Blue Trading Review: Could this be a Scam

Blue Trading Review: Could this be a Scam

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When you’re looking for a Forex fund management system that you can rely on to generate returns for your investment, you should consider things like proven track record, the team behind the fund, their experience, features of the platform as well as the nature of support which is being offered on their website. Blue Trading has touched on these areas very well. However, many investors are still skeptic that this Forex fund management company will end up taking lots of money from them only to return zero profit with no refund in the end. That is their biggest worry which is impeding them from getting started with the company in question.

This review will shade light and also eliminate those worries because they are unfounded. We want you to know that Blue Trading is one of the most reliable investment platforms on the internet. Both new and expert traders with no time to dedicate for trading can get started. But before that, we’d like to highlight some things. If you know what you are getting into, you will make an informed decision and it will help you avoid surprises later on.

Blue Trading Review

What exactly is Blue Trading? It’s a fund management company that was originally founded by someone called Richard Anderson back in 2012. Anderson is a developer and also creator of many different trading strategies. His Blue Trading company is just a wider and more publicised opportunity which he is offering to both individual and institutional investors alike. They are operating out of Japan, and have been registered with the Financial Commission. This fund is also a signatory with FX Global Code, and the Crypto Valley Switzerland Association. We believe that this is going to give them a leg up in terms of how they will build their reputation from now hence forth.

blue trading

What does this forex fund management company do?

The aim is to trade Forex, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies while making sure that returns are big and risks are limited. The fund also tells us that their trading desk is not like any other because it is manned 24 hours a day by a team of professional traders who have 40 years of combined experience. They are currently making use of 10 trading strategies. However, the exact strategies have not been disclosed to investors.

On the same breath, when we go through their website, we find that this service is suggesting that the heart of their trading is in the technical analysis using price action and time of the day. The fund has also provided a couple of links back to their myfxbook account. We have been able to view statistics comprehensively and we have no doubt that Blue Trading is headed in the right direction as far as performance is concerned.

We were able to analyze two of their trading accounts on myfxbook. These accounts are verified, and are tracking performance since 2016. One of the accounts seem to be taking a long term approach to trading as the average duration of a trade was 39 days. This suggests that Blue Trading is taking swing trades together with short term trades which last 3 hours maximum. This also suggests that there is a combination of trading strategies going on here.

In terms of long term trading, which is one strategy that Blue Trading is using, we can say that results have been impressive. We are very much excited by the fact that this account was able to secure consistent and steady gains over a long term period.

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What are the fees and investments involved?

There are two types of accounts to invest in. So if you wish to invest, you will either choose a standard or a VIP account. A standard account requires a minimum investment of 3000 Euros while the VIP account package requires a minimum of 12,500 Euros. The standard account attracts a performance fee of 18% while the VIP one will attract 12%. What we mean here is that going for the VIP account is the best thing you can do because it saves you money in the long run. Moreover, VIP accounts come with a free 45 day trial where the fund will not charge any fee. Once that trial has elapsed, they will start to charge performance fees. All in all, we think this is quite fair.

All client accounts are segregated for that extra security. Blue Trading also says that they are relying on a number of liquidity providers to conduct their business. However, the exact liquidity providers have not been mention. So this area is quite unclear at the moment.


Blue Trading does not require you to trade because they managed accounts on your behalf. Once you sign up and meet the minimum deposit requirement, everything else will be handled for you. All in all, their platform is very accessible as the dashboard can be accessed using a desktop or a mobile device for that matter. You need this access when you want to see whatever their traders are doing with your money in the market. Every investor can access their dashboard as they wish.

What is more, the dashboard contains historic data showing profits and losses as well. Investors can watch all details that are related to all trades that were placed by this platform on their behalf. It is actually very easy and convenient. At the end of the day, investors make money without knowing how to pronounce the word ”Forex”.

Is this a safe place to invest in?

Based on the observations which we have made here, the answer could be a big Yes. It is a safe place to invest in. Blue Trading is a reliable and safe place to multiply your money from. They have a track record and have been operating business for a long time now. You have nothing to fear.

Our best advice for you

Our analysis tells us that this is one of the most interesting Crypto and Forex fund that is available to investors at this time. It is made up of a group of experienced and dedicated traders. Go for it.

