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The Telegram platform is fast becoming the platform of choice for the trendy scammer. is selling the idea that they have a Bitcoin trading bot that works in tandem with Telegram to generate 4% a day out of arbitrage trading of Crypto currencies. To get started with this site, traders need a minimum of 0.001 BTC and a Telegram app downloaded into their device.

The site announces that they are going to multiply your Bitcoin using a reliable Telegram bot. With this site, profits are guaranteed and we can make up to 240% in 60 days, which isn’t very realistic. We wonder what kind of Telegram bot is making so much profit. If these internet crooks really had this kind of a trading bot, we are sure that it would be the world’s greatest kept secret. But this is not the case because as you can see, Bitfalcon is inviting everyone to use their Telegram bot on the promise that they will make 4% a day.

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Bitfalcon Review

If you deposit 0.001 BTC, prepare to lose it. That’s very simple. Most scammers now make the excuse that they are involved in arbitrage trading. But the fact of the matter is that arbitrage trading is not an easy way to make profits. It is also not a guaranteed way of making any money. So when these people tell us that Bitfalcon Telegram bot is guaranteeing profits, we can only consider these promises as misleading.


While there is a minimum deposit, there is no maximum deposit that can be sent to the scammer’s wallet. That will ensure that they can receive a greater amount of funds to run away with.

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They also claim that traders can make several deposits at once. The site also claims that the people behind Bitfalcon Telegram bot are receiving numerous verified signals every day which gives them the right to guarantee the promised returns. However, the site does not tell us how they verified the signals. They do not even give us a link to their verified trading results but they insist that they will generate 4% a day.

On top of this, the site also contains some redundant information which does not help our bottom line.

Anonymously hosted website

To ensure transparency and more credibility, any site that claims to offer investment advice should cite their members on their sales page. They should strive to remain as transparent as possible.

Fake visiting addresses and a contact form on the sales page does not mean that the site is legit. In this case, Bitfalcon has no disclosure of ownership information or even the location of their operation. In addition to this, we do not know what type of trading experience they have in this market place. If they claim to have developed a really profitable Telegram bot, they should be able to tell us what type of development experience they have in this industry. But that is not the case since Bitfalcon is mysterious and nothing is known about the owner or the team behind it.

Trading results for the Bitfalcon Telegram bot

We would appreciate trading results or past performance indicating that the Telegram bot in question is able to obtain 240% returns in 60 days. This is an unrealistic goal to achieve and since Bitfalcon is insisting that this is their typical returns, we would like to see some evidence.

Unfortunately, Bitfalcon website does not have any type of trading results to show their visitors. The crooks could only afford to fake it with bogus screenshots of Telegram trading activities but this is not sufficient proof of trading.

The truth about Bitfalcon and their trading bot

The promised return is too good to be true, and we suspect that the bot in question does not perform as expected. If it did, there would be sufficient proof of live trading, and we would actually see these returns being attained by the bot in question.

The fact is that this is your generic Crypto trading bot targeted at Telegram users who don’t know what it’s like to use a bot whose trading results are verified and is profitable. This is a blatant attempt to scam naive internet users who want to try their hands on trading for the first time.

They are specifically targeting new investors in Crypto currencies, and as you can see, the site has placed affiliate links for where to get Bitcoin in case you don’t have them.

It also appears as if this bot will steal your money, courtesy of the malicious people who operate the website. The bot is just an excuse that scammers use to steal your money. It is the usual generic Telegram bots which are used by dumb scammers to collect money from naive traders, and we believe that this will soon come to an end when traders realize that they are not getting value for their investments.

This is the thing: you cannot invest in a trading bot which belongs to an anonymous developer who has zero track record of performance.

Secondly, you cannot invest in a trading bot that does not have proven results of generating 4% a day. If anything, this kind of promise will only lead to the loss of your funds because no Crypto currency trading bot has ever managed 4% a day consistently in the long term.

In fact, the sales pitch is so dumb because hardly does people in Telegram have any Bitcoins.

Our best advice for you

Bitfalcon is not something that would inspire confidence. Their lack of transparency is a major concern and as you can see, there are zero trading results to show the people they target with this under-performing Crypto trading bot. Even the stats which they’ve posted on this site about their user activities cannot be verified. It is just a trick to get you depositing some Bitcoin in hopes that you will make 4% a day. Let’s keep it real by investing in decent Crypto trading bots with proven performance. 

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9 Replies to “ Review: Another Telegram Scam using Fake Bot”

  1. wiesz już może o jakiego bota mi chodzi
    Nie znalazłem zbyt wielu informacji odnośnie bota, tak mniej więcej tak od strony klienta.
    jeszcze zamierzam posiedzieć nad tym
    Użytkownik Facebooka
    to bot ktory generuje zarobet
    w postaci BTC
    na zasadzie że ktos wplaca np 0.05 btc
    i ma 2.4% dziennie naliczane
    no tyle właśnie wiem
    jeszcze kwestia skąd ten bot oblicza kwotę zarobku i na jakiej zasadzie zarabia kase
    Użytkownik Facebooka
    na tym
    ile ludzie wplaca
    owszem nie kazdy na nim zarobi
    to wiadomo
    bot ktoy ja chce ma pasc po 60 dniach
    bez zwrotów
    opłace serwer z dala od europy
    i karne kredytowa anonimową ja place
    niestety tego typu programów nie wykonuję, przecież to oszustwo, dziękuję za rozmowę.

  2. Guys I received payments for 30 days now. I’m expecting one day they will run away. So far, I used them from beginning and expect to finish soon. I took the gamble, and I double my bitcoin and that’s… They look like a scam, of course they pay to bring more investors, but this is all about… A Ponzi scheme…

  3. Dobry projekcik zrobił 240% a pisałeś, że to takie nierealne, w 30 minut wypłata na portfelu ? w czasach, gdy dosłownie wszystko jest oszustwem a każdy bank lada dzień może walnąć głową o beton, taki BitFalcon to miód, jeszcze trochę paliwa będzie miał, uruchomiło 3 kolejne boty, działam jeszcze kolejne 60 dni wypłacajac regularnie i powinno być dobrze, życzę sobie więcej takich scamow i oszustw jak ten ?

  4. Its a scam. I wish someone could bring it down. They just let the 60 days pa** and run away. No withdrawal update and they still get investor. Well people get scam easy now a days. Its hard to earn money and people looking for luck in investment didnt think of anything bad but just money. Greedy vs greedy. SCAM! ???

  5. Bitfalcon é golpe, desde 23/12/2018 o robot no Telegram parou de depositar o lucro que eles garantiram enviar. Não caiam nessa!!

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