Bitminer World Review: is Scam

Bitminer World Review: is Scam

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You want to get laughed for participating in a sham Bitcoin mining scam? Go to These guys are ruthless and barbaric. Bit miner World is where you donate your Bitcoins and when it has generated fake profits, you will be asked to pay more in order to perform a withdrawal. The more you pay, the more you lose more money. But if you refuse to get used anymore, they will end up keeping your sham earnings anyway. It’s that simple.

This scam site is quite popular, and that’s why it has a terrible reputation on the internet. Don’t confuse it with another similar scam by the name Bit Miner. This one too is a huge rip off. We just exposed them in that post.

Also, these scammers have resorted to using cheap generic Bitcoin mining templates on their site. Their template is unlicensed, and is popularly used by scams in this niche.

Therefore, we’ve decided to write a review about the Bit Miner World website to save you from losing your hard-earned money. If you were contemplating to send them some Bitcoin, stop it!

Note: Mine Bitcoin here. Review

Bitminer World is indeed a funny website. Let’s start with the website template which we just talked about above. Many people don’t know that this is a generic template which they are using. It has been used several times before. In fact, when you look at popular Bitcoin scams on the internet right now, chances are that you’ll find them using this template. Don’t be surprised.

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The guys who run Bitminer World are the worst jokers in the planet. See, there is a chance to mine BTC with them free of charge. With this offer, you’re supposed to earn 40 Satoshi every minute or 0.0006 Bitcoin per day.

The scammers are announcing that you can earn some free Bitcoins with them. This is quite a good trap because most naive investors who want to try free things will likely fall for it.

Indeed it’s free to try out this feature on their site. But once you’ve built some significant amount of fake Bitcoin, the scammers will go ahead and ask you to upgrade to anyone of their premium accounts.

Essentially, you are being asked to pay money in order to perform a withdrawal. When that happens, you will know that you’ve been dealing with scammers all along.

So, who’s the owner of Bitminer World?

Don’t be surprised. These people never disclose who they are because their business only thrives under the shadow of anonymity.

We didn’t expect to find the owner’s details on But we were just checking them out anyway to confirm what we had earlier suspected.

Alas, the site Bitminer World does not reveal details of the domain. Or rather, the owner just decided to approach and ask them to hide his identity for a few bucks.

Why would someone hide if their business is legitimate? What exactly are they afraid of? The answers to these questions are very simple. The scammers don’t want to be recognized because that would put them at risk of being reprimanded. That’s the last thing a scammer would want in the whole world.

Meanwhile, they want to continue with their evil way by telling you how they’ll help you make free Bitcoin with their site. This is never true.

Bitminer World ”premium offers”

When scammers want some more money, they introduce fake offers that cause people to lose a lot of money in the process.

bitminer world packages

Bitminer World did the exact thing by incorporating 4 fake offers. The greedier you are, the more money you lose with these offers.

Let’s describe them below.

Version 1.1

In this offer, you will multiply your earning rate by 2. You will make 80 Satoshi per minute and 0.0012 Bitcoin per day.

Version 1.2

In this offer, you will miraculously multiply your earnings by 25. You make 1000 Sato per minute. Your reward is 0.015 Bitcoin per day.

Version 1.3

This one is totally unbelievable. You multiply your earnings by 250. You make 10k Satoshi every minute. The scammers claim that you will make 0.15 Bitcoin every day.

Version 1.4

And of course this is the mos unbelievable of all. Your interest rate will be multiplied by 1750. You will make 70k Satoshi and your daily earnings will be 1 Bitcoin.

When you read these things, you begin thinking that perhaps you are dreaming. Of course these packages sound too good to be true. So that means they are not real.

If it’s not real, then chances are that it’s run by scammers. These fraudulent people run this town. They are only waiting for you to make a Bitcoin deposit so they can steal it. There is no question about that.

One thing you should know is that Bitcoin, just like regular money, does not come easy. If you’re looking for easy money, this is not the place to be.

Scammers operating an illegal contest!

Bitminer World just decided to trick gullible investors some more. They claim that if you share your affiliate link, they will reward you with 5 BTC per week. When you invite people and they end up upgrading to a premium account (as described above), you will earn 1 point for each upgrade.

Now, of course such a contest must run on a daily basis to enable scammers earn more.

They actually have a page that is dedicated towards this illegal activity. This page has records of fake earning activities. The random Bitcoin addresses cannot be confirmed. What’s more, those people seem to earn abnormal amounts of money which further convinces us that this is not real.

bitminer world fake stats

The same applies to their list of ”latest payouts”. No one can say that such a phony website is issuing payouts. It has never happened before with this site. Furthermore, those Bitcoin addresses cannot be verified, which makes it quite difficult to believe.

