BITMAX INC Review: Run Away From This Scam

BITMAX INC Review: Run Away From This Scam is a website owned by the company BITMAX INC. This company claims that they have specialists in Forex  trading and Crypto mining. The company is registered in Great Britain and also in Singapore, and that they have operations going on in countries like Canada and Dubai.

When you look at their website, you find a lot of assurance that your investment will be safe in their hands. BITMAX INC. In fact, it almost sounds like profits are guaranteed when you invest with this company.

But what raises our eyebrows is the fact that those return on investments are quite too good to be true. Everything feels good until they decide to spoil the party by introducing their investment plans with very weird interest rates.

FXBit claims that their platform is 100% secured from cyber criminals, and that when you invest with them, you will not have to worry of the security of your funds and also whether or not you’ll be paid your profits.

This company also claims that they are targeting both small and large investors around the globe. It was founded in 2010, and they have allegedly been serving a huge number of clients since then.

BITMAX INC also says that profits generated from their Forex trading and crypto mining activities will be automatically sent to you at 6 am everyday. This process is automatic, so you don’t have to request any withdrawal.

It sounds very exciting to think that when you invest as little as $10, you will sit back and relax while waiting for profits to be generated and sent to your bank account each morning. It’s certainly a very good feeling.

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But don’t be too distracted. There are lots of things which you should consider even before you can decide to send them your money.

We are very sure that anyone who will stop for a second and think twice will definitely decide that BITMAX INC is not for them.

fxbit bitmax review

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BITMAX INC or Fxbit Review

They have a very convincing website indeed. Company registration details are in order, plus they claim to have set up base in some of the most prestigious locations around the world.

As you continue to read this site further, you will notice a lot of grammar mistakes. This does not make them look good in the eyes of serious investors. They could have done a good job hiring an English-speaking native to put content together and in order.

Also, the content of the site looks crammed. Texts are crammed together, and are tiny. If you have sight problems, you might not be able to read this website properly. So in essence, whoever put this site together was not keeping user experience in mind when creating this site.

Spelling mistakes are a big no. If you’re going to demand $100,000 from an investor or at least make them trust you, you need to convince them through visual appeal and content. However, BITMAX INC has not done so. They are only hoping to convince investors using their hyped up investment plans — which to some extent don’t make any sense to us.

While they claim that BITMAX INC has employed professional traders and financial analysts who have experienced and are qualified to handle investments on behalf of their clients, there is no evidence that indeed they are working with experienced portfolio managers.

We are highly suspicious of this part, and especially if we remember the fact that no proof of earning has ever been presented by this site.

When we say proof of earning, we don’t mean some fake Bitcoin address published in a separate page within the site. Instead, we are talking of something that can easily be proved. A document that is valid and verifiable by reliable third parties.

With all the spelling mistakes and grammar errors appearing on this site, it becomes an uphill task trusting these guys, you know?

The ‘gorgeous’ plans

This is supposed to be the icing of the cake. There are currently 4 plans, which also includes a Christmas offer. Let’s start with the Christmas offer because it’s the most relevant plan in relation to this festive season.

Under this category, there are 3 plans to invest in. The first plan demands a minimum investment of $500. Investors are promised a one time interest of 1200%, and thus total amount to be paid is $6000. This shall be paid on the 23rd of December, just before Christmas eve.

The second plan demands a minimum investment of $1000. The interest rate for this plan is a whooping 1800%. This should give you $18,162 in less than 2 weeks. Proceeds will be paid on the 23rd of December. And of course the third plan and all other plans being offered by BITMAX INC are promising abnormal returns in a short period of time.

Now, when we look at those plans, it tells us something that we initially didn’t want to believe. We did not want to believe that BITMAX INC was a scam. But the direction it is taking suggests that it is a scam.

Where exactly is this money coming from? Unless they are supplementing their trading with robbing a bank and handing over the spoils to you, we do not see how making this amount of money in a short time is even possible.

fxbit plans

It makes BITMAX INC look very suspicious. But what makes it even more suspicious is the promise of insuring your investments.

