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Welcome to our today’s review on We know you might have come across the enticing returns of Bitwall Online and wondered, is this company legit?

The company is, unfortunately, another scam that wants to steal all your earnings. The company promises users’ vast returns if you deposit your BTC in their wallet.

Trusting an anonymous wallet with your money is risky. markets itself as a Bitcoin wallet that magically grants a monthly return of 7% on any amount that you cash in.

The company has an unrealistic narrative that sells them out. There are no investment services taking place in this shady platform. Review, Bitwall Online Platform


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Bitwall Online Review

Bitwall Online is an entity that has nothing to sell. The minimum amount of BTC that you can deposit is 0.1 BTC, and the maximum is 0.5 BTC. If you ask us, this is much currency to trust a company that has no investment history.

The company promises users’ monthly ROI ranging from 3% up to 7%. All you have to do to earn this unimaginable return is to trust the platform with your BTC. Keep in mind that does not perform trading or mining activities.

The money multiplies by sitting around in the wallet. Logically speaking, this cannot happen. For you to earn BTC, you need to either invest in a trustworthy mining or trading company. The theory of this pyramid scheme is bogus.

The time that the company has been in the market is enough for them to acquire feedback from those that have invested with their company. However, there is not even a single testimonial.

Possibly, the only thing we can expect from those that fall for their scheme is negative feedback. We do not endorse the services of to investors. It would be best if you reconsidered investing in this fraudulent wallet.

Additionally, the platform has not clarified the business model that they are utilizing to make these returns. The company is also no transparent, as they have not provided any data on their team.

There is a higher possibility the perpetrator who is running the show in this Ponzi scheme is doing it alone. They are determined to stay anonymous.

How Does Bitwall.Online Operates?

The only person who can answer this question is the platform’s founders only. Not enough info explains how the company makes money. They are not performing any investment activity.

The company is operating in a murky manner. It would only take a few seconds for an experienced investor to identify the loophole that has. The information that is available on their website is insufficient and does not create confidence.

The founder running the pyramid scheme is a professional scammer. Wants investors to empty their pockets right into their bank account. It would be best if you were very careful of such entities.

Regulation and Registration

By now, you know the risk of trusting unregulated companies. is a company that is offering investment services to investors all over the world.

The company, however, is not licensed by FCA, ASIC, CySEC, or any other financial watchdog in the industry. The company may go out of existence with your BTC without being traced.

Companies that do not have regulation documents tend to exploit their clients. They will have hidden charges and break the law as they please.

The safety of your money should be your top priority when it comes to selecting an investment platform. Keep off if you want peace of mind.

Customer Support

We cannot fathom the reason as to why any investor would trust an investment company with their funds without them offering customer support services.

As if offering inadequate data regarding their activities is not enough, the company does not have trust in their clients with their info.

The platform is operating in an undisclosed location.Additionally, they do not avail of a telephone number or an email address that you can reach them.

Trusting such a massive amount of BTC in a company that does not care about their client is unwise.

You should only invest in legit platforms that provide top-notch customer support services. They will put your needs at the forefront.

The only reason Bitwall Online is operating like this is to ensure nobody comes after them. The platform will not survive the market for longer than a year.

Withdrawal and Deposit

The only information we could gather is that the platform accepts deposits only via BTC. They do not discuss the withdrawal details.

If you invest in Bitwall you will do it blindly without knowing the minimal amount that you can cash out. Moreover, the speed of withdrawing, and how long it takes to withdraw are not known.

It is important to note that you cannot reverse digital currency payment upon depositing. The currencies observe anonymity.

The safety of your funds is not guaranteed in You will be making deposits to anonymous people in a method that compromise the security of your currency. The only favor you can yourself is staying away from the platform.

Safety of Funds

Investors’ money is not safe in the hands of Bitwall Online. The company’s website lacks essential security encryption.

It means the users of the site can suffer a high risk if hackers the system. Trusting a platform that has no trading history, and lacks essential security measure is the ridiculous thing you can do.

You will be transferring your money into someone else wallet. Watch out for the safety of your money. Additionally, the company is operating illegally, and they are not operating under any jurisdiction.

The anonymity that the company displays is worrying. If at all Bitwall Online was a legit entity, they would try becoming more transparent with their customers.

The website does not have a term and condition page, FAQ, among other relevant information.

There is no financial activity happening in this company. Given that if they were performing digital currency trading, they would have financial reports indicating their performance; unfortunately, this is not the case.

If venture can generate an income of 7% within a week, why do they need investors’ money? They can use their capital and enjoy the returns solely.

Attain the kind of return is logically attainable as people have even earned more profits than this in the crypto niche.

However, what cannot happen is for one to generate returns by money laying down in a wallet. A scammer is running the company, and the red flags that we have outlined are enough to keep you off this company.

Nothing good will come out of it. Furthermore, the owner has no intention of making anyone rich.

Final Verdict is a platform that has nothing to offer. Trusting such a platform with your BTC would be the greatest mistake of all times.

Do not let the greed of getting rich quickly invade your mind. Cryptocurrency investment is just like every other investment, only that it is better and convenient.

However, this does not mean you will make free earnings, or become a millionaire overnight. Invest with mining companies that have an actual investment going on in their platform.

Patience, discipline, and knowledge of the market make a substantial return for you. There are multiple best cryptocurrency investment opportunities in the market that you can utilize.

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