Bober Real EA Review – Scam or $1100 Price Tag Justified?

Bober Real EA Review – Scam or $1100 Price Tag Justified?

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In this review, we will be looking at a stupidly expensive expert advisor called Bober Real EA. Bober Real Expert Advisor is a scalper whose developer claims was built to trade multiple pairs on brokers who offer floating spreads only. According to the developer, this trading system avoids risks at all times by utilizing what is known as hard stops, both on TP and SL. It also avoids trading in Martingale style, something that is very common with many scalping systems in the market right now.

If you ever considered using this software but never went ahead because you were somehow not sure, then this review is for you. You came here at the right time, and that means you can pick any of our recommended trading systems here.

But if you insist on learning about Bober Real EA, then go ahead. Information is power as they say.

Bober Real EA Review: A look at this software from all angles

The developer is called Arnold Bobrinskiy. Surprisingly, Arnold Bobrinskiy is not known outside the MQL5 habitat. They literally have zero reputation outside this zone.

As it currently stands, we do not know their trading history because this information was not revealed to us. Secondly, we do not know where they are located. But we strongly believe that this is a one-man operation team as opposed to a company.

But at least we like Arnold Bobrinskiy for being honest with us. Even as he promotes Bober Real EA, he opens up on the benefits and potential setbacks of using this particular expert advisors. Most developers simply paint their product with a color that suggests they are flawless. However, with this developer, we see some transparency.

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So, what is the advantage that we are talking about here? Well, the developer of Bober Real EA claims that this software was back-tested and has always been back-tested since 2000, and that those results have a modeling quality of 99.9%.

But on the other hand, we know that back-tests do have their own limitations. You cannot promise a modeling quality of 99% no matter what. It’s impossible to guarantee such results on an actual account given that this software has not been thoroughly tested yet.

Arnold also says that there is no need of closing down Bober Real EA during news breaks because the robot is not affected by volatility during news breaks. On top of this, he assures his followers that one can trade one pair without the need to switch to other pairs in fear of instability. No such thing will be compelled with this trading system.

What surprises us is that the developer claims that Bober Real EA is a scalper that doesn’t require fast execution. Honestly, we know that trading effectively does need fast execution to gain an edge over other traders in the market. That’s why we are recommending these Forex virtual private servers in the first place.

At the same time, they say that Bober Real EA requires a virtual private server to work properly. According to them, any Forex VPS service that provides a ping of over 100ms or below is fine.

What we can tell you is that any scalper definitely needs fast execution. There is no way you can scalp and rely on slow execution times to win your trades. That’s just not possible.

So, what is the downside of this software? Well, the developer claims that we need a broker who offers floating spreads and that these should not be more than 2 pips. Now, that’s a real disadvantage because finding a broker who will meet these conditions isn’t a walk in the park. You can begin your search today and even spend a whole week. But you will never find a broker who will easily fulfill these conditions.

Bober Real EA still gives you the chance to lower your maximum spread settings. However, this would also mean missing a number of trades. This would beat logic for buying this expert advisor in the first place.

Breaking it down

So far, we know that it is a scalper. It trades GBPUSD, EURGBP, EURUSD and USDCAD on the M5 time frame. But the problem is with the price tag. At $1100 per license, this robot goes shoulder to shoulder with the most expensive Forex robots in the planet. That price tag is sure to scare away most traders for a fact.

Thankfully, there is an option where potential users can get to test Bober Real EA to see whether or not they like it. If they do, they will proceed to making that one huge investment.

The second problem with this testing period is that it is extremely limited. You cannot test a trading system for a few days and conclude that you’re good to go. That’s not possible especially when you are being forced with a situation where you could potentially shell out 1000 bucks even if you’re not sure of the overall performance of the product in question.

On top of that, the developer of Bober Real EA provides users with recommendations in terms of settings and strategies that work best with this robot. According to Bobrinskiy, the safest way to use this robot is to trade 3 pairs while keeping your risk value below the 10 mark.

What is the implication of this? Well, according to the developer, this allows the software to open enough trades while restricting it from staying in the losing trades for so long, thus potentially increasing draw down.

Trading performance

We have screenshots showing back tests for the Bober Real Expert Advisor. However, as you may have read in this blog, we don’t really think that back-tests should be used to gauge the efficacy of a trading system in 2017. This year, most competitive systems do have an active myfxbook account where clients can view the performance of the robot in question before deciding to buy.

bober real ea back testing

Oh, as we researched further, we accidentally came across a myfxbook account which the developer purports to belong to this robot. We will say this with a bit of reservation because we don’t know whether this myfxbook account is associated with this system or not.

We believe that this information ought to have been made available to make traders’ work easier. I do not think that this is something the developer should be asked to produce as it’s basic logic to provide such crucial information to the public.

What Customers say

The strangest thing is that despite this robot being released in the year 2015, it has only managed to garner 9 user reviews on MQL website. This is strange indeed. But it could also show that not so many people are using it due to the exorbitant price tag.

recent positive reviews for bober real expert advisor

Our best advice for you

An insane trader with lots of money to spend would not have a problem buying Bober Real EA. But as for us, we are staying away from such a rip-off. There are so many robots that go for way less. You don’t have a single reason on earth to pay $1100 just to get a license of a trading robot. Also, lack of a proper myfxbook presentation is a major concern. We don’t think we can trust this system yet.

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