BitOptions Review: A Verified Scam Indeed

BitOptions Review: A Verified Scam Indeed

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BitOptions (aka Bit Options) which can be found here has been running several domains where the same product is being sold at. These domains include, and Some of these domains have ceased to operate and it appears that the first domain is the only operational one right now. The most unfortunate thing is that this site has been confirmed to be a get rich scheme, and today we’re going to prove it! Take few moments to read our latest review serving as a warning to anyone thinking of joining. BitOptions claims to offer “financial freedom”, all in efforts to steal your money.


My investigation throughout their website,, started as a result from several complaints we received from angry members. BitOptions has quickly built a reputation for offering alluring results. Yet the outcomes are completely opposite.

In addition, we also found many other scamming factors within their services normally seen in other ICO / Investment scams. Sharing a typical hyper-exaggerated system for making people rich.

So before you throw your money into another junk investment, read our latest review first. Learn the truth these scammers don’t want you knowing about their BitOptions Scam. All the proof you need for understanding why Bit Options is a total fraud.

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BitOptions Review

Lets elaborate exactly what we’re dealing with. BitOptions is a type of investment portal. Basically what this means is you invest money with them. In return, they ‘mine’ crypto currencies & invest in the Forex Markets for you as a returned profit.

Sounds very easy considering you don’t have to do any work, however BitOptions isn’t that simple….nor are they honest.

Their promised results are absolutely ridiculous. Ranging 1% – 7% everyday (Depending on which plan you choose).

Whats also dangerous is BitOptions says they’ll lead you the way towards financial freedom.

But whichever profits or earning these idiots are guaranteeing, it cannot be done. Nor has it been delivered to any of their clients. You cannot ethically or legitimately guarantee anyone any fixed rate of income.

This is really concerning since these crooks are stating you can make over 100% each day, and up to 350% each month. Not to say this is extremely exaggerated and unrealistic too.

Speculations are one thing, but its vital we dig deeper into this corrupt BitOptions scam. Let’s review the specifics of their illegitimate methods for manipulating their customers.

The company behind BitOptions (Binary Options Ltd)

Because BitOptions represents itself as an investor company behind Binary Options LTD, requiring members to invest “x” amounts of money for promised “y” returns, by law they must operate under the conditions of proper License and Regulation.

While trying to validate their operations, our team simply could not verify any certificates confirming any licenses in which BitOptions should be mandated to hold.

Probably the thing I find most interesting is their company name (Binary Options LTD) is is trading method banned and considered illegal in most countries. Binary Option trading is no longer accepted with most brokers today due to new regulations. So its weird to see their company alias is named after an illegal trading feature.  Something to think about…..

We’ve confirmed through the Financial Conduct Authorities (FCA) BitOptions isn’t licensed. Thereby they are trading and investing for its members illegally.

Who is the creator of this scam?

As we’ve. already covered, we’re dealing with a controversial company based on illegal actions. But to answer the question as to WHO is really behind this corrupt BitOptions system is harder to answer.

It’s actually not that surprising to see lack of information regarding any Bit Options developers, creators or CEOs. After all these scammers wish to remain anonymous by not revealing their identities as they steal your money.

I like calling them ‘faceless scammers’ because we have no idea who they are, nor will we ever find out for sure. But one thing we do know is this; if a service such as BitOptions doesn’t want to be honest about their intentions, then why should we trust them with our money?

Unrealistic income statements

While many other ICO Scams have a tendency to promise large profit percentages, BitOptions has joined the fold with equally ridiculous claims of wealth.

As stated, they guarantee 102.5% on you investment. Basically stating they’ll multiply a $1000 investment into $1000+ everyday. Sounds great, but far from reality. The fact remains it’s virtually impossible to provide such a consistent profit return.

Don’t forget Forex and Crypto values consistently moving up and down. Yet these scammers ‘guarantee’ unwavering returns of high amounts. However these promises are unrealistic because of never-ending market fluctuations.

If you think about it, if their results were real, there would be tons of wealthy investors all over the internet accredited to BitOptions. But to this day we’re trying to find any happy members pleased with their services. So far the number of people who joined are NOT satisfied. There’s more beyond phony claims and unregistered companies happening throughout the BitOptions Scam. Like most fraudulent investments, their main goal is to accumulate as much money from registrations possible, then run away with at your expense.

Bit Options also contains an affiliated program where traders can recruit other people to join. In return, you will receive a percentage from their deposits. Their system is set up with different entry levels and downlines. Basically sharing similar characteristics of a Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme.

Our best advice for you

Sadly, too many traders have been victimized by BitOptions, informing us how they’re not provided any reputable services. They are literally stealing member’s money and filling their own pockets. Stick to these recommended products. 

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