Bitraw Review: Just Another Scam?

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Bitraw Review: Just Another Scam?

Bitcoin mining can be a great way to make money and become rich. However, it worth noting that not every platform that promises users the opportunity to mine the biggest cryptocurrency in the world for profit actually does that. Some platforms are outright scams that use unsuspecting users’ computers to mine bitcoins and keep the profits. With that in mind, everyone who aspires to invest in this area should be very cautious in choosing the platform with which to get started. A supposed bitcoin mining platform such as Bitraw is highly questionable and you want to read the unbiased Bitraw review below before proceeding to it.


Bitraw Review


Bitraw, which suspiciously, has two separate and non-functioning domains( and claims, through third-party sites, to offer the general public an opportunity to start mining bitcoins without an initial cost. This suspicious bitcoin cloud mining platform advertises a free 0.1 BTC bonus whose value is equivalent to a whopping $400 and anther reward of 0.005 BTC, which is equivalent to $35, per referral.


Claiming to be the best bitcoin cloud mining website to date despite not being able to back that, Bitraw alleges that users can earn money with it in various ways i.e. mining the cryptocurrency, bringing in new members and buying the Mining Power feature as an investment! They say that the third option can enable you to make “huge profits of up to 175%.” Should we buy those enticing claims? Well, the answer depends on you and the opinion you will have about this system after reading the review.


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Before proceeding to the next part of the honest review for Bitraw, it’s worth noting that these are claims the company makes indirectly through a third-party forum website known as “Beer Money Forum.” The name of the site alone raises a red flag for a cautious individual who is reading this. Apart from that, most BMF members and guests seem to refute them, which is not surprising given the shady or fishy nature of Bitraw.


Compelling Proofs Bitraw Could Be Scam


1. Bitraw Promises High Returns without Any Investment


Any sensible person will conclude that the high returns claims made by Bitraw do not make sense. I mean it’s very rare to earn free money everywhere without there being a catch somewhere. Who gives out a cool $400 dollars just for creating an account with their bitcoin cloud mining platform without depositing money? Who offers $35 each time you refer a friend to their business, who in turn do not convert? Also, there is this suspicious tool that Bitraw claims to sell called “Mining Power”, which supposedly can enable you to make a profit of up to 175%. The fact that they share very limited details about it raises doubts about its authenticity and that of the system in general.



Promising high yields for zero or low investment is a classic strategy used by scammers to lure in unsuspecting members of the public. It sounds more like a Ponzi scheme, a scam investment strategy that promises high returns, that are simply not practical, to investors. For a legitimate and trustworthy bitcoin trading, you can also check out our recommended Crypto trading robots. 


Bitraw Scam


2. Bitraw Has Been Pulled Down


Another proof Bitraw is nothing but scam is the fact that the platform isn’t up and running yet they keep advertising profitable bitcoin mining opportunities through third-party platforms. While this supposed cryptocurrency cloud mining platform has two distinct domains i.e and, none of the domains are functional. This likely means that they have been flagged by the authorities, leaving them with no choice but to pull down the platform for fear of being tracked down and apprehended.

Bitraw Scam Review



3. Bitraw Seems to Have Two Domains


As said earlier, Bitraw is associated with two distinct domains; and all of which aren’t functional. That’s quite rare for legitimate bitcoin cloud mining websites. They initially hard a single domain but later on created another domain. This was as a result of after coming under scrutiny before eventually disappearing off the radar.


Bitraw Domain Detaills


4. Bitraw Presently Uses Facebook to Seemingly Con People


Bitraw platform has been pulled down for obvious reasons. Scam artists have resorted to a very desperate tactics. Scam artists hope to con gullible internet Facebook users. They now pay some individuals money to advertise them on Facebook. Below are two screenshots examples;


Bitraw Review Search Engine Results

Bitraw Scam Comments


5. Bitraw Conspicuously Lacks Client Feedback


If Bitraw were that profitable to investors, the Web would be filled with testimonies from successful investors. Falsely promises include $400 to each new member and an additional $35 for every referral. Misleadingly advertise an ROI of up to 175% is also posted. When you buy the Mining Power, a supposed bitcoin mining tool they sell. If claims were true,, performing a search “Bitraw” would return hundreds of Bitraw testimonials.


6. Everybody Distrusts Bitraw


Lastly, the fact that the claims made by Beer Money Forum are, in fact, refuted. They are doubted by 70% of the site’s members, can only mean one thing; these folks are liars!


The username “Emony” responds to those false claims by saying in quotes, ” This should be moved to HYIP section..”


Another member calling themselves “ruoeee” reacts as follows in quotes, “any proof withdraw from this site ????”. Also, Maracuia who is a guest to the forum had this to say, “works withdraw payment? i think not.
It’s a total waste of time. The scammer will only mining with your PC….not more!”


Please note that most of the forum participants aren’t native English speakers hence the poor grammar.


Final Verdict


Looking at the six pieces of evidence above, it’s safe to say that Bitraw is nothing more than a scam. This really isn’t a bitcoin cloud mining platform. Unscrupulous marketers are behind this false platform. who promote it. If you are looking for a bitcoin mining platform that really works, just go here.


By Errole


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