Bitsunset is Scam: Honest Review


Bitsunset is Scam: Honest Review

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Bitsunset is among the latest entities to ”join” the crypto-currency mining industry. It is only 2 days old (as at the time of writing this review). Surprisingly, Bitsunset has already acquired crazy numbers of registered users who have so far deposited over  20.31406283 in BTC. This is definitely not true.

Therefore, in this review, we will be proving that this is yet another bogus opportunity. If you thought there was money to be made here, think twice.

Just like Bit Lucre, Bit Trading CC Ltd, Crypto-shield and many more, this company is promising crazy daily returns. Not only are these returns impossible to gain, but they are quite unrealistic. For someone to promise you a daily return of 12%, they must be ready to show proof of what they will be doing in order to make that kind of profit.

As it currently stands now, Bitsunset is offering between 6% to 12%. But what’s the catch?

bitsunset review

Bitsunset Review

The problem with this company is that it is too new in the market. They don’t have any trade or mining history. While you may think that the statistics that show the number of investors who have already joined is real, this is not the case.

It is not possible that this company can acquire over 600 investors in less than 1 week. That is not possible no matter how you want to look at it.

bitsunset stats

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To prove our suspicion, we snooped the traffic that was going to this website and realized that there was none. A 2 day old site does not have any traffic that can convert. So the claim that they have already registered 600 investors is total nonsense.

It is definitely a marketing ploy. It is meant to invoke your imagination so that you can think that this website is already popular and the services are on high demand. But that is not the case.

Things don’t work like that in the real world. In fact, the reality is that when a new site is launched, regardless of the opportunity it is offering, it has to stay on the internet for a significant length of time in order to grow its popular.

But here we have a scenario where a new site got launched 2 days ago, and is offering massive daily returns. This is very suspicious to say the least.

Company background

The company describes itself as a team of experienced traders who have amassed 30 years of experience in the field. They claim that their team is highly skilled, which is why they are able to extract daily profits from a highly volatile Bitcoin market.

This is also the reason which they are giving to defend the claim that you will get stable, guaranteed profits when you invest with Bitsunset.

However, in our opinion, we do not think that this is a matter of experience. When it comes to crypto-currency investments or any other legitimate trading business, you can only make reasonable profits without guaranteeing a specific percentage of return on a daily basis.

The fact that Bitsunset is claiming a specific daily return means that they don’t know anything about trading. There is a real possibility that this company does not even trading cryto-currencies on behalf of their customers. Instead, they are running a ponzi-like scheme where the intention is to collect as much money as possible and disappearing when they have collected enough.

Like many other UK-based crypto-currency companies on the web, this one too has a UK registration number. However, you’ve got to realize that this reg number was meant for taxation purposes, and does not say anything concerning the legality of this business model.

That registration was obtained about 2 months ago, meaning that the company is very new.

Besides, this registration is not about the legitimacy of this business. It is far from it. But they’d still love to make you believe that since Bitsunset is registered, it must be genuine.

Also, is it legal for this company to offer financial or investment services when they are not registered by the FCA?

You guessed it right. It is illegal. So why is it that this company is conducting illegal activities in the name of providing investors with stable income for life? Because they are probably a ponzi scheme. Their main aim is to collect money from members of the public under the guise that they are a crypto-currency trading company.

In relation to this, Bitsunset must first seek a license from the FCA in order to run this business. But since it is an illegal business, chances are that they will not be granted one.

An anonymous company

Generally, doing business with an anonymous person on the internet is never a wise idea. This company has a registration number for taxation purposes. But the website does not say anything about the names of their founder or employees. It is almost impossible to find this information on the web simply because the domain is privately registered. It is only registered as a company entity, so you cannot establish who the people behind it are. This should be treated as a red flag.

The one rule of thumb

You see, crypto-currency mining and trading is very new. Not so many people know about this form of investment. But that is also the bread and butter of scammers who are always on the look-out for opportunities that arise as a result of peoples’ ignorance.

bitsunset investment plans

The fact remains that nobody can earn 6-12% daily returns in any form of trading, let alone crypto-currency mining. Therefore, the moment you see a company like Bitsunset saying that they have the capacity to generate up to 12% daily returns, you should know that it is a scam. It is as simple as that.

Also, w’d like to mention that this company is hiding behind an affiliate program to look as if part of the revenue which they are promising will be originating from affiliates who join the network under you.

There is no guarantee that people will join you. Even your dear friends will refuse to join because they know that this is an outright scam.

Why you will definitely lose any money that is sent to Bitsunset

Have you noticed that this company is only accepting payment in crypto-currency?

It is rather strange that a company purporting to engage in legitimate activities is only accepting payments in Bitcoin when a lot of payment modes are available on the internet for people to use.

Most legitimate companies will support all forms of payment instead of limiting their customers to crypto-currency. This is because some people are generally not comfortable doing transactions in Bitcoin.

Now, you must realize that crypto-currency payments are irreversible. Once you have paid, that payment cannot be reversed. If you made a big payment for example, you’d end up heavy losses because Bitsunset is only operating a ponzi scheme as opposed to a legitimate, sustainable business model.

Our best advice for you

You want to mine crypto-currency? You better look for a legitimate company that does this kind of business without cheating or over promising. When you are realistic, you can avoid scams like Bitsunset. But when you’re looking for quick wealth, you might as well lose all your investment to ponzi-like schemes. Beware of that fact.


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  1. Thank you for writing this article although it is too late for me as I have already lost money to Bitsunset I urge other people to be weary of phony Cryptocurrency companies. Please do your research, legitimate companies like EToro will only be offering about a 2% return.

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