BitWings Review: Is Providing Fake Investment Opportunity

BitWings Review: Is Providing Fake Investment Opportunity

BitWings is a crypto company that is claiming to be a part of the Wings Mobile corporation. The website of the company,, is claiming that it is operating with the goal of establishing an efficient and quick blockchain network all over the world. 

The main focus of the company is on making people invest in the company by promising them several benefits and huge profits. Hence, it is important to review the company in detail to determine whether you can trust the company.

Overview of BitWings

According to, Wings Mobile is a Spanish virtual mobile operator. It has been operating since 2007. However, it is not clear that when BitWings was formed. In fact, the website does not provide any significant details about the origin of the company. 

The company is trying to gain the attention of the people interested in the crypto industry by claiming that it will introduce a variety of innovative technology in the market. The website states that the company is aiming to develop the first crypto payment system to provide an efficient alternative to digital systems. 

Owner of BitWings does not mention the name of the owner of the company. However, other sources suggest that Antonio Milio is running both BitWings and Wings Mobile. The LinkedIn profile of Milio shows that he is living in Spain and has a long history of working in the telecommunications industry. However, it is possible that BitWings is the first MLM company of Antonio Milio.

Products of BitWings

The flagship product of is a cellphone called MinePhone WX. According to the website, you can buy this phone for 6000 Bitwings Token (BWN). In other words, it will cost around $1200.

It is possible that the company is only offering this product so that it is able to avoid legal action that only a Ponzi scheme can face. This kind of tactic is often used by many crypto MLM companies to seem like a legitimate platform. 

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Registration Fee of BitWings

Affiliate membership is the primary focus of BitWings. It is asking users to invest anywhere between $100 to $10,000 as an initial investment. The company is also encouraging users to invest as much money as they can to generate maximum profits. Moreover, it wants every user to buy the MinePhone WX to provide them access to the entire income structure. 

Income Structure of BitWings

The marketing video of is clear that affiliates who buy the MinePhone WX will get the chance to participate in crypto mining and Pool Rewards of the company. The website provides the following breakdown of the company’s packages:

  • Bronze Package for which every user must invest at least $100 to get 526 BWN. 
  • Silver Package for which every user must invest at least $300 to get 1610 BWN. 
  • Gold Package for which every user must invest at least $500 to get 2710 BWN. 
  • Sapphire Package for which every user must invest at least $1000 to get 5474 BWN. 
  • Emerald Package for which every user must invest at least $2000 to get 11052 BWN. 
  • Ruby Package, for which every user must invest at least $5000 to get 28421 BWN. 
  • Diamond Package for which every user must invest at least $10000 to get 57895 BWN. 

The website also states that the users will get the commissions and profits in BWN tokens. However, you should keep in mind that such tokens do not have any actual value in the crypto market. Even if you get bonuses in BWN tokens, you will not be able to cash them out. 

You should avoid investing in BitWings because it will not be able to provide you with any significant profits. If you want to earn money via crypto mining, you should invest in genuine and reliable crypto cloud mining companies. Such companies have years of experience in providing profitable crypto mining services. 

Mining ETH states that MinePhone WX is capable of mining 0.2 ETH per month. However, there is no proof that the company is actually capable of providing such services. The company is also encouraging you to use the option of mining BWN tokens. 

Other Bonuses

BitWings promises various other types of commissions and bonuses to attract people and get their investment. Such commissions include the traditional recruitment and referral commissions.

Recruitment commissions play a significant role in the success of many crypto MLM companies. BitWings is also encouraging you to recruit more and more people to the company to earn these commissions. 

Features of BitWings mentions a number of features to attract people. Let’s review these features one by one:

Maximum Privacy and Security

BitWings is claiming to have a state-of-the-art crypto security system that can provide maximum security and privacy to users. However, maintaining maximum security in crypto is a highly challenging task. It is even claiming to have modern AI bots to predict various threats and resolve security challenges. 

Yet, the company does not provide more details about such security measures. It is unlikely that a relatively new platform like BitWings actually has access to any of the modern crypto security tools and technology. 

Wallet is also promoting a crypto wallet called Wings Pay. The company claims that you can use this wallet to make payments at various physical and online stores. However, there is no information that suggests any store is accepting payments from Wings Pay. Even the website does not provide any list of stores that might be accepting payment from the company. 


BitWings is marketing itself as an affordable crypto mining platform that can provide huge profits to users. However, the company is asking for at least $100 in investment, in addition to buying the expensive MinePhone WX. This shows that the company is expecting you to spend a lot of money without providing any guaranteed profits. 


The entire discussion about BitWings points to the fact that the company is trying to scam people by presenting itself as a well-established name in the crypto industry. The truth is that it is another crypto MLM company that will collapse due to a lack of recruitment. 

The fact that the company is providing MinePhone WX also does not make any sense in the crypto market. You have to spend a lot of money to get this device, and you will only be getting 0.2 ETH. You should also note that you will not be able to resale MinePhone WX because it does not have any value outside the company.

Moreover, the company is using BWN tokens to provide any type of commission to the users. Such tokens do not hold any value in the crypto market. Therefore, even if you get the BWN tokens, you will actually not be making any profits. 

The business model of BitWings is all about affiliate memberships. The company does not seem to be involved in any actual crypto mining procedures. It is likely that the company is lying about these features to attract people and get their investment. In actuality, it is not capable of giving any significant profits. 

The bottom line is that BitWings is not a suitable investment opportunity because it can collapse anytime due to lack of recruitment. In such a situation, you will end up losing your investment. Therefore, you should not invest in it. Instead, invest in crypto cloud mining companies that provide secure, legal, and reliable earning opportunities via crypto mining. 


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