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BLW Trading Academy, which is also called BLW Online Trading is presented by Cristian Argueta where he claims that he will teach investors how to trade in the Forex and stock market. This is a monthly subscription service which goes for $75 per month. We have seen this guy several times before because he is always active promoting his videos on YouTube where he claims to be a trading guru. So this time round he has decided to set up a website called and he will be using it to sell his trading education for the aforementioned cost. He claims that through this trading course, he will teach you how to make profits trading, how to deal with brokers, trading platforms and so on.

BLW Trading Academy NOW

There is a lot than meets the eye when you start to dig deeper into this operation. BLW Trading Academy is also known as Binary Living Way which means that at some point, the person in charge of this operation was trading binary options before he moved into Forex trading and other financial instruments too. In his Youtube channel, he provides a lot of content that is supposed to train users how to become profitable traders. His real name is Christian and he claims to have traded for a full decade now. We cannot confirm this statement because so far, he has not verified his trading experience. Furthermore there is no proof of live trading, let alone proof that Christian earned money from trading.

When learners become members of the so called BLW Trading Academy, they are also given access to free signals which the site calls BLW Turbo Signal Alert. The question is whether these free signals have been documents with evidence that shows consistent profits over time.

Having said all this, we will go through the trading school in details and let you know why you should not be using the services offered by this trading school at whatever cost. At the moment, we are recommending these trading products because they have been proven to work.

BLW Trading Academy review

Argueta is clearly one of those failed traders who cannot make money trading and have now decided to sell trader education. BLW Trading Academy is his online shop where he sells his trading products. The internet is actually full of guys who pretend to be making several thousands of dollars from the Forex market and yet they are desperate begging people to buy their trading course.

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BLW Trading Academy can be describes as an illegal product at best. If this guy truly makes money trading the Forex market, we are sure that his course would never cost $75 per month. It would be much costlier and the seller would have nothing to lose even if he sold the course for $1000 per month or more because he is already making money through trading.

First of all, Argueta is not the real name of this person and secondly, the person selling this course is not registered to sell investment advice to anyone. It is for this reason that Christian can land himself in hot soup if he gets sued for damages as a result of selling investment advice on how to trade the financial markets.

BLW Trading Academy is obviously not a useful trading academy and what Christian is selling in this trading school is useless at best.

Why BLW Trading Academy is a scam

In the beginning of the sales pitch, Christian does not even introduce his name and instead tells his audience that they should subscribe to his trading school in order for them to see how valuable the product is. At the moment, we are absolutely sure that he is a scammer because he has been seen promoting other bogus trading products such as BinBotPro and Calloway software.

You see, anybody who claims that either of these robots are making them profits is definitely taking us for a ride. He is a scammer. Now, if Christian promoted the two robots and is making money on auto pilot using those two robots, what makes you think that he will want to trade manually on his BLW Trading Academy? It is very much unlikely. The story is simply not adding up. So the truth is that the person who runs this dubious trading school is a scammer and you should never buy any product from him.

Where are the trading records?

The one proof that you need in order to get convinced that someone is a professional trader is their trading performance record. If the trader is serious and has been trading for a while to the point of opening a trading school, the most sensible thing to do would be to document his past performance just in case learners want to see these records before committing an investment. But what can you say about a supposed trading academy where the teacher is not even trading and can never produce any of his trading records because he is either a failed trader or someone who has never traded before?

The biggest setback has to be lack of trading result to prove the claims made at BLW Trading Academy. If you want to believe this guy, you are free to do so but remember that if they cannot prove their trading prowess and at the same time asking for your money, then it simply means that they are con artists.

Our best advice for you

There are many reasons why we have refused to believe that BLW Trading Academy is a genuine trading school. First of all, the owner is dubious in his character, not wanting to reveal his real name unless we dig deeper to find out. Secondly, they have zero trading performance but are selling a trading course for $75 per month. The best thing to do when confronted with a scammer like this would be to avoid sending them any money. You need to stick with profitable trading products that have documented performance to back their sales pitch.

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2 Replies to “ Review: Is BLW Trading Academy Scam?”

  1. Definitely accurate. Anyone promoting any sort of auto Traders are scammers. No such things exist. Furthermore, this chap is closely affiliated with Michael freeman who is in fact one of the biggest scammers in the binary world.

  2. I’ve just watched a few of your Youtube Videos in which you advertised the BLWtradingacademy. I want to interest myself with the academy, so I write to find out more info. about it.
    The academy: what does it teach: Forex, Stocks, Options, Crypto or Binary Options? I’m interested in learning all; is it possible? How much time do you think you can rush an anxious and devoted person through these courses?
    You equally said the subscription cost for the academy is $25. Is there any other hidden cost? Thanks for your time.

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