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85 Replies to “Blue Trading Review: Could this be a Scam”

    1. 2018-09-26: The Financial Commission has permanently expelled BluVenture Group and its brands BlueBroker and BlueTrading from membership. The reason given is repeated violations and failures to adhere to membership Rules and Guidelines. CLICK HERE to verify.
      2018-09-05: The UK FCA has issued an unauthorised firm warning against / Blue Group. CLICK HERE to verify.

    2. Has anyone been trading with them for over 1 year ? also check out the iiinvestments business that went down on 01 09 2017 with millions of investors cash, identical setup ?

    3. Hi Kenneth,
      Think again, not just look at your fake statements:
      Not regulated by a reliable party
      No financial statements
      No reliable accountant. Fake audit report, try to call Prince investment in South Africa and the auditor does not exist. The address on audit report is a fake address. Try to Google maps and you will see…
      Their Japan headquarter address is fake. I contacted the building as shown on their website, the customer support of the building informed they have never heard of this company.
      Fake reviews
      Fake myfxbook statements
      Fake comments
      Warnings by the UK Financial Conduct Autority) and Britisch Columbia (Canada)
      Nowhere registrated (Chamber of Commerce)
      Successor of iiinvestments. Check the Google images of iiinvestments or i2 investments: same info.
      15 -20 % a month??
      Conclusion: a Ponzi scheme
      Do I have to warn more?
      Just think!

  1. Been using them for 2 months now, so far so good. Will keep updating as time goes by. If you’d like info, you can e-mail me at mitch*** dot pietersz @ gmail dot com and we can have a conversation, even skype if you’d like

      1. Nope, I don’t work for them at all. I just use them. The reason I’m so vocal about it, is that I WISH someone was this vocal about them when I was thinking of signing up. If you want to chat, you can e-mail me. Mitch*** dot Pietersz @ gmail dot com.

        You’ll see that I’ve no affiliation to them.

        1. hi, i want to invest with them , but afraid that they are not regulated company. i cant afford to loose my money. please guide me

            1. Good morning to you. I am a totally new investor to the scene of managed Forex crypto and other types of trading accounts. I wonder if blue trading is one of the safest and best places to invest my money in. Have you done your due diligence to make sure that blue trading is not a scam and will indeed honour what they said they will do? Which is fund safety and good returns rate on investment?is it also true that they are signatories and members of the various organisations like financial commision and Swiss crypto valley and others?

              1. Hi Samson,

                Thanks for your comment. Yes, I can confirm that Blue Trading is one of the best if not the best service out there when it comes to managed forex/crypto trading as i personally use their services. You won’t regret it when you invest with them for managed trading purposes as they will handle your funds with total care and inform you always about your account proceedings and also advice you on how best to make the most of their service. You don’t need to panic as to whether they are scam or not; they are totally legit and their managed service is almost risk-free and are our #1 recommended forex/crypto managed service! Yes, they are also members of Swiss crypto valley and various other financial organisations. Rest a**ured, in case you notice any scam/fraudulent or any other suspicious activity with Blue Trading, please let us know and we will gladly report them to the appropriate authorities and give them a “Scam Status” on Valforex in order to warn others. I hope you’ve found this message useful.


                1. Hi Val,
                  Can you confirm this platform is legit and paying? Do they give you a debit card for withdrawals? And how long have you been invested with them? Are withdrawals unproblematic and how long do they take? The internet is so full of scams so just want to be sure.

                2. I have been waiting since 10th September for a 3000 withdrawal and they are not taking any responsibility and are blaming the banking system.

            2. H***o Val:
              understand that BT head office is in Tokyo. have anyone visit BT before? or if someone in BT that i can meet up with them? please help. thank you

            3. Hi Sam I was looking at this Blue Trading and found it interesting. Am trying to invest the standard deposit of 3000 euro. I realised their banking accounts are in two different countries. One address was mentioned in Germany and another one in Hongkong. I emailed them and they say this is to do with currency exchange variations or something like that. What do you thing is it a red flag or isit quite normal. Confused.

