BitQT Review: a Monstrous Ponzi Scheme to Keep Off!

BitQT Review: a Monstrous Ponzi Scheme to Keep Off!

BitQT is a company that claims. Bitcoin is making investors rich. However, this is just another get rich quick scheme that targets innocent traders in the market. The entity has nothing to offer, and it is a Ponzi scheme you should avoid. They also state that their application is free and you have nothing to lose.

If at all, making money was this easy, then everyone should be running to their website (which is not the case). The company does not have much traffic coming in its platform, which is a red flag. Investors should be keen when dealing with such entities. They only promise irresistible offers but do not deliver the expected outcome.

When you visit the website of this shady firm, you will see pop-ups of individuals who have earned a certain amount of profits. The information will be manipulated to show the clients are from your country to lure you into venturing with the scammers. Be on the lookout and spot the loopholes with such companies.

BitQT claims that they will assist you in transforming your life immediately. However, there is nothing like quick money; you will only make losses by trading with unregulated ventures. The platform, just like other fraudulent ventures, proclaims it has been featured on news outlets, which is false information.

The company additionally features statistics indicating the total amount their clients have earned. The firm also insinuates it has over 75K existing clients. It is tough to attain such figures in a concise duration. Even the best crypto trading companies do not have such an audience a few days after being launched. The entity was established in November 2019. Review

BitQT features a calculation on their website that will show you how much profit you will generate. If you deposit 250 EUR, you will get a return of 1267 EUR, which is an outrageous figure. It will only take a duration of a short time to generate the returns. If you have background knowledge in crypto trading, you will automatically know that this is a scam.

BitQT Review, Platform

Cryptos have various shortcomings due to their volatility nature. The market condition also affects the returns. You cannot become rich by just depositing a few pennies. You need to know the essential requirement for investing; otherwise, you will only end up being a victim of these fraudsters.

BitQT claims they are offering their services to over 167 countries across the world. The software can be used every day, and as their proof, the company shows live trading results. The scam needs to give us more in case they want to win our trust. Every form of investment has both good days and bad days. You cannot just be generating profits. Therefore, the promises that this entity makes are baseless.

Investors only need to have a gadget and an internet connection to start earning. The application can be used from anywhere in the universe. The scammers state that investors do not need any knowledge to operate their systems. You can signup and start earning profits as the app runs on every device and trades automatically.

Additionally, it is allegedly 100 secure, and withdrawal is processed immediately. The company also states that they offer lifetime support. The information they present on their website shows that the people behind the trading app are only after traders’ funds. The possibility of them not having a trading software are very high. BitQT is a platform that will entice you will all sort of right words.

How Does BitQT Operate?

The company does not have any tangible information regarding how their application works. The trading conditions are not discussed. Additionally, we did not have the privilege of seeing their trading results, which is a significant drawdown.

In finance and investment, we do not rely on the theory. We use evidence to determine the viability of a product or service. Therefore, BitQT lacks adequate data that can verify that they are indeed profitable. The entity state that it is not an affiliate marketing firm or an MLM.

BitQT claims to have a laser performance that they cannot verify. Moreover, the entity also brags that they have won multiple awards as the best trading software. Unfortunately, they do not mention who awarded them this title.

 However, they do not disclose the brokers that they are working with to the public. The company only brags of having an accuracy rate of 99.4%. Logically speaking, this is to means that the software does not lose any trade. Even the best trading bots in the markets do not have anything close to this accuracy.

It is something that should raise questions. Moreover, this scam bot also brags of not having any hidden fees, and what is even absurd it claims that some of their clients have become a millionaire within a period of 3 months. Watch out since this is clearly a Ponzi scheme.

Who is the Founder of

The platform does not reveal the person behind their trading activities. Therefore, we do not know the developer who designed this ‘live changing application.’ We cannot help but wonder why is the company being very discreet? If at all their services are legit, then they should not be hiding behind the shadows.

Ponzi schemes ensure they do not reveal their real identity so that the government does not come after them. Avoid companies that fail to credit their team or disclose the founder because the majority of them are scam

Is the software Free?

To enjoy the services of this bogus application, you need to deposit an amount of $250. The company state that you can start generating a profit worth $1100 every day. You should not rejoice if you come across the platform; these are mere lies.

The economy will automatically collapse if everyone could earn such high profits by just clicking a few buttons. Additionally, the scam venture further states that investors only need to work for an average of 20 minutes.

Contact Details and Regulation

BitQT company does not indicate its office address on its website, and the platform is operating in a new area, and investors from all over the world are accepted. However, the entity does not have a registration or a license from any government.

It shows the level of unprofessionalism with this venture. The firm is an outlaw that will do whatever they please. Additionally, they do not have terms and conditions or disclaimer page. The company is operating illegally, and investors should not trust them with funds.

False Testimonials

Just like their siblings, BitQT is a scam that is using false testimonials. The people they feature as their clients do not know their images are being used to scam innocent traders. The company is using stock images.

The information they present indicates that the app is earning clients huge profits. The info is misleading and false. The platform only intends to lure more greedy traders who think they can earn a fortune within an unrealistic timeline.

Final Verdict

BitQT is a losing software that claims to be trading cryptos. The entity does not have any trading activities taking place behind the scenes. Investors should watch out for this scam. The company state it is using superior technology to earn these high profits. Sadly, they only want to steal from naive traders.

Invest with legit cryptos trading companies in the market. You will earn real-time profits without compromising your safety. The software is using technology to earn returns to investors. Additionally, the companies behind these bots do make outrageous promises.

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