Customer feedback

Bitminer World has a dirty reputation of scamming investors. Nearly every morning when we check our email inbox, we find an email from someone complaining about how they lost money to this site.

Besides, we’ve visited forums where Bitcoins are discussed, and we can guarantee you that nobody is talking well on behalf of Bitminer World.

It’s like this site has made itself clear that it’s a scam. Its trust ratings is literally zero.

This should communicate a very serious message and a warning. Never sign up to Bitminer World website. Never waste your time and energy signing up for a free account because you will never get to withdraw the Bitcoins which you just ”earned”.

But if you signed up for the free account and even ”earned” some Bitcoins, never be tempted to upgrade. Just leave it at that point because even if you upgrade by paying for one of those packages, you will end up losing your Bitcoins. On top of this, they will not send you the earned amount of Bitcoin. This is something you should definitely stay away from at all cost.

Our best advice for you

From the word go, Bitminer World proves itself to be a malicious website. Their tricks are quite obvious. But if you’ve never been scammed, it can be difficult to recognize the tricks. Don’t be cheated. It’s a scam. Use this link to find companies that truly mine Bitcoin.

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19 Replies to “Bitminer World Review: is Scam”

  1. Today I request for my payment BT they say 2 account detected on my IP address so they said me to upgrade the version to make withdraw……

  2. yup … i already know it when i got 2 account for same ip and must pay for my wd.. and i have share the ref link ,, but none of my friend address on the ref list ,it say ” 0 ” ref..
    and i laughed so hard.

  3. i have no idea about this idoits. i use 1 account and they says ive go2. all of this site is scam. they didnt upgrade my account. i dont care about my coins but i know from now i will never login on b**** sites

  4. 🙁 Aww they got me, too. I thought I found the Bitcoin RAINBOW! 🙁 D***. I told my friends I’ll be making thousands, and now I am embarra**ed. BOOOOO. I hate scammers. They didn’t give e me my upgrade, either, and I paid 00.9 BTC for the 2nd upgrade.

  5. i have tha nustard guy on mi facebook his name is Ted anybudy who knows how to report him pease ask me i got his name on my facebook page jst reply back to me i will give you his full name and report him to internation web security

  6. Do not spend money, I was contemplating the first upgrade as it was only 20 bucks, but waited until I had .005 BTC before I was even gonna consider upgrading. And yup same thing, said I have two accounts? lol don’t do this everyone I promise it doesn’t work. And yea I said the same thing, I was like d*** son, we gon be rich af. Lol. No. Not even close. Save all your btc. Buy it on Coinbase and just watch it rise. Invest properly in alt coins and stuff. One of my friends invested 5 grand and made 50k in one month. Thas doing it the right way. Not this bulls*** way

  7. It’s obvious that it’s a scam because whenever an account reaches to the min. withdrawal threshold and try to withdraw it gives same answer 2 account from same IP.
    But I have a concern if someone can explain that will be really a grate learning for every one I believe.
    I tried to check on their Payout proofs and all transactions and wallet address they have mentioned there are genuine. You can check that your self just click on transaction no. and you can check its details on blockchain. And at the same time if you check any of these wallet addresses you will be surprised to see they are genuine and even they have received the mentioned funds. You can check that at
    So how they are managing these details where as they are not paying anyone still they are updating huge no. of legit transaction details.
    Can someone please explain how they are managing it.

  8. Few keys to identify the scam sites.

    They will never have a valid certificate
    They will never have a valid address/phone number
    They will never have the option to upgrade using site the account balance/earnings
    They will never have a valid support ticket system has all these 4 flaws in it.

    It’s a SCAM without any doubts.

    They will pay you on your first investments and by the time you put more money, they will ask you to pay tax even if it’s not on their web. What they did after we put our $300 because of their promise that it will become 122% in 24 hours, they sent us message that 8 of us luckily selected to be given bonus of $19,000+…but in order to get that amount we have to pay taxes amounting $2,850. We asked them to deduct the amount from the bounus they sent us we won, but they insisted us to pay that $2,850 tax. I asked them to forget about that raffle bonus and just claim the profit of my $300, and it’s almost 2 months now they’re not answering. A lot of us were scammed here. We lost a lot of this and we were really hit with their enticing and so tempting offers. ACEPROFITS is the name and it is found @
    This guys are so cruel even if you cry and beg your last survival money, even if you die after if not given, they don’t care.
    Please help me expose them…

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