Blue Edge Financial Review: Is the Titan X EA Really Worth it?

Blue Edge Financial Review: Is the Titan X EA Really Worth it?

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Personal Experience with Blue Edge Financial’s Titan X EA

In many of the reviews about Blue Edge Financial found on review websites on search engines, I discovered that no one has really tried to use the Titan X tool or any of their tools/educational materials, before making a review about them, hence most of them are neutral reviews as they are filled with “don’t know” statements, with no solid proof on whether Titan X works or not and whether the company is really what they claim to be.

Hi, my name is Valentine and today, I will take you through my journey and experience with an EA called Titan X developed by Joe Hicken. Joe Hicken is one of the co-founders at Blue Edge Financials and his main job in the company is to oversee the products, research and development.

Note: This page will be frequently updated as I progress through my journey with prop farming using the Titan X EA from Blue Edge Financial, so ensure to bookmark or save it, then come back regularly to see my updates.

This is to enable you make the decision whether to buy the EA or not, which comes as part of the BlueEdgeFinancial Prop Farming Blueprint and costs a regular price of $4997 USD per year (or $2997 per year if you use the promo code – PF3000).

  • Can it really help us traders pass prop firm challenges and ultimately get funded?
  • Is it as good as people claim it to be?
  • Can traders finally get funded with ease, without risking their personal money in forex and still earn passive incomes?

Well, I guess we will find out with time.

To start with, I got lured into the company, just like many other clients of theirs when I saw one of the newsletters published by Adam Wenig, who is also a cofounder at  Blue Edge Financials, inviting me to a webinar where I will learn about a new AI loophole that is allowing ordinary people to earn passive income and have steady paycheck days.

Check out the newsletter screenshot below:

Email newsletter blue edge financial titan
Email newsletter from Adam Wenig, Blue Edge Financial.

I registered and attended the webinar where I heard and learned about the Titan X EA, which was the AI tool Adam was referring to in the newsletter. As usual, from marketers, pretty big claims were made as regards to the tool, in both the newsletter and the webinar itself, but with proofs, which was what I liked about the webinar and it, therefore, prompted me to have a closer look into the EA and try it for myself.

So I went ahead to buy their Prop farming blueprint at a discounted price of $2497 per year which comes with a lot of features and tools, of course, including the Titan X tool. “Prop farming” is just an umbrella terminology used to describe the process of registering with several of these prop firms (usually one at a time), passing their challenges, getting funded, trading the funded account, and finally getting payouts.

In case you are entirely new to the whole concept of prop firms and forex trading, the whole game of trading forex is to trade the currency markets, commodities like EUR, GBP, USD, Gold etc and make profits. It can be a major source of income for full-time traders or a side income for regular people.

But the problem is that it usually requires a lot of funds to get started (mostly in thousands, $10,000 USD and above, for example) in order to earn a decent income and most times, regular people like you and me don’t have access to such funds.

And even if you happen to have access to such an amount, it requires a very technical knowledge to trade the forex markets and be consistently profitable. Also, it is very very risky to trade your personal funds on the markets, especially if you don’t know what you are doing.

Many of us traders have lost our hard-earned money at some point in the past trading forex, so it requires a lot of discipline, psychological balance, skill and patience to succeed in forex.

That’s why the idea of Prop firms was born. They help you to at least not trade your own money, so they provide the funding you need to trade forex, you only need to have the skills for trading and also respect the prop firms’ rules, pass their trading challenge, then you can trade their money and request regular payouts.

It’s that simple!

Examples of the prop firms I recommend would be FTMO, MyForexFunds and True Forex Funds. These also happen to be the most popular ones used by most traders in the industry.

In case you are completely new to forex and want to learn a bit more about it before going for the Prop farming at Blue Edge Financial, you can Sign up and use the Edge Trading Academy which comes with your subscription for the Prop Farming Blueprint.

Some of the features and tools offered in the Blueprint are:

  •  Funding Blueprint
  •  Titan X Licenses
  •  Set Files
  •  Mastermind
  •  Edge Trading Academy
  •  Titan X Tool
  •  Bank’s Secret Indicator
  •  Yuuya’s Trade Ideas
  •  VRT Cheat Sheet
  •  Millionaire Trader Series
  •  Smart Money Secrets
  •  Trader Manager
  •  Edge Trainer, etc.
Purchase Confirmation Order from Blue Edge Financial
Purchase Confirmation Order from Blue Edge Financial.