  2. I am a complete novice to this but I am interested in finding out more. Am I right by thinking that with their average monthly profit figures, if I deposit €3000, I will earn approx 19% profit (€570 per month)?? Do you know what are there fees and are there any hidden costs? Also, can you withdraw at any time? Thanks

    1. Hi Lorraine,

      Yes, you are absolutely correct. You will get that much profit in a month; however please note that you will have to pay their performance-based fee of about 18% per month on the profits you make with them. Aside from this, there are no hidden fees or any other charges. You can withdraw your funds/profits at anytime and they are usually processed within one business day.

              1. Warum soll ich das Geld beim einrichten über deren Homepage auf eine deutsche neu übernommene Voratsgesellschaft, StronIT GmbH, mit zweifelhaften litauischen Geschäftsführer einzahlen? und muss nicht vorher eine vertragliche Grundlage geschaffen werden? Egal wie gut die sind, da** sieht nicht gut aus!!

            1. Well it’s not very hard to figure it out. I guess they just won’t let you to withdraw the part that would cover their fee.

        1. They charge 18% (for account deposits under 12K, and 12% (for account deposits over 12K). And that is just on the Net profit the account generates.

    1. Hi Sherina,
      I have opened two accounts with BT, one in my name and one in my daughters, so I get 50% of the performance fee from that. the profit % is accurate, in 36 trading days I have a 4300 euro profit on my 12500 investment on one account and the other is 1800 euro up after six days trading with a 12500 investment, hope this helps. George

  3. I have been invested in Blue Trading for a month and a half now and so far so good with 20% returns in a month. Although I did my due diligence prior to investing, I would advise for people who are skeptic to just withdraw their deposit amount once the account has doubled which should only take approx. 5 months which is what I will be doing. The best returns I have ever seen in regards to an investment. I have also referred a friend onto them using my referral link which is another great thing about Blue Trading as you get 50% of the performance that they would take on your friends account and split it 50/50 with you.

    1. Ref the referral split – if you are saying you refer a €3000 client and you then get a 50% split of the 18% performance fee – then that isnt a sustainable business model – so its a scam.
      Also ‘You can withdraw anytime you like – but its processed once a month’ rings alarm bells.

  4. I am not sure if I buy this,
    Has anyone confirmed yet that they have 36 million in invested amount? They claim to have been around since 2012 how come no one has ever heard of them except for the last 2 months? They claim to have institutional investments but no evidence of that either. Their audit report has an address on left corner of an address that does not exist in South Africa. Their trades somehow when against them become zero while the positive trades get the max profit without details of when the product was bought or sold. Very suspicious. I doubt Valforex has confirmed any of these. I have tried to write before the same but it was not posted on Valforex that makes me question the integrity of Valforex as well.

  5. Yes, they now have a debit card for account holders. Here are the details: “Access your Account Funds 24×7 with WIREX GLOBAL at Millions of Locations Worldwide.
    Available to all client account types as a standard withdrawal processed immediately. “

  6. I want to invest with Blue Trading, but I was extremely worried when I found out they have been expelled from the Financial Commision a few days ago… What do you advise me to do now? Invest with them or not????

  7. Hi can anyone tell me have you withdrawn the whole capital amount? To see if your money is stil there not just interest

  8. I have been investing with Bluetrading for over 2 months now. Their profits are accurate. Customer service is great. I withdrew funds yesterday for the first time now and it was not an issue what’s so ever. Just play safe. Are they a scam? No one knows, but the truth is were they able to send me the funds as requested, absolutely.

    1. Dear new investors,
      I have invested with BT and found them good. Pls whatsapp me for details. My mobile 00965-99108262.

  9. This is 100% Ponzi scheme or worse.

    Anyone here defending them either has money invested in them and doesn’t want to face facts or is working for/on behalf of them. Especially those eager to give out their skype/WhatsApp details. Seriously, which sane person publishes their details on public blogs.

    1 – 20% (approx) monthly returns consistently. If you can make 8-10% per month consistently you are the top 1% of the traders. The big boys would be snapping at your heels to snap you up. If you say its an EA, the big boys again spend a fortune on rooms full of computers to generate high frequency trades that still don’t give you this. No LEGITIMATE fund will offer you a track record anywhere as good as this one as its not realistic. By legitimate I mean a local jurisdiction registered and regulated fund. ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. THEY’RE PRAYING ON YOUR GREED. When you watch a YouTube vid of a 23 year who’s claiming he’s making millions a year from trading and showing off his cars and a**ets do you believe him? No, but there’s plenty of gullible people that do, hence why there’s so many of them. This is the same concept reeled into make it look more believable. Professional traders only risk 0.5-2% of their capital a trade. Most limit at 1% and some go below even 0.5%. So you really think on a handful of trades using 1% of your capital you’re going to achieve 20% return a month?? DON’T LET YOUR GREED BLIND YOU.