One of the plans here carries that feature. You put your money there and profits will be guaranteed since you cannot lose it. You can only make profits.

Folks, let’s come back to our senses once and for all. When your instincts tell you that this is a raw deal, you better walk away without a second thought. If it was this easy to make wealth, everyone would be wealthy now, thanks to companies like BITMAX INC.

Bottom line

If BITMAX INC trades Forex and Crypto-currencies for real, we would be looking at proof of trading activities. These would have been available on the site long ago. We wouldn’t be having this discussion by now.

BITMAX INC looks suspicious to us. And it doesn’t matter whether or not they are registered. Of their activities don’t seem to be legitimate, then definitely they are looking to scam you.

Their FAQ section only has 4 parts: how to open an account with them, how to fund that account, make your first deposit and watch it grow, period!

As you can see, this is mediocre at best. A big company with some reputation shouldn’t present themselves in this manner to potential investors. It’s such a shame that this website is displaying the ignorance of a team whom you are supposedly meant to trust with your money.

The quickest way to see your money evaporating into thin air would be to give it to them. Although BITMAX INC has been around since 2010, it does not mean that your investments will be 100% safe with them.

Also, we need some real user feedback on the internet as opposed to testimonials appearing on this site. These cannot be trusted.

Our best advice for you

Run, Run, Run! That’s the best advice we can give you. BITMAX INC does not appear to be a suitable investment platform. But if you have a deep desire to invest in Cryptos, use this link.

13 Replies to “BITMAX INC Review: Run Away From This Scam”

      1. Roselyn, your story will be very important to me at this time, I’m currently planning an investment deal and I need to know what your experience with Bitmax is, because I’ve not really had the opportunity to speak with any new customer of theirs.
        I’ve seen their member area been updated by new customers regularly, and I want to know if those customers are not real.
        Give me your ID and I’ll check it up there if you ever traded there, your detail is supposed to appear on their list. Give me your trading PIN and name so I’ll check up your claims on the site that will help me assert how much you were scammed.

  1. Thank you very much deeper analyze about BITMAX INC, I ask, this question have you invested one time on BITMAX INC and you money lost ? we need practical analyze than theory .

    1. I seriously hate reviews like this because there’s no evidence of truth that they are scammers.
      I’ve been following them up recently, watching at the information updating on them, and there’s no where on the internet that anyone talked about being scammed by them.
      I’ve been scammed online several times, but this one doesn’t really give the impression except the grammar.
      I work closely to see when they’ll be blacklisted, but no one has done so.
      So, this review is one-sided!

  2. Guys please don’t invest in Don’t let this fraudsters eat know hard earned money. The master mind of is Mark who pretends to be at times Julie,Sophie,nilofer, on the live chat to assure us that it a large company with many employees working in that company and it is 24/7 working company. I will tell you my experience which I recently went through and this made me furious so i decided to save many innocent people’s money. I invested initially $10 to see if it is really paying, and it paid. So this fraudster know our psychology, to assure us that is really paying. Then later I invested $105, I was suppose to be paid the profit on 9 march 2018 but I wasn’t, I went to the live chat and asked for the profit and that bloody mark told me to pay $325 for a card or something, and then he blocked me on live chat and didn’t to any of my emails too. So guys beware and alert all your friends.

    1. Now I know that you are saying the truth Bankim, because I have been looking for stories like yours.
      That’s really a lifesaver for me right now.
      You’ve just saved me and my company because I planned a big investment with them.
      Thanks a lot!

  3. Don’t invest in Don’t let this fraudster Mark who is the master mind of to eat our hard earned money. There is only one person on the live chat Mark who pretends to be Julie,Sophie, nilofer. Alert all your friends, we need to make an end to

  4. They are a complete scam. Just like Bankim said, I also tried with 10$ and was paid. Since then I have lost over 3000$ to this scam. Please be ware guys dont fall for this.

    1. Mubarak, you’ve also saved a life with this testimony, and I’m happy you and Bankim have shared your views here.
      Thanks for the share!

  5. hi dont invest here i lost 1005$ and one time deposit of 395 $ they are not replying to my email when i ask about my money.

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