Of course, I was mainly interested in the Titan X tool since that’s what was raved about mostly and the webinar was also primarily focused on it.

After the purchase, I followed their step-by-step instructions to set up the Titan X tool which was pretty straightforward in most parts for me, mainly because I have used similar EAs in the past and I am already well grounded in most things forex.

I still went ahead to watch their step-by-step beginner setup videos (which aren’t that long to be honest) just to make sure I don’t leave any stones unturned.

All in all, it took me about 3 days to watch all their setup videos and perform all actions necessary, from the trial setup, backtesting (using mostly MTP, Meta Trader Parallellizer) and the challenge setup following the below roadmap:

Prop Farming Blueprint blue edge
Prop Farming Blueprint – Blue Edge Financial Training

I must add that their support (live chat) is incredibly amazing, especially when it comes to technical support or any other type of help you might need. I do enjoy talking to them knowing that they have a solution to any problem i might face.

Even if they aren’t able to help you and the video tutorials didn’t also help, you will definitely find someone who can help you in their power community of more than 8000 members on Discord. Definitely make use of these if you decide to join.

Day 1 of the Phase 1 Challenge: 19th June 2023

After going through the videos, this is a summary of the actions I performed:

  • I bought a VPS (as recommended) where everything will be run, well except for backtesting.
  • Installed the Titan X EA on Alpari’s MT5
  • I created an FTMO trial account and tried running a backtest on the account
  • I chose two strategies from the leaderboard
  • I signed up for two True Forex Funds $50,000 USD challenges (I bought two in order to run two different strategies from the leaderboard on them).

And in a little bit more detail, first I bought the VPS server (as in the training) as this is recommended if you want your forex terminal to run 24/7 without any interruptions.

You can also use your VPS to run the backtests but I do not recommend this especially if you only have a one or two-core VPS. My experience is that it takes up huge RAM and CPU server resources of your VPS, makes everything really slow and takes hours to run, even though they say in the training it takes about an hour on a one-core VPS to run a full year of backtest using the MTP, Meta Trader Parallellizer.

If you have a separate PC (windows only), you can use it to test your strategies before going live. The more cores the PC has in its CPU, the better.

In my case, I am fortunate enough to have a gaming computer from Aorus, which has Intel Core i9 with 16 cores, which is mostly dormant, and hasn’t been put to good use until now, so I use that to run my backtests. In general, it takes me about 4 to 10 minutes on average to run a full year’s worth of backtests using the MTP.

Then, I have a MacBook laptop where I have the VPS installed and also run my main challenges.

As suggested in the training, I created an FTMO trial account and, selected a strategy from the leaderboard, then tried running a backtest using MTP on Alpari’s MT5 terminal (where I’ve already installed the titan X EA) but I got very different results no matter the strategy i choose.

By the way, the leaderboard is where you can choose any top-performing strategy to use with the Titan X EA. Then, download the setfile they provide in order to use with the Titan X.  You can also get ini files from any of the leaderboard strategies. You need to make your chosen set file unique before using it on a challenge otherwise you might get flagged for copytrading by the prop firm. They teach how to do that in the training.

A set file is just a set of instructions that an EA (expert advisor) uses to execute a trade or a set of trades on your broker or prop firm account.

Prop farming blue edge leaderboard
Screenshot of the strategies on the leaderboard provided by Blue Edge Financial

After getting varying results on the backtests using the FTMO trial account on Alpari MT5 terminal, i contacted their live chat about the issue and they promptly explained that i needed to use FTMO terminal only for FTMO account backtests, TrueForexFunds terminal for its account backtests and so on…

Even though, in the training, it wasn’t specified that way. They used Alpari’s MT5 terminal for all backtests, which according to them, is due to the good quality of data that Alpari provides compared with the other broker terminals.

When i tested using the Prop firm’s terminal for the backtesting, i started getting the same or similar results as shown in the leaderboard.

So it was time to make my own unique strategy, albeit, just changing a few parameters in the entry settings of the chosen ini/set file, as they explained in the training.

I chose the top two strategies for the True Forex Funds leaderboard, made some unique entries like setting up an entry delay of between 2 and 15 seconds on each of the strategies, ran them on MTP to make sure they are unique and got very similar great results as with the original strategies on the leaderboard.