    2 – Look at Number 1.

    3 – Look at Number 1.

    4 – Why all the cloak and daggers about hiding your identity? Tax reasons? Nope, the UK has 0% tax on spread-betting. Plenty of other jurisdictions have the same. Or you could go to an off-sh*** jurisdiction that is still regulated. Why not get registered in the UK or any other regulated jurisdiction and attract the REAL big money and you’ll have a portfolio of probably 3.6 billion, not the claimed 36 million if you are so consistent. The only logical answer is that they are going to disappear. The whole set-up of the structure doesn’t make sense. Offices in Japan, with links to Switzerland and the current account to transfer to in Germany (STRONIT GmbH, a company only incorporated a few months ago and having a nominal share value), customer support numbers from 10+ countries? What’s the odds that those are all just virtual numbers and its the same 1 or 2 people that answer the calls?

    5 – Problems with wire transfers in this day and age, seriously??? With Moneycorp (or any other exchange) I can wire same day to pretty much every country in the world, to a personal or a business account. Through my bank I can do the same (although it may cost me £15). A company managing 36 million dollars has way more muscle than me and would be able to get the best of banking facilities. If I had 36 million dollars in a holding account my bank manager would probably walk if he had to to deliver money to a client.

    6 – Those of you who say they paid out in Bitcoin no problems. Don’t you find it ironic that the same company also operates crypto-currency exchanges?? Or are you in fact working for the company too and trying to alleviate the fears of some of those concerned to delay the inevitable crash, hoping to get some last minute cash in before you go boom. If, as someone else above said it could be to do with the transfer not being traceable, again why??? Isn’t that a complete contradiction of all the alleged audit/certifications/awards etc.

    7 – I could set up a body today called “The Independent Cheesy Smile Authority” and award myself the “Cheesiest Smiler of the Year” award. Sure I’d have a website showing lots of cheesy smiles from lots of people and all that jazz to make myself seem legit and have authority in the world of cheesy smiles, but it don’t mean jack. That’s the whole reason we have independent regulatory bodies where finances are concerned. (btw, if you would like your own IFMRRC certificate you can obtain on here – – a website so clueless it doesn’t even adhere to the simple industry-wide protocol of redirecting everything through https secure pages)

    8 – Look at the sort of responses that “Hannah” and other support staff have given on here and the other websites, do they look “professional” to you as those from a reputable company? Would you put up with your bank shutting down your account no matter how much you pestered them or what awkward questions you asked? I wonder which one’s Hannah on their website btw, I hope it’s not the oldish looking fella as it’s quite a s**y name I’ve been having dreams about..

    9 – Why have Google remove links to pages that show warnings about you? ( What’s the chances they’re going to submit links to this page to be removed also now?

    10 – If reading after all this you’re still trying to convince yourself they’re genuine, or have the attitude “who cares if they dissapear, I’ll get my money out before they do” then go for it and good luck to you. But from the looks of it (delayed transfers up to a month???) it looks like after 3 years (allegedly) the wheels are starting to fall off….

    All those numbers no matter how much bigger they get in your account don’t mean anything until they’re sat in your personal bank account that you can go and withdraw and smell.

    And if you’re still not convinced:

    11) was registered to the current owner on 2017-12-29T23:08:44 yet the website shows trading history from 2015?? (Nice touch with the odd historic loss months btw)

    12) Even the SSL certificate of is encrypted and doesn’t provide owner information.

    13) Why would you stick a Bloomberg TV channel on your dashboard if the whole idea is they are investing and doing the trades for you? Isn’t the whole idea of a management company the fact you don’t have time or understand or are interested in these things? Or does it make you look more “authentic”?

    14) Heck just give me your money and I’ll make you 40% on your investment, honest…

  10. Yes, Bluetrading is very good. I have an account with them from 6 mounths with profit. I have withdrawal 2 times and I haven’t problem with them.

