recover funds from such a platform. We don’t even have a proven business registry of the platform.

Recovery agents might reach out claiming to have won a lawsuit against the platform. What’s funny is that these agents are the ones who make first contact. Then, you get an email claiming you’re eligible for a huge settlement.

Are funds safe with

These agents are part of the final attempt to fleece investors don’t cover any legal fees. The platform gave these agents your contact details, hence the emails. These agents don’t have the mandate to freeze accounts belonging to any platform.

Client testimony

Harvey was excited to get his hands in the crypto world. Moreover, the platform appeared plausible thanks to the high-profit estimates. So he deposited $5,000, hoping to earn 4 percent profit within 24 hours.

Five weeks later, the platform failed even to allow him to withdraw his initial investment. Instead, the platform sends emails claiming his vesting period is not complete. These are false statements as the platform insists withdrawal is instant.

Contact and support

There’s no direct way of contacting staff members. We see a platform that plans to block all communication. You get a platform that limits communication to written form. That’s why no one gets a quick response, especially those requesting withdrawals.

Deposit fund safety with Bitcron

Is Bitcron a Scam? Yes

Your funds are far from safe with a platform that fails to offer any safety net. For example, there’s no deposit insurance offered by the platform. The platform also fails to segregate accounts as dictated by investing regulations.

Is Bitcron Licensed or Regulated?

Bitcron uses a false certificate to try and fool naïve investors. The platform doesn’t enjoy any accreditation from regulators. Those who sign up with such platforms end up losing their deposit. There’s no one to protect you as regulators are unaware of the platform’s existence.

Our verdict

After exposing all the facts, it’s clear Bitcron is a scam. So please stay away from and its staff members.

We recommend investing in proven crypto investments that provide real results.

Feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email.

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