Bitferno Finance Review: Too Common Internet Scam

Bitferno Finance Review: Too Common Internet Scam

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So, one morning you wake up and send your hard-earned Bitcoins to a scam site known as Bitferno Finance, and you begin wondering why you have been burned by the inferno? That is your mistake, and we hope you learned a lesson from that experience. Now, for those who have not been consumed by the inferno yet, there is good news. You can either mine or trade Cryptocurrencies here. Are we together?

Well, we can now go ahead and discuss what makes Bitferno-finance an obvious scam. First of all, it’s a very new company because it was registered in March 14st, 2018 and its style of operation is modeled towards that of a long-collapsed scam known as Bitconnect.

We no longer trust new companies that pop up on the internet with claims that they can make us rich overnight and that our deposits will be safe. There is nothing like trading or investing with no risk. These people are scammers based on what they are promising.

Forget earning a stable income because from the look of things, Bitferno Finance does not seem to be a good place for investing these coins at. With the unattractive site theme which they claim is GC-licensed, we cannot see anything in it that will prove that their operation is legit.

Bitferno Finance review

The first question mark here is that if Bitferno Finance is registered in the UK, why didn’t they seek a license to operate like a genuine asset management company? Why didn’t they approach the FCA in the UK to apply for a license?


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Well, because everything about this site is a hoax, and cannot be verified. Let’s start with their registration date. The site claims that they got registered in January 2018. Obviously this site did not exist back then. According to records, Bitferno Finance came online on the 14th of March this year. So definitely the writings on this site are unreliable and cannot be taken as the truth.

Of course no Ponzi scheme is complete without those ridiculous claims of daily profits. Now this one is taking it a notch higher by claiming that they have a plan that generates more than 100% daily interest. Common sense and logic suggests that one cannot double their investments in one day. So this is clearly not trading. No form of trading can produce that kind of profit in a day.

There are 5 investment plans which these crooks are peddling here. The first plan promises investors 2.5% daily returns for a lifetime. We do not know whether Bitferno Finance is being sarcastic here. Clearly a Ponzi scheme never lasts 6 months. So this claim of lifetime earnings is totally irrelevant.

They even have a plan that promises 650% ROI in just 58 days. Now, if this was true, we don’t think Bitferno Finance would be peddling their offers to the masses while soliciting for as little as $20.

You have to choose whether or not you want to believe this BS. But as we have told you already, it is not possible to make these profits. Definitely it’s something that typical scams can announce and not legit investment websites.

Company registered in the UK: where’s a license?

First of all, a registered company in the UK should invest in a professional website design and presentation that seek to draw people into the project. So far, that has not happened with the dirt cheap free WordPress template used in this scam’s website.

Okay, they are registered in the UK. That’s good. However, it becomes awkward when the category of service that this company is registered under is pointing to ‘’information service activities’’. Such generic phrases are only used by scammers who are not sure what to tell the registrar. But you can rest assured that this is not what Bitferno Finance was designed for. It was designed with one mission in mind: To defraud investors of their hard-earned Bitcoins.

Another thing is that Bitferno Finance is not licensed to provide any kind of investment advice or service. They need to be authorized to do this kind of thing. Therefore, for this application to go through successfully, they have to prove that they are truly working with experienced trade specialists who will ensure that client funds are professionally managed.

So far, no one has bothered to seek this licensing. Bitferno Finance is basically peddling a useless project to the masses while soliciting money. Because of that reason, they cannot get a license. Also, before such a license can be delivered, they need to prove that they have a physical address. Since they don’t have one, investors who are careful not to throw away their money will be cock sure that this is an investment scam.

Anonymous company operators

People are anonymous here, and it’s for very good reasons. Bitferno Finance is privately registered, yet they claim that they are a transparent company. If we don’t know the owner, we can’t trust them yet.

As if that is not enough, the Ponzi scheme has gone to great lengths to claim that they have employed trading specialists to handle investor funds. Well, the so called trading specialists don’t exist, which is why their profiles were not provided anywhere on this site.

Nobody can guarantee you an income when it comes to trading Cryptocurrencies. But you can certainly improve your chances of making good money when you use common sense and logic.

Site operators who are anonymous can never make any money for you. They are here with one purpose in mind: to scam you. And that’s what Bitferno Finance is intending to do so that you will feel sorry when the inferno has burned you.

Our best advice for you

Bitferno Finance is yet another joke in the Cryptocurrency investment industry. We don’t see any valid reasons why we should not call this site a ponzi scam. Watch out this space. It will soon disappear and those who have trusted it will be the ones crying the loudest. If you have something to say, please drop your comments below.

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