Bitz Free Review: is Scam and Worrying

Bitz Free Review: is Scam and Worrying

Share This! is a very funny site, and we are hoping that people won’t be sorry when it’s too late. The concept is weird as BitzFree is also offering the option of hacking other users’ GH/s. The question is, how safe are you in this site? What makes you think you’ll be safe if other users have the option to hack your coin mining abilities?

We’ll be getting into this shortly. For now, let’s discuss the essentials.

Is Bitz Free scam or legit? Can they be trusted with Bitcoin? How is it different from other cloud mining services?

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Bitz Free Review

We obviously have to start this review by talking about the owner of the site and their employees (if this is applicable).

A quick search on reveals that this domain is registered privately, meaning that the owner of the site was not willing to disclose their identity. But why?

The answer is quite simple. When a scammer is running an illegal operation on the web, they do their best to ensure that their details are hidden from the public. This is the first red flag that we will be keeping in mind as we continue with the rest of this review.

Bitz Free has developed a Free Bitcoin Cloud Mining server. It works by combing the faucet with the idea of cloud mining. When you join, the site will start you off with some free 20 GHs SHA-256 of cloud mining hashpower. It works like a game, the same way a classic cloud mining server works.

This is the starting bonus which every user is supposed to receive when they join Bitz Free website. You earnings should be proportional to the amount of GHz which you own in this platform.

To purchase more GHz, you obviously have to do so using Bitcoin. To get even more GHz, the site claims that you will earn bonus points each time you log in.

The site is even giving you the opportunity to hack other users GHz to steal 10% of their Bitcoin cloud mining power.

This is clearly an illegal operation. Besides, it does not guarantee safety of your hashpower when mining through this site. If you can easily steal other people’s hashpower, then it means they can easily do the same to you. In the end, it will be a zero sum game.

Mining policy on Bitz Free can also be changed at any time. You could choose to buy cheaper GHs, and this will reduce the price of hashpower by 20%. We’ve seen some users saying that this is the best strategy to get started when planning to use this site.

You can also double your GHs for free

For a limited time, folks can double their hashpower to make more coins. The site’s user interface provides a couple of mining strategies. You can set these in such a way that it extends your double mining period for a limited time.

That pretty sums up what this company is offering in a nutshell. Probably we could go ahead and review their plans if applicable.

Plans offered by Bitz Free

The idea of free Bitcoins is as silly as it sounds. Bitz Free is spreading this idea and making people believe that the site can yield free Bitcoin to every participant out there.

So, what are their plans to start with?

Unfortunately, this information is missing on their website. One has to contact their support for clarity on how to go about it.

Most websites will state their plans very clearly to avoid the hustle of having to contact their support for simple queries like this.

It therefore looks like Bitz Free is running some operations which they wouldn’t wish people to learn about. Only those who have the time to contact them can learn what they offer.

Is money involved to get started with this site?

Bitz Free is a highly obscure site. There is not enough information to help us know how exactly it works, although they’ve hinted how everything works on their site.

It is not possible to establish whether or not this site is asking members to purchase plans using Bitcoin. At the same time, we don’t see how such an operation can go on without asking members to make a deposit at a later date. There has to be a catch along the way.

Due to this obscurity and the inability to openly list plans, we think this site is out there to waste your time and probably resources.

User stats for Bitz Free

The site Bitzfree has some user stats on the homepage. Can we trust these user stats? It’s not possible because for one, the owner of the site wasn’t willing to disclose who they are. We don’t think they will be willing to tell you how many users they have or the amount of money which they’ve paid out so far.

bitzfree stats

As you can see, the site claims that it has over 5k users and that they’ve made over 17 BTC payouts.

That’s funny because these stats can’t be verified or authenticated in any way. They are just records that anyone can write without proof of legitimacy.

We are sorry to say this: anyone who uses unverified statistics to represent their site’s activities is definitely a scammer. They have something to hide. But their true intentions are obvious.

How about the payouts? Can they be verified?

We’ve talked about these sites before. When a cloud mining site publishes some random Bitcoin wallet addresses and claim that those payouts were made at a particular date, you should not believe them because these records cannot be proved.

bitzfree payouts

The best way to deal with this problem is to, perhaps consider user feedback and try to establish whether guys are using their service or not.

User feedback on Bitz Free

We’ve searched around, and we’ve concluded that Bitz Free doesn’t have any user feedback. What we’ve seen is that many people are expressing their interest towards this service. However, not a single person is confessing that they used the service and that it’s a good cloud mining service to invest in.

We really need some evidence that this site works. And if we can’t find any meaningful feedback from real users, we have to put the project on hold until we are able to get these details at a later date.

We therefore wonder if the proclaimed 5000 registered users are real. They should come out and speak on behalf of this site. We have a lot of Bitcoin investment forums out there.

Our best advice for you

We’v received hints that Bitz Free is in its pilot phase. But as you can see, we don’t like the concept. We don’t like the idea of other people hacking hashpower from victims to gain an unfair advantage.

Even if you logically think about it, you will see that it is not possible to make money in an ecosystem where everyone can hack mining power from other users.

The best advice we can give is to stay away from such a project. You can use these alternatives if you want to mine Bitcoin profitably and on a consistent basis. Avoid the rest.

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10 Replies to “Bitz Free Review: is Scam and Worrying”

    1. That is total bulls***!!!
      I use the site since 2016 now and had two payouts in btc so far….one about the initial 12,5mbtc as the payouttreshold was set at that time and half a year later another one about 3,73 mbtc due to the fact that btcprice rose during the mining period
      I started with 20gh/s but with steady reinvestment oft bonus and mined btc i ran at 3000gh/s at double-mining with 10%miningboost.
      So far using the site payed me (@[email protected]$)

  1. giant bullc*** s*** scam!
    1. marked my account saying it detected “bot like activity”. botlikeactivity my a**! aint even done anything wrong except the accidental multiple refreshes due to low speed internet
    2. I contacted you and yet no response, so what do u expect me to do b****?

    1. After 2 years of clicks and maybe 0.005 btg … i no have anymore btg product because of bot activity … i click refresh every 5 min with timer … iam a bot .. ok they scam people

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