BitForexTrading Review: an Insulting Scam

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BitForexTrading Review: an Insulting Scam

BitForexTrading claims that it is the most secure trading company in the market. The platform is a straight forward Ponzi scheme that is easy to detect. The entity states that it is transparent with their dealings. Therefore, they do not inflict additional charges on their clients.

However, you should not trust the world of an offshore venture. There is more than what meets the eye. The firm states that its model of payment upholds anonymity. You should note that paying with digital assets does not allow you to issue a chargeback.

BitForexTrading is a venture which tries very hard to remain relevant. The risks associated with trading are allegedly transferred to the client rather than to the investors. It is pretty convincing to the traders.

The entity states that their clients make daily returns of 3% daily. No matter the method which the entity is using, it isn’t easy to make such returns. The figures are exaggerated and unattainable. If the entity is using trading bots, it is still hard to make this kind of profit.

Invest with reputable, legit forex brokers. You will never regret venturing with the best entities in the market. They keep real-time data to assist their clients in making the best decision. There are multiple ways that you can use to earn money. Unfortunately, Bit Forex Trading is not one of them. Trading

BitForexTrading claims that they handle trading activities seriously. The withdrawal requests are allegedly handled instantly. The entity states that it is focused on offering the best services to clients. The only thing which this suspicious firm is trying is to steal from innocent people.

The platform states that their main objective is to help investors make the best decision in the market. They guarantee traders stable income with minimal risks. The only thing which this shady firm will grant their customer is a bad experience.

BitForexTrading Review, BitForexTrading Platform

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BitForexTrading fails to mention how it intends to achieve these vast promises. They do not avail of any verification methods which can assist in proving their claims. As far as we are concerned, this is another marketing strategy.

The suspicious firm claims that they want to provide a successful trading opportunity. Additionally, traders will only use a short time to engage. The entity is offering portfolio management services, yet they do not provide any information regarding their team.

They only mention having a professional team. However, it could be better if the entity is providing a managerial report. They also don’t have financial information, which is another drawback. Investing in this shady venture will only leave you high and dry.

BitForexTrading Team

The entity is using stock images to present their expert employees. It is easy for traders without market knowledge to believe such statements. The company also displays its founder. A platform that is capable of tricking their customers is not worth your trust.

These people do not exist, and it will turn into mice, cat games when you try to recover your assets. Scammers use several tactics to defraud their victims. Another critical thing to note is that the firm does not showcase the skill of their team.

Investors should not trust blindly every information which the venture provides. Invest wisely and perform thorough research before settling with fraudulent firms in the market. There are better ways to invest without haste.

BitForexTrading Trading Conditions

The platform has three investment plans which have insane returns. The least amount of funds which you can deposit is $100. In the same account, you can cash in a maximum of $1000. The more money you invest, the higher the rewards.

BitForexTrading daily profits are 30%, 50%, and 70%. The entity additionally has a referral bonus. The problem is that the figures are only for luring their victims. The entity is another get rich scheme which makes huge promises only to steal from their esteemed clients.


The platform claims that it is dealing with forex investment. However, they do not provide sufficient data to back up this claim. The leverage and spread information are left out in their entity.

BitForexTrading does not have an MT4/MT5 trading platform. Leaving essential information like this one only confirms our doubts that this is a dirty scam. We do not recommend this scam to the public. Stay away from them to avoid suffering the consequence.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The company is only accepting BTC payment. Therefore, the money you deposit goes directly into the scammers’ pockets. Investing with BitForexTrading will only make you poor as you enrich the people behind the organization.

Investors will never be able to trace their funds. Moreover, this platform also has strange requirements despite their former claims of being transparent. They have a deposit fee which the firm fails to disclose the actual figure.

Additionally, you will not find legit companies charging their clients’ such outrageous fees. The least amount which you can cash out from BitForexTrading is $50. If you choose to trust this broker, kiss goodbyes kiss to your funds.

The platform has no intention of making their clients rich. They will not process your withdrawal request. We have provided multiple reasons as to why you should not trust this platform. Therefore, you can only have yourself to blame when the firm wipes itself from the face of the earth.

BitForexTrading Contact Details

Investors can contact BitForexTrading via WhatsApp, Telegram, and live support. We find it strange that the venture fails to provide their email or telephone number. The firm is determined not to blow up their cover by observing anonymity.

Moreover, the platform does not have a physical address. It is not easy to trace the scam once it decides to exit. The company is accused of not responding to the problems of their clients.

Regulation status of BitForexTrading

The entity states that it offers fund safety to its clients. They allegedly segregate funds in reputable companies. They even feature the financial institution that they partner with. However, this is another bluff of this scam.

BitForexTrading claims that they have registration and regulatory documents from notable financial watchdog in the world. The company holds that it is permitted to manage traders’ portfolios, offer financial services, and train and advise investors.

Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to check whether this firm is regulated. Unfortunately, they are not in the database of any regulatory body either in the European, American, Asian, or African.

BitForexTrading is a desperate scheme that is capable of presenting false information to win the trust of investors. The platform is offering very risky services to their clients. They do not provide fund safety, which is a significant drawdown.

Final Verdict

BitForexTrading is a scam that is only serving its greedy needs. The venture is not transparent, and they use false information to entice their victims. You will not make money with this fraudulent entity. The best thing that you can do is search for a better alternative.

The entity is not processing the withdrawal requests of traders. They will ask you for trading debts which they previously hadn’t mentioned. Some investors have earned from this shady company.

Venture with the best forex trading companies in the industry which are reputable. You will generate better income. These platforms do not have hidden charges for their customers. Make sure that you are dealing with regulated firms to enjoy fund safety.



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