Blazing Trader: The Worst Scam that Can Sabotage your Rrading Career

Blazing Trader: The Worst Scam that Can Sabotage your Rrading Career

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Trading binary options is not a job that the novice traders can manage with ease. It surely needs expert hands and people who can manage the job the right away. Now if you are an expert binary option trader then you truly do become aware of the art of trading binary options with wisdom.

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However, the real problem lies in the fact when you are a new trader who lacks knowledge about trading bots. Most new traders end up opting for trading scams like Blazing Trader. Well if you are wondering what makes Blazing Trader a bad choice then you are about to get the answer to your concerns.

 Blazing Trader: Why to consider it a scam

Now it is very important that the investor should have solid grounds to consider a trading bot as a scam. This is why all the key facts will be presented in this scam. When the investor sets his eyes on Blazing Trader it truly does portray a bad picture. Now it is natural to be inclined to watch the sales video. Well that is the worst decision that the investor can make because the video is a perfect setup to scam the poor trader.

First of all the trader gets to hear that he will be paid about $20,000 for just watching the video. Now this sounds to be more of an idealistic situation. Thus the investor should not fall for this claim at all.

Blazing Trader

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Note: Remain on your guard against the scammers and only choose the best trading bots.

Now the presenter of the video does not give a formal introduction, but he does claim that the investor can get $20,000 right into his account. Now that does not seem like an easy task. What generally happens is that new traders usually get carried away by this deal and decide to take the plunge. However, it is not the right thing to do and the investor needs to act smart if he truly wants to save his future.

Trading is serious business and the trader just cannot make money so quickly. If a trading bot is making such a claim then it is just misleading the trader to believe this lie. Now the professional trader is not really inclined to see huge profit figures. The investor needs a realistic approach to earn the promised amount. For example, if Blazing Trader makes such huge claims then it needs to have the justification in this regard.

The presenter of Blazing Trader never bothers to give a formal introduction. He says all the things that the trader gets to hear in scam videos. He says that the video will only be available through the special invitation links. Well the reality is a different picture altogether and the trader can get access to these trading scams anytime he wants. Thus he should not get worried by the thought that he will lose the opportunity to use this system.

The video of Blazing Trader is pretty disorganised. When half the video is over the presenter gives his introduction. He introduces himself as Johan Strand. Now finally he presents a brief idea of the approach implemented in the Blazing Trader. This guy claims that he worked on heuristic logic minimizers. These are fast maths algorithms that can easily minimise the Boolean functions. Now this statement is presented in the video and sounds vague.

The trading approach should be presented in simple words so that even the new traders can understand the perception.  Well the presenter of Blazing Trader claims that he worked to make the computer searches fast so that they could deal with a huge amount of data with ease.

The presenter of Blazing Trader then explains how binary option trading works. Actually he is trying to point out the fact that Blazing Trader is designed to work in a way that it can identify the patterns of the assets. He is trying to convince the trader that if the investor has to predict the price of an asset then there are chances that the investor might make a mistake. This is where the role of Blazing Trader comes in. However, this approach does not sound convincing because no trading bot is so flawless that it can identify the perfect pattern. The trader can never be in a winning situation all the time.

Now further the presenter states that he was able to make some tweaks into the Blazing Trader system that made it super-fast. Well this is a big lie and just an attempt to fool the trader. The presenter says that he was able to introduce a fool proof mechanism in Blazing Trader. Johan states that even if the system identifies at the last moment that the trade will end up in a loss then that moment a counter trade is placed in the opposite direction. This is done as to create the breakeven point. Now logically it makes sense, but when the investor looks at the trading approach in the practical world then this is surely not believable at all.

Blazing Trader Scam

Note: Shun the scammers and only choose the best trading bots.

If this was true everyone would start to rely on trading scams like Blazing Trader. The investor has to put in some real effort if he wishes to get the desired results at the end of the day.

The website of Blazing Trader is equally shocking. It says that this system is risk free. Well no trading bot is 100 percent risk free and certain level of risk is always there. The investor cannot just choose a trading bot blindly believing that it will get the desired results for the trader. Now another issue with Blazing Trader is that it fails to offer a demo to the investor. Now this is a big setback for the investor because the investor fails to get the idea regarding how this system works in the first place.

The testimonials of Blazing Trader are there, but they fail to make an impact and impress the trader. This is why the investor needs to act smart if he really wants to save himself from huge financial losses. He needs to understand the fact that these testimonials are there to give a fake illusion to the trader.

Now the customer support is yet another setback of Blazing Trader. The trader is deprived of the live chat facility so he does not get the chance to communicate with the support. Now this is a big issue. The reason is that there are times when the investor has to get an answer to the on the spot questions. However, in this case the investor does not get the answers to his concerns at all. The FAQ section of Blazing Trader is also quite generalised and fails to offer reliable help to the trader.

Final Verdict about Blazing Trader

The solution lies in the fact that the investor should not opt in for Blazing Trader at all. He will definitely lose his investment if this system is his choice. The investor needs to opt for reliable trading bots that can promise a bright future to the trader. A genuine trading bot gives the trader the opportunity to investigate, but this facility is generally not there when the investor opts in for a scam trading bot. Thus the investor needs to be careful with his choices if he wants to earn all the way.

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