Below is a screenshot of some of the results I got with my MTP backtests:

MTP backtesting result strategies - Blue Edge, Prop farming
A screenshot showing some of my backtesting results on the selected leaderboard strategies using MTP

Pretty awesome right?

I chose TFF, True Forex Funds as my prop firm to start with because it is slightly easier to pass challenges on them than on FTMO or MFF, mostly because they have a profit target of just 8% compared with 10% on the other Prop firms.

Then i chose to use the 133-MDLEqty and Deano DL Cover 6-M2-MDLEqty strategies, each on my two $50,000 TFF accounts, of course after making them unique and backtesting.

Day 2 of the Phase 1 Challenge: 20th June 2023

Whoa! Some positive news already 😀 Just after 24 hours of setting up my phase 1 challenge account on TFF, installing the Titan X EA on them and using my chosen set files, the EA placed two trades on my account, both were wins and I ended up meeting the profit target of 8%, which is $4000 USD on a $50,000 account.

Check out the screenshots below:

Profit Target met at TFF titan x
A Screenshot showing that the profit target has been met on one of my TFF challenge accounts.
Two trades placed by Titan X EA TFF
Two trades were placed by Titan X tool to meet the profit target of $4000

I also got similar results using the second strategy I chose from the leaderboard. Below is the screenshot:

Profit target met at TFf titan x tool
A Screenshot showing that the profit target has been met on the other TFF challenge account.

You can follow my actions and results live by checking out this TFF link for my first account and this link for the second account.

Day 3 of the Phase 1 Challenge: 21st June 2023

Since the profit targets have already been met on both phase 1 challenge accounts. All I need to do now is to meet the minimum trading days rule of 5 days in order to pass phase 1.

In order to do that, I just need to place one or more manual trades with micro lot size settings on the TFF terminal because Titan X is already turned off and would not trade any further since the profit target has been met.

Since it is very risky to turn back on the EA if the target has been reached (as you can lose everything in a heartbeat), it is best to do the micro lot-manual trading in order to complete the minimum number of days in which you must trade.

So I just placed two trades on each account, allowing them to run anywhere between a few seconds to 5 minutes before closing them off. As you’d expect, each was in a loss, albeit very infinitesimal compared with the huge profits I already got.

two trades placed and lost TFF titan x tool
Two or more manual trades were placed on each challenge account

Day 4 of the Phase 1 Challenge: 22nd June, 2023

Today, 22nd June 2023, I have placed a few manual trades on both challenge accounts, this time on two different currency pairs, EUR/USD and GBP/USD, just to diversify my risk and make my portfolio more unique.

 Manual trades placed today titan x, blue edge financial
Manual trades were placed today on both challenge accounts.

Day 5 of the Phase 1 Challenge: 23rd June 2023

Again, today I have placed a couple of trades on both accounts while waiting for the minimum number of trading days to be over, everything looking good so far. I am also planning to use just one of the accounts going into phase 2 of the challenge as opposed to using the two at the same time.

This is just so I can reduce my risk. If a bad market condition happens to affect the first account in a particular week, I can switch to the second account the following week instead of risking both accounts at the same time.

I know I’m using different strategies on both accounts but it appears that most of the strategies on the leaderboard are correlated, so when an unfavorable market condition hits, it might likely affect some or all of them.

Before beginning phase 2, I will make sure to backtest my chosen strategies again just to see if they still hold up to the promising stats shown when I started. And by the way, in case I didn’t mention before, my backtested strategies come from the top two strategies on the daily leaderboard for TFF.

Day 6 of the Phase 1 Challenge: 26th June 2023

A few hours after placing the manual trades for today as usual, I got a congratulatory message from TFF both within my account member area and in my mail inbox saying that I have passed the Phase 1 challenge for the two 50k USD challenge accounts! 🥳🥳🥳

congratulatory message tff phase1
Screenshot showing the Congratulatory message received from True Forex Funds on passing Phase 1 of the challenge.
message from TFF
Screenshot showing the Congratulatory message (as well as Phase 2 login credentials) received from True Forex Funds on passing Phase 1 of the challenge.

So, what next now, you may ask?

Obviously, it’s to begin with the phase 2 challenge as soon as possible.

