BluSignals Systems Scam Review: Be Careful with this Website

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BluSignals Systems Scam Review: Be Careful with this Website

BlueSignals Systems Review Update 2023: The website is no longer active. And members have no way of accessing their funds.

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Lost funds with BlueSignals Systems?

Here’s what you need to do to recover funds from this and any other online investment scare or scam.

BluSignals Systems is most likely a financial disaster waiting to happen to any trader who will ignore this review. We have many reasons as to why we should be concerned with this corny site which can be found at

BluSignals Systems is basically selling 3 trading products which they have named BluFractal, BluNeural and BluQuant. These trading products are basically indicators that are supposed to identify the onset of a trend, a pivot point or simply select ”the best trades” for you so that you may make money the easy way.

The website claims that these trading systems provide real time signals for trading the market, and that you should be confident with their products since they never fail to yield good results.

The price range is between $97 and $197 per month (it’s a subscription-based service).

The question is, can you make money using what BluSignals Systems is offering? Is there any proof in terms of user feedback or trading results which were implemented by the operators of this site and published for everyone to see?

Unfortunately, the answer to these two questions is a big No. You can’t make money with these trading signals. That’s why BluSignals Systems has no past performance or active trading results to show their would-be clients. You can go ahead and spend $97 or more on a product that has no trading track record. It’s up to you to choose whether you want to keep your money or throw it away.

Therefore, in this review, we will be discussing reasons as to why we strongly believe that BluSignals Systems is selling a dream that can never turn into reality. What they are selling can never make you any money unless you are depending on luck to win one or two trades out of 100 losing ones.

BluSignals Systems review

BluSignals claims that they are a leading provider of signal indicators and that their ”help” is handy when it comes to guiding you in uncertain markets.

BluSignals claims that they are a trusted investment for trading various markets which include Forex, options, Futures, Securities and so on.

And finally, they claim that BluSignals Systems has consistently beat the benchmark since 1999. We can only laugh at that statement because this domain did not exist then, and there is no proof to show that the operators behind this website were actively trading the financial markets at the time.

According to records, the domain was registered on September 2016. It did not exist in 1999 and there is no evidence to suggest so. We definitely can’t buy the lie that these guys have been trading and consistently beating the benchmark since the 90s.


And as you can see, this statement is clearly aimed at misleading traders who will not conduct any due diligence before spending money on a useless product.

That lie has done more damage to whatever little reputation they wanted to salvage. The legitimacy of this site is still questionable based on their presentation which lack facts.

Still on their records, we can pick another discrepancy which directly contradicts their stated physical address on their website. On, the owner is anonymous, and has registered their physical location as 560 E TIMPANOGOS PKWY UTAH. On their website, they point out that their company is based out of 30 Wall Street New York City, NY which is absolutely a lie.

Please note that the owner this website is also anonymous. While they claim that he is called Jason Dennings, that is not what is written on records. That information cannot be verified at all.

Besides, they claim that this man has a PhD. Surprisingly, they do not state his academic background. So we do not even know what he studied, where he lives or what his real name is.

We do not accept generic academic qualifications that don’t have specifics in terms of what was studied by the entity. Moreover, his photo was lifted from a photo bank and slapped on a section of this website. You can rest assured that the photo you are seeing has nothing to do with BluSignals Systems.

The question is: if this website is truly offering an admirable service, why should they hide their faces behind the anonymous worldwide web? Is it too difficult to divulge critical information that would at least boost the trust and morale of those who would like to use this service?

What you are supposed to get when you pay the price

There is a 14-day trial period for this product. You can purchase any of their 3 plans as mentioned above. If you are going to purchase all the 3 plans at once, a subscription fee of $197 per month will apply. BluSignals Systems is in fact encouraging website visitors to pick this plan.

However, prices suddenly change when you decide to pay on a monthly basis rather than yearly basis. You have to keep that in mind.

These signals can be accessed 24 hours a day on any device, whether a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Unfortunately, no proof of performance has been provided. That has instead been replaced by a 14-day trial period to compensate for their lack of trading history.

We find this weird because most experienced buyers will not trust this offer if they have not gotten a hint of how the product can perform.

So that is clearly one trick of distracting those who would like to see how any of their signal indicators have been performing.

Moreover, the 14-day trial period is a way of making sure that your credit card can be billed as soon as you forget to cancel your membership.

Our best advice for you

Definitely we can’t vouch for BluSignals Systems because the operators are anonymous and not transparent with their dealings. Their product offers are also not genuine as they can’t be legitimately verified as quality products to use for trading. The best thing you can do now is to make use of these Forex and Cryptocurrency trading tools if you want to make money with either Forex or Cryptocurrencies

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