Bitrobix Review: Is A Modern AI Ponzi Scheme

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Bitrobix Review: Is A Modern AI Ponzi Scheme

BitRobix is a financial company claiming to be powered by modern artificial intelligence (AI) tools and technologies. The company is promoting itself as an ideal platform for income opportunities with the help of modern financial technologies.

Moreover, the website of the company – – states that the company has a highly qualified and experienced tech team to help users benefit from modern technologies.

On the surface, these claims make BitRobix look like a good platform to earn money. However, before you make any kind of investment in it, it is important to thoroughly review it. By the end of this article, you will be familiar with all the key aspects of, so keep reading!

BitRobix Logo

Overview of BitRobix

The primary marketing point of BitRobix is that it is led by a team experienced in modern tools and technologies, such as AI. also states that the team behind the company is always working to utilize modern technologies and provide you with financial benefits with these tools.

Moreover, the website encourages users to invest in the company so that BitRobix can work for them. It is not exactly clear when the company was formed. However, its Facebook page became active in 2022. So, it seems like the company is only one year old. Yet, it is presenting itself as an experienced and well-known name in the industry.

Registration Fee of BitRobix

The registration fee reveals the true business structure of BitRobix. The company is asking for an investment of at least $30 to allow users to participate in any kind of investment opportunity from the company. Moreover, also encourages users to invest as much money as possible to get more profits. 

These kinds of charges are similar to many other Ponzi schemes in the Forex and crypto trading industry. The company clearly wants to get as much money as possible from users before its eventual collapse. 

Considering the business model of BitRobix, it is recommended that you don’t invest in this platform. Instead, you should explore reliable crypto cloud mining companies. These companies can help you make profits via genuine crypto-mining procedures. 

Income Structure of BitRobix

BitRobix has multiple sides to its income structure. Primarily, the company is encouraging users to invest as much money as possible to get returns as per the following breakdown:

  • BRX 1 Package, for which you have to invest $30 to $999 to get a return of about 1% to 2% per day for a period of 250 days. 
  • BRX 2 Package for which you have to invest $10,000 to $49,999 to get a return of about 2% to 3% per day for the period of 275 days. 
  • BRX 3 Package for which you have to invest $50,000 to $99,999 to get a return of about 3% to 4% per day for a period of 300 days. 

It is important to note that charges a significant 10% fee on all of the withdrawals. Moreover, the company also has an MLM side to encourage users to recruit their friends and family. A 9% fee is also charged on MLM earnings. 

These charges are quite similar to many other MLM and Ponzi schemes that tend to collapse quickly due to a lack of investment. There is a high chance that BitRobix will suffer the same fate. 

Features of BitRobix mentions a lot of features to convince users about the legitimacy of the company and get their investment. It is important to analyze these features in detail to determine whether you can actually trust the company.

Reliable Customer Support

A prominent claim of BitRobix is that it offers 24/7, reliable customer support. The company claims that its customer representatives are available throughout the clock to help users and answer their queries.

However, the website does not actually have any live chat option. Hence, the claims of 24/7 support are false. The primary focus of the company is on making the users invest in the company or at least get them to call the representative for further convincing.

Huge Profits

BitRobix claims that it is a reliable platform to help you make massive profits quickly and easily. The website states that the company is using the expertise of professionals and modern AI algorithms to provide huge profits to investors.

However, the company does not provide much details about how exactly such profits are generated. Instead, the website is only making generic claims that the team behind the company knows how to generate profits for the investors.

Latest Technologies

Artificial intelligence itself is a huge field. Many different tools, technologies, algorithms, models, techniques, and subfields are covered under the umbrella term AI.

Yet, BitRobix only states that the company is adopting AI to provide greater profits to users. The website does not delve into the specifics of the type of tools and modern technologies it is using to generate such profits.

It is definitely true that there has been a massive rise in the popularity of AI in the last few months. However, it does not mean that such technologies have become so advanced that a platform like BitRobix can offer huge profits with it. Hence, the company’s claims of using AI to provide profits are highly suspicious.

Safety and Security

Another tall claim of BitRobix is that it is a safe, secure, and transparent platform. There have always been concerns about privacy and security in the trading industry. Strong security encryption protocols are required to ensure maximum security during these processes.

In terms of BitroBix’s security, there is very limited information about the kind of security protocols it is using to ensure the safety of user’s investments. There is a high chance that the company is only making such claims to seem like a legitimate and secure platform.


BitRobix is plainly lying when it says that it is a fully transparent company. The company is presenting itself as a well-established platform. Yet, it never mentions that it started operating in 2022. 

Moreover, is providing fake details about the company’s owner in the marketing material. The marketing video with a fake CEO is only available on the YouTube channel of the company. It shows that the platform is trying to protect itself by avoiding publishing completely fake information on the website. 

Fake Agreements

Another strange attempt of BitRobix to seem like a legitimate platform is that it claims to have an MoU agreement with “” Such kind of platform does not even exist, as its website has shut down. 

However, it is possible that the company is using the name “Binance” to give an impression to new traders that it has some sort of agreement with the company. Nevertheless, such claims only show the desperation of in trying to attract users and get their investment.


A modern trading company led by state-of-the-art AI technologies sounds very good and fancy on paper. However, the actual implementation of such modern technologies in complex trading practices is quite difficult. 

This is the reason why companies like BitRobix are typically stuck on making tall claims, but they don’t actually use AI or other modern technologies to provide financial benefits to users. 

Hence, considering the thorough analysis of the company’s features and claims, it is evident that the company is not what it claims to be. Therefore, you should not invest in Instead, you can consider investing in genuine crypto-cloud mining companies that offer guaranteed profits via legitimate methods. 

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