As reported previously, I plan to use only one of the 50k challenge accounts for the next phase in order to spread my wings and limit risks, so if anything bad happens, I can switch to the other account and recoup any losses if any, so it’s like a fallback option at the moment.

Also, I will be using the same backtested strategy that i used to pass phase 1 – I don’t plan to use a new strategy from the leaderboard.

I have already run a backtest using MTP on it to make sure it still lives up to the expectation and it didn’t vary by much compared with the test i ran about a week ago. Check out the screenshots below for comparison:

Leaderboard Blue edge strategy testing result 1
MTP backtest showing today’s result (26/6/2023)
Leaderboard Blue edge strategy testing result 2
MTP backtest showing last week’s result

As you can see, the results are quite similar with no major differences apart from the recency score, which is higher on today’s result vs that of last week.

Today, I also changed the take profit amount in my chosen set file (via strategy tester on the MT5 terminal) to match that required for phase 2 on Trueforexfunds, then made sure other settings were correct, such as the EP type (TFF uses MDL equity), Max account loss settings, etc.

Then, generated an ini file and ran a backtest using MTParallelizr on it.

As expected, the results were better than that used during phase 1 because of the lower take-profit target settings. It also took less time in general to hit the targets. On average, EP (equity protector) was hit less than once. Check out the screenshot below:

mtp backtest result3










I have now set up my new phase 2 account (provided by TFF) with this tested set file and waiting for the new trading day to begin, then I will turn it on.

You can follow the account actions live via this link.

Day 1 of the Phase 2 Challenge: 27th June 2023

Today, Titan X placed a couple of bad trades resulting in the equity protector (EP) being hit, so I’m down by -$1427.23 on the first day of the phase 2 challenge.

titan x tool equity protector hit
Equity protector has been hit for the first time since trading began on the first challenge account, Phase 2.

As recommended in the training, I will just leave the expert advisor as is and not try to continue trading by restarting it or performing any changes to it and hopefully, it would resume trading normally again tomorrow since I am using the daily strategies from the leaderboard.

Day 2 of the Phase 2 Challenge: 28th June 2023

Another EP was hit today, making the loss to be about -$2800 USD in total. Again, as advised, I am not going to make any changes or switch strategies.

But as you can see, today’s loss means that I am already halfway near the max overall permitted of $5000 (10%) for a $50,000 USD account.

I just hope these waves of losses end soon and the bot can find its feet again because I wouldn’t like to lose this challenge, especially after already passing phase 1.

Day 3 of the Phase 2 Challenge: 29th June 2023

For 3 consecutive days now the EP has been hit, not looking good anymore on this challenge as I have just about 700 USD left of max permitted loss allowed overall. I could make some changes to the set file to see if things turn out for good but as recommended in the training, I’m going to “stick with the plan” and not alter anything.

titan x strategy 133% EP hit blue edge
Equity Protector (EP) has been hit for 3 consecutive days using the 133% strategy from the leaderboard on TFF phase 2 challenge.

Hopefully, it turns around but things are looking very bleak at the moment. I also learned that it’s not just me that’s affected by this, many other members who used the same 133% strategy from the leaderboard have been affected as well.

Day 4 of the Phase 2 Challenge: 30th June 2023

Today, i got the sad news that i failed the phase 2 challenge after the robot again made a series of bad trades and exceeded the max loss permitted in the account.

phase 2 challenge failed True forex funds titan x blue edge
TFF Phase 2 Challenge failed using the 133% strategy from the leaderboard on titan x

2nd Challenge Account – Phase 2 – $50,000 – TrueForexFunds

Day 1 of the Phase 2 Challenge: 3rd July 2023

After a horror start on the daily strategy, I have decided to choose a new strategy from the leaderboard, this time, a weekly one for use on my second challenge account, phase 2. I chose the one called “CelicePro_3 v1.03 Titan X 22.33 by BEF Optimizer 1“. It was ranked #2 on the leaderboard as at the time of writing.

BEF leaderboard ranking TFF
Leaderboard for TFF showing weekly strategies on Blue Edge Financial

Over the weekend, I downloaded the ini file as usual, ran a quick backtest to make sure i am getting similar results as shown in the leaderboard on my own end. The results i got were similar to the ones displayed on the leaderboard.

