BitSports Review: Is A Sports Trading High Risk Investment?

BitSports Review: Is A Sports Trading High Risk Investment?

BitSports is a sports arbitrage and trading platform purporting to create AI-driven sports analytics. Here’s our clear and concise review for more on the platform.

The platform operates under the Crypto-MLM niche and has so far raised eyebrows due to withdrawal complaints. Hugo Rodriguez Salgado is the Colombian national behind this ‘wonder sporting tool’ with far reach in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

On his Bio page, Hugo claims to have risen to fame by having immense experience in the networking marketing scene. It appears Hugo is in love with the Crypto bot trading world but, sadly, lacks experience in it.

BitSports Trading Review

The bot has no proven record and is seen by most as one of the biggest scares in sports trading. With dire consequences for players who use this bot, it’s safe to say you won’t win a single bet when relying on its AI capabilities.

Carlos Sarmiento is another partner who is new to the Crypto MLM niche. The presentation video comes with a robovoice video which points to a platform lacking in clear language skills. Hugo has over the years created several lousy platforms in the crypto niche.

We will dive into the types of scams he has created over the years.

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Here’s our detailed BITSPORTS REVIEW.

A clear overview of BitSports

Colombia is emerging as a hotbed for Crypto MLM scams with a number of creators hailing from the region. The platform lists Lithuania as its corporate address which is far from the truth.

We suspect BitSports is an anonymous sports trading bot operated from the heart of Colombia. BitSports also has close ties to other sports trading tools created in Dubai over the past two years. It seems Hugo gets some marketing help from MLM activists in the Middle East.

Hugo claims he offers a bot with the ability to trade quickly. The set strategies offer numerous opportunities for sports traders on the rise. And this is why we have to set aside the platform for its dubious claims.

When it comes to sports trading, verification of results is the most important aspect of any trading tool. How does it fair in past trades and is there a way for players to confirm these results? That’s not possible with BitSports.

As we can clearly see, the platform fails to offer much in terms of authenticity. These are bots that rarely offer investors much hope in the form of transparency. Accountability is not in the cards with this platform.

How can players verify past results and why isn’t the platform availing such information? Hugo knows from the word go that the platform doesn’t work. And that’s why we have to expose this feature to anyone thinking of signing up.

Yes, there are reliable sports trading tools that do the heavy lifting. These tools however show past data and players can see the overall results. In some cases, the tools do have it on the wrong with players losing entire bets.

How BitSports Plans to fool investors to sign up?

By making bold performance claims with no data to back these stats. Hugo knows that most players want a winning robot and so, claims the bot makes nearly 98 percent success in all sports trading results.

If that was the case, all sports traders would take over this platform and ensure they offer the best in form of results. Since no trader takes such statements seriously, investors should ask for proof of results before signing up.

That’s one area where Hugo will ignore and claim you either sign up and witness the claim yourself or stay away. And that’s what we don’t want, to lose an opportunity of what seems like making millions with sports trading.

Crypto arbitrage services are also on offer for clients looking to purchase the bot at a higher price. The bot promises to make daily guaranteed ROI for as high as 5% for investments above $10,000.

Hugo merely wants investors to sign up and hope for the best. If the robot was performing well in the markets, it would do investors a huge favor to vet the results using backtesting. That’s not the case as we don’t have results of this tool on MyFxBook.

There are three plans available for investors looking to earn passive income with the tool. Hugo promises investors a chance to win 0.7 to 1.2 percent in daily ROI with minimum investing. For maximum investment, the platform guarantees daily ROI of 1.9 to 2.4 percent.

All these dates are from Tuesday all the way to Sunday. Monday is not considered a trading day by BitSports.

How Risky is

With most crypto payments anonymous, Hugo is trying to take advantage of it by only accepting crypto payments. FIAT payments are not accepted hence even if you claim to send funds, Hugo and his team may refute this claim.

It all starts with members buying in any of the three plans with a hope of making it big. Hugo and his team know how to juggle investors’ funds from one account to another. Investors also get the chance to withdraw funds twice.

The first withdrawal is after 24 hours with the second withdrawal 48 hours after the second withdrawal. Please note there’s a withdrawal cap on these withdrawals with investors only withdrawing partial amounts.

What investors don’t know is that they are actually withdrawing part of their initial deposit. The platform lures them into believing these are actual daily ROI win margins. After your second withdrawal, Hugo ups the stakes.

Members get an email claiming they have qualified to join the next tier and need to deposit more funds. This is where investors lose it and decide to invest their life savings. At this point, the BitSports team knows you’re all in or all out.

That’s when Hugo moves to block withdrawals and access to your crypto daily ROI investing account. He will usually cite breach of contract or terms of conduct leading to your account facing numerous charges.

Customer ratings and reviews BitSports

What most users don’t know about the project is that customers have already started sharing their experiences. Most are unimpressed with the delayed withdrawals even in the sports trading niche.

Hugo wants to keep access to funds and fails to release it on time. And this leads to investors having a hard time trying to withdraw funds from the platform. What we need is a platform offering the best in terms of authenticity and transparency.

There’s little to no positive reviews of the bot anywhere on the web. Hugo might try and hire actors on YouTube to promote the platform or leave positive commentary of their experience with the robot.

Please note that this is not his first rodeo and knows how to sell a cat to a mouse.

Is BitSports a Legit or Scam Sports Trading Tool?

From where we stand and the results we’ve seen, BitSports is a work of fiction. No sports trader ever gets the chance to successfully implement the tool. Crypto investors fail to withdraw funds with the platform, which is another risky move.

Those who buy in such tools usually end up losing more.

Verdict BitSports

Please stay away from Hugo’s sports trading tools and crypto staking incentives.

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