  11. Be aware:
    2018-09-26: The Financial Commission has permanently expelled BluVenture Group and its brands BlueBroker and BlueTrading from membership. The reason given is repeated violations and failures to adhere to membership Rules and Guidelines. CLICK HERE to verify. 2018-09-05: The UK FCA has issued an unauthorised firm warning against / Blue Group. CLICK HERE to verify.

    500-800% a year? Wake up!
    Not registered anywhere?
    Address of the accountant in South Africa does not exist…
    An accountant in a hoody (see youtube)?
    Why taking an accountant in a country 20.000 km away from Japan? Not very usual.
    What is the legal status?
    Ask for their balance sheets, Profit & Loss statement, Q2 and Q3? You will never get it…
    Who is the CEO?
    What is their VAT number?
    Where are the offically registered and pay tax?
    It is easy to manupulate fx mybook statements…

    Think twice before you wire your hard earned money to a German bank account… But everyone has the right to make mistakes…

  12. Blue Trading is a Ponzi scheme. They make their own reviews and comments… Just look at other sites and scroll to the bottem… When a negative comment is given, Blue Trading just gives 10 positive comments… John

  13. H***o Val, Very interesting article. Based on a quick calculation I have done, with the track record they have stated, had I invested 6000 Euros back in November 2015 (they have provided their track record data only from this time-frame), I would have been definitely a Millionaire by now (If I allowed my profits to accumulate, thereby having a compounding effect on my investment). Obviously, these figures are arrived at, after taking into account the deduction pertaining to their success fee of 18% or 12%. Forget about the past, bygones are bygones. So, let me make a fresh start, investing now with a starting figure of 3000 Euros, I could still be a Billionaire by 2026 (in 8 years from now). That sounds really amazing, doesn’t it? Well, then I presume that all the employees of this company who started back with 6000 Euros in 2015 , are Millionaires now and will be Billionaires in 3 or 4 years from now (again if they allowed all the profit to accumulate, without ever withdrawing them) . Does that sound realistic to you? Why do they want to open it to the general public then and attract additional investment when they could only have an 18% or 12% profit share from our profit? Or, are they doing a social service here, increasing the number of Billionaires in the world? I do not somehow find it logical and the yield / performance absolutely astronomical? May be, I could be completely wrong. Please enlighten me of the logic here.

  14. Be aware:
    Not regulated by a reliable party
    No financial statements
    No reliable accountant. Fake audit report, try to call Prince investment in South Africa and the auditor does not exist. The address on audit report is a fake address. Try to Google maps and you will see…
    Their Japan headquarter address is fake. I contacted the building as shown on their website, the customer support of the building informed they have never heard of this company.
    Fake reviews
    Fake myfxbook statements
    Fake comments
    Warnings by the UK Financial Conduct Autority) and Britisch Columbia (Canada)
    Nowhere registrated (Chamber of Commerce)
    Successor of iiinvestments. Check the Google images of iiinvestments or i2 investments: same info.
    15 -20 % a month??
    Conclusion: a Ponzi scheme
    Do I have to warn more?
    Just think!

  15. Have anyone visit BT Tokyo head office or personally meet up with anyone from BT? Need more do diligent before putting more fund into the account. please advise. thank you.

  16. Dear Val,
    I see you have BlueTrading Ads on your website, so I’m a**uming they are paying you for it. My question is if they are paying you also for supporting them and for exhibiting this positive review on your website, and for referals coming from your link.

    Anyone that spent more than 2 minutes doing serious research on this company can say that it exhibits all the signs of a Ponzi Scheme. Did you ACTUALLY check them out? Their legal information (that doesn’t exist), their office address (that doesn’t exist), their awards (that are fake), the company that audits their performance (which is supposed to be a South African company, for some weird reason, but can’t be reached)? Did you check ANY of this?

    Can you give your w*** of honour that you are confident that this is a legitimate business?


  17. Hi everyone,
    I am thinking of investing with Blue Trading but have come access MANY mixed reviews on different sites.
    Does anyone have any recent trading history logs or screen shots of the trading platform they could share? Along with any evidence of balances and funds transfered. This would be helpful,

    Many thanks.


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