So now, I proceeded to make it a bit unique like changing the entry delay and a few other settings.

Then i ran another backtest on the ini file and the results I got were not too different from the original one. See it below:

Backtest results using MTP blue edge titan x
Backtest results using MTP

So I guess I am ready to start the titan x tool with this new set file this coming week and see how it performs.

As this new setfile is a weekly strategy, and from the backtest results, i am guessing it would take a bit longer to pass (or fail) the challenge. But one thing i liked from this strategy is that it has less EP hits on average both overall and in the past 12 weeks compared with the daily strategy I had used before.

Only time would tell if it works or not.

Day 2 of the Phase 2 Challenge: 4th July 2023

Barely 24 hours after the start of the titan x ea on the new trading week using the weekly strategy called “CelicePro_3 v1.03 Titan X 22.33 by BEF Optimizer 1“, i got a message from TFF saying that i have not passed the challenge with reason being that the max daily loss was exceeded. You can see the results here for yourself.

tff-2nd-challenge-lost Blue edge titan x
2nd Challenge account lost using one of the weekly strategies from the leaderboard of Blue Edge Financial.

This happened even though all settings in the setfile were thoroughly checked before using it. I made sure to check all the checklists provided by the strategy before activating it, so I couldn’t understand why it exceeded the max daily loss amount set.

After checking further, I noticed the EA went into a huge drawdown that exceeded the max daily loss settings and that also counts as a loss, hence why the challenge failed.

What’s happening currently

So as things are now, I have lost two $50,000 USD challenges (both in phase 2 of the challenge) worth around €600 Euros (€300 each).

Obviously, things aren’t looking good for me right now psychologically because of this loss, especially coming at a time of extreme financial difficulties personally.

Still, I am not giving up. I will save up and try to go again and will report my results as usual on this page.

I am also waiting for strategies that have passed the challenge to be available on the leaderboard because right now, most of them show as “ongoing” as the latest result – because it is recommended to use only strategies that have a “recency score” of at least 250 and the latest result show as “passed”.

3rd Challenge Account:

I have gone ahead to purchase a third challenge account, this time it is the $100k account with MFF.

I will be using the strategy called “Phase 1 Passer V22.40 MFF-M2-100k-by_J-mark by seongjini5534”.

At the time of writing and using this strategy, it meets the newly recommended criteria of a 300+ recency score and a 90% (or over) pass rate for the last 12 weeks. You can see it in the screenshot below:

leaderboard blue edge titan x
Phase 1 Passer V22.40 MFF-M2-100k-by_J-mark by seongjini5534 from the leaderboard, Blue edge forex
leaderboard blue edge2
Results of the Phase 1 Passer V22.40 MFF-M2-100k-by_J-mark by seongjini5534 strategy

I decided to use this strategy because of the 100% pass rate in the last 12 weeks as well as the relatively low average EP hits in the last 12 weeks compared with the rest of the qualified strategies.

I bought a new vps server as the previous one expired and I have also downloaded and installed the MFF MT5 platform on the VPS. I installed the Titan X (v 22.40) in the platform over the weekend in anticipation of the market open in the new trading week.

This time, i didn’t bother about changing anything in the ini files, i just downloaded the ini file, backtested on MTP using the exact dates on the leaderboard to make sure i got exactly the same results as the original, then i proceeded to download the setfile and applied directly on the titan X.

The only thing i changed was the strategy name when the setfile was loaded into titan X.

I will update the results of the titan X trading activity here in the upcoming days.

Day 1 of the Evaluation Phase (21st August 2023):

Great start! I am hoping for more of the same. The titan x has closed two trades in profit today, one for $1216 and the other for $2291.40, making it a total of $3507.40. This also means it has reached its profit target for the day ($3500) and therefore automatically closed itself. Let’s hope the profit ride continues tomorrow and beyond.  You can see the whole detail in the MFF Account Analyzer screenshot below:

MFF 100k blueedge titan x 3rd-challenge
21st August, 2023 – Titan X trading history on MFF Analyzer.

Day 2 of the Evaluation Phase (22nd August 2023):

Today, no trades were made by the EA except for the micro-lot trades which I placed manually by myself in order to make my account look unique and also makes today count as a “trading day”.  You can see them in the screenshot below:

blue edge titan x leaderboard phase 1 passer strategy.png
No trades were placed by the Titan X tool today.

Day 3 of the Evaluation Phase (23nd August 2023):

Looking good! The EA placed another set of two buy positions today, each closing at a profit of $1113.43 and $2331.30, thereby meeting the daily goal target of $3500. The EA has disabled auto trading for the day. You can see the results in the screenshot below:

phase 1 passer strategy evaluation
Another set of two profitable positions was closed today by the expert advisor.

Now, I am not quite sure why the net profit on both my MFF account analyzer and that of the MT5 platform isn’t adding up, maybe the broker is taking some commissions per trade, I don’t know for sure because the titan is over $7050 USD in profit as you can see from my MT5 platform screenshot below but i have the net profit recorded as “$6,951.74”.

And I am sure I didn’t lose even up to a dollar from the micro lot trades.

Anyway, I wouldn’t bother much about that since most of the profits are well in the bag :).

Screenshot of my MT5 platform trade history.
Screenshot of my MT5 platform trade history.

Day 4 of the Evaluation Phase (24th August 2023):

Nice one! The account take profit target of $8000 has been met today by the Titan X tool. It completed two sell positions, one for $518.70 and the other for $576 to meet the account TP. Upon reaching the target, once more autotrading was disabled and this time around, ExpertRemove() function was called and the EA detached itself from the chart automatically. You can see all the juicy numbers in the screenshot below:

Account Take Profit Target has been met by the “Phase 1 Passer V22.40 MFF-M2-100k-by_J-mark by seongjini5534 strategy on Titan X v22.40”. Stage: MyForexFunds Evaluation Phase.

I have also placed a couple of micro trades today to enhance the uniqueness of the account/curve. Looks like I will be doing more of that in the next couple of days (as it took this strategy only 3 days to meet the account TP target), in order to also meet the minimum trading days rule of 5 days in the evaluation phase.

I plan to use the same strategy (Phase 1 Passer V22.40 MFF-M2-100k-by_J-mark by seongjini5534) and with the same version of Titan X (v22.40) in the next phase of the challenge i.e. the establishment phase, even though there’s a newer version of titan X available to download now, Titan v22.45.

Hopefully, I pass Phase 2 of the challenge this time around, fingers crossed 🤞.

Day 5 of the Evaluation Phase (25th August 2023):

I got a message from MFF today saying that I have passed the evaluation – phase 1 challenge and they also sent me the account details for the next phase via email. I also placed a couple of micro lot trades today as usual.

Evaluation – Phase 1 Passed.

And below, you can find how the account analyzer looks so far on MFF.

myforexfunds account phase 1


Next up, i will setup the new account with titan x using the same “Phase 1 Passer V22.40 MFF-M2-100k-by_J-mark by seongjini5534” strategy over the weekend to get ready for the new trading week, next week.

Below, you can find how the account analyzer currently looks like on the new account for phase 2 – Establishment phase.

Phase 2 account analyzer
New account for Phase 2 – Establishment Phase

So the new profit target is lower this time, at $5000. My previous attempts (with TrueForexFunds) both failed at the phase 2 stage (even with a similar lower profit target), I hope this time, the challenge goes past this stage.

Day 1 of the Establishment Phase (28th August 2023):

Today, the titan x tool placed two buy positions in the account, both ending up in losses and the equity protector (around -$2200) was also hit, therefore shutting down trading for the day.

You can see the trades in the screenshot below:

establishment phase - phase 1 passer strategy titan x
Day 1 trading results – Establishment Phase

Day 2 of the Establishment Phase (29th August 2023):

Today was a good one, a set of two good sell positions placed today wiped out yesterday’s negatives and brought the account back to green. The total profit for the sell positions was about $3630 and a loss of just about $150 for the buy position placed. I think the titan was trying to hedge its positions by placing the buy order at that point but later closed it.

All in all, it was a good day, with a solid $3.5k profit which erased yesterday’s loss of -$2200. Now, we stand at a net profit of $1250.

With that, I only need $3750 to pass phase 2 !

See the latest screenshot below:

BEF - phase 1 passer establishment phase continues
Day 2 trading results – Establishment Phase

Day 3 of the Establishment Phase (30th August 2023):

Almost there! Three more trades were placed today by the expert, one ended in a loss and two were big wins. This brings the total profit so far to $4593.23 and about $3300 for the day. I have just about $407 left to pass the establishment phase. Find the screenshot below:

Day 3 trading results – Establishment Phase

Day 4 of the Establishment Phase (31st August 2023):

Everything has been frozen on MFF today and neither their trading platform nor website is currently working. It appears to be some form of regulatory issue. You can see in the screenshot below, what they said about the issue on their website:

MFF platform and website frozen
MyForexFunds Prop firm is currently down.

Weirdly, the Titan X tool couldn’t complete any trades today when the platform was still working and then a few hours later, almost going into the next day, they shut down everything completely.

So yeah, even though I was on the verge of passing this phase 2 challenge, I must have to wait until MyForexFunds is back up.

At the moment, just MFF is affected but i am guessing that with time, based on this news, it might affect the general Prop firm industry as a whole, especially for those ones based in the US or serving US clients.

If the news is true, then it would be a very good and welcome development since most of the Proprietary firm industry as a whole is generally unregulated and many companies operate as they like, for example – some do come into the market, just to take client purchases’ and never pay out.

Since MFF is the biggest player in the whole industry, it would be interesting to see how this unfolds (and how it might affect others in the industry) but my guess is that they will be back up in no time and when do they, I set off from where I stopped with the Titan X and the Blue Edge Financial tests.







Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links and I may receive some financial compensation if you decide to buy using the links on this page. Neither I nor Blue Edge Financial makes no representation that any account will or is likely to achieve similar profits. Past results do not guarantee future results. Trading in the Forex market is risky and you should only trade with money that you can afford to lose. This is not a solicitation to invest. No representation is being made that you will achieve profits or that I will continue to profit in the future.


Blue Edge Financial – About, General Company Information, Product Packages, Trading Academy, etc

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Navigating through the platform is easy, with users having academy information at their doorstep. However, what’s missing from the platform is the background and history of That would have given the platform a considerable boost in terms of credibility.

No one knows when the platform came into existence, so we had to check their domain history. As we publish this post, records show the website has been running for 992 days. That puts the start date on 19th September 2019.

For the past two to three years, the platform has been performing excellently. Those who engaged with the platform are happy with the outcome. The results speak for themselves as investors turn to professionals within no time.

And that’s what gives the platform an excellent selling point to newbies. Before investing in Crypto, you need to know the tits and bits. And that’s where Blue Edge Financial comes into existence.

We recommend doing due diligence when investing with such platforms. The best way to do so is to research the platform first. Try and find out what makes the platform tick. That’s the only way to guarantee safety and get a reliable platform.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blue Edge Financial

You have to weigh the pros and cons of any platform. That gives you an idea of what to expect with the platform in question. After considering the pros and cons, take a look at the platform’s features.

The results of investing with a platform are paramount to its success. What people in the crypto world talk about your product means the world to a platform. Likewise, your reputation as an educational provider means the world to investors.

Here, we will be looking into the pros and cons of That will give you an idea of what the platform offers. The benefits of the platform and if there are any drawbacks found.

Just as with any platform, there are some positive and negative aspects. And that’s what makes the platform an excellent investment platform. You need to check the platform for its risks to understand what’s at stake.

Accounts and tiers Blue Edge Financial

Blue Edge Financial Features

It seems Blue Edge Financial offers one account for all purposes. The account offers investment opportunities as well as educates the user. However, members must subscribe to the platform’s account when it comes to investing.

There’s a monthly subscription of $147.00/mo. Users can cancel at any juncture. Unfortunately, there’s no information on the vesting period, if there’s any on the crypto aspect. And herein lays the problem with their accounts.

The platform ought to offer more information regarding the platform. It should provide investors with a perfect plan on what you get after subscribing to the platform. Instead, all we get is that the platform even offers algorithms and bots.

Algorithms and Indicators

Blue Edge Financial offers proprietary algorithms. The platform claims the algorithm was modeled after one of the most successful trading strategies. Unfortunately, there’s little information on the algorithm, which is also a problem.

As traders, we know how essential an algorithm is to traders. Therefore, the platform ought to give more information, such as the success rate of its algorithm. That way, you know the chances of using their algorithm are high.

Most of the reliable algorithms we have often offered a certain success percentage. You can use robots that provide an 80 to around 90 percent success rate. Why doesn’t fail to name their percentage?

There are so-called hype indicators on the platform. For example, the platform boasts of catching viral altcoins before they pump. That’s okay if only the platform would also give more information.

Investors need to know whether the subscription also gives access to algorithms and indicators. Such missing information can come back to bite members. What if the prices are separate from these useful trading tools?

Are funds safe with NO

Crypto Academy

For the platform to offer a crypto academy, we have to give kudos to them. The platform came up with a way for newbies to learn more about Crypto investing and trading. We see a platform utilizing a data-driven approach to using efficiency.

How are funds safe with

Your funds are safe as you can cancel the subscription at any time. However, the platform does offer several ways of protecting clients. That includes segregating accounts and offering insurance cover for deposits made.

Is Blue Edge Financial Licensed or Regulated?

There’s no indication of the platform getting a license from regulators. The platform should start applying for such to help boost its credibility. Most investors want a platform that shows a legal framework in play.

We don’t see any documents listing the platform as a business entity. There’s no business registry of the platform or any entity if it is. The parent company doesn’t upload any business registry documents on the website.

Support from staff

You get to use several different communication avenues with the platform. These include options such as live chat or phone numbers. In addition, access to staff is there for you to choose from, with emails getting responses within one business day.

Is BlueEdgeFinancial Licensed or Regulated? NO

Testimony from clients

Several clients have hailed the platform for giving them a chance to invest in Crypto. Others offer the platform the thumbs up for providing enough information on Crypto investing and trading. You could be next if you signed up with the platform.

Trade Ideas from Market experts

Another exciting feature of Blueedgefinancial is that there are trade experts available. These experts give you ideas on how best to invest and trade in the crypto world. Remember, Crypto is a volatile market, and you will need as much information as possible.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links and I may receive some financial compensation if you decide to buy using the links on this page. Neither I nor Blue Edge Financial makes no representation that any account will or is likely to achieve similar profits. Past results do not guarantee future results. Trading in the Forex market is risky and you should only trade with money that you can afford to lose. This is not a solicitation to invest. No representation is being made that you will achieve profits or that I will continue to profit in the future.

5 Replies to “Blue Edge Financial Review: Is the Titan X EA Really Worth it?”

  1. Thanks Val, I appreciate this post and am so glad I googled and found your post / site and one page one of google’s search. I was looking into this, but was immediately turned off by the marketing funnel. I got contacted by them via text, and then when I said to the sales agent I thought it might be a scam / sounded like a scam…. they just stopped writing me back. I provided them with some polite feedback about their marketing, but my main thing is, if you’re not willing to give me any real info about whether or not it works, use a marketing funnel (which means HIGH costs – where they try to relieve you of thousands) – Utimately decided to abide by the rules of my prop firm, and your results. It also sounded a like a lot of money to spend for something that “might” work, or, a lot of set up time effort which if you’re paying 3-5k for an EA (reasonable) – it better work without me having to do much work on my end! It sounds like it has some other great features… but I wouldn’t know because they aren’t showing me any of it. It’s all just hype at this point. They seem more like a marketing firm that bought an ea with the hopes of selling it for huge amounts. If i have to google whether or not a company is a scam… then we’re not off to a good start. Also the reviews were all recent… always sus. Anyway thank you for taking the time to do this so I can save myself the trouble of going through purchasing just to be disappointed and setting me back even further.

  2. Doesn’t Blue Edge guarantee that if you dont pass the prop firms challenge it will refund you your money?

    1. Yes, that’s true Aaron but you have to fail 5 in total before they refund everything albeit with all the terms and conditions that come with it. At the moment, i have failed two 50k challenges. These are expensive for me so i am waiting for a while to save up in order to go for another challange. I am planning to start next week, this time i will only use a strategy recommended by the success coach even though the previous ones i used did qualify for the refund because of the 250 recency score and latest result pass score.

  3. Hi ValForex, thanks for this review. I am keen to read any updates you will be sharing.
    The promo code you provided in this article doesn’t seem to be valid any more, in case you were not aware of this.
    Trustpilot have a pinned message regarding BlueEdgeFinancial stating they “have not been playing by the rules” and have removed fake reviews, which should perhaps be pointed out in your article.
    Anyway, thanks again for sharing your experience. I am still on the fence about these guys, there are a few red flags it seems.

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