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We are writing this review to inform you that is a weird place to invest your money in. Having scrutinized the website thoroughly and looked at certain elements relating to its credibility, we have no doubt that Bpayment Biz is a place where looters set trap for the financially naive. Look at their promised daily ROIs. Their basic investment plan is promising 500% daily return and 30,000% after 3 days. Definitely these promises are false and misleading. You can neither earn 500% a day or 30,000% in 3 days. These figures are completely ridiculous.

If you want to know more about, continue reading this review to the end.

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On their about us page, bpayment biz claims that they are taking part in various business activities and that they have employed experienced financial analysts and traders. These traders are allegedly very profitable with super results to show for their work.


They also claim that these traders have developed unique trading strategies that has enabled them to make significant profits with zero risk involved. But there is a problem with this about us section of the page. First of all, do we even have proof that Bpayment biz works with experienced financial analysts and traders? The answer is no. The website does not provide such kind of proof.

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Secondly, there is no form of trading strategy that can yield 30,000% in 3 days. Even 500% per day is a dream that cannot be achieved. There is no trading strategy that can make anyone rich overnight. Therefore, it means that the owner of bpayment biz is lying about their trading capabilities. These crooks are not trading but collecting public funds and aligning their pockets while leaving victims in disappointments.

Thirdly, if they are using trading strategies that generate profits without risk, why are they not disclosing those trading strategies to the public. There is zero disclosure on the specific trading strategies that bpayment biz is using to generate the crazy returns which they are talking about. So this is possibly a story that was made up to fool the financially naive. There is nothing like trading strategy.

Having said that, we would also like to point out the fact that there is no single trading strategy out there that can guarantee zero risks. Every trading strategy comes with a risk. So this website is surely lying and they are not trading at all.

More red flags along the way

This website is citing the address 746 Roberts Road Findlay, OH 45840 as their physical location. But this address does not represent their actual physical location. The crooks are simply using a misleading physical address. What fund manager out there can use a false address? That must be madness. Any fund manager that is not professional enough to use their real address is definitely a scammer.

Before we forget, bpayment biz is also claiming to offer phone support. However, they are claiming that this feature is reserved for VIP members only. There must be something wrong with these crooks. A simple feature like phone support is something that all fund managers provide for free to visitors of their websites. There is no single legit fund manager out there who is not providing a phone number to visitors of their websites.

So definitely this shows that bpayment biz is not providing any phone support. They would never wish to provide one when their aim is to scam as many people as possible. On the other hand, email support is provided. But this is never enough. All scammers welcome email communication because they can simply open the email, read it and if it does not please them, they can ignore it unlike phone support where it will force the scammer to hang up unceremoniously.

Fake investor reviews and testimonials

Having analyzed this site in details, we have no doubt that it is targeting those who have never lost a cent on the internet. The site has reviews from people whom they claim are their customers. When we look at these testimonials, we can only see stock photos and texts that have been edited by the admin of the website. There is nothing genuine about these testimonials. So don’t be fooled that this site is really receiving attention from their members. If you send them your money, you won’t become a member. You will become a victim. That’s how it is.

Also, if these testimonials were real, it would have resulted in a scenario where these users are confessing the same thing elsewhere on the internet. But so far, bpayment biz is a strange business to everyone. Nobody seems to know about this site. These reviews cannot be found elsewhere to support what they are claiming to give their clients on their website. So definitely these are falsified testimonials.

The truth that this site doesn’t want people to know

The ultimate goal is to make you become a victim. So they will work as hard as they can to convince you that they are traders. But the truth is different and that truth is putting them in an awkward position. You see, this website is not trading any funds. Bpayment biz is actually a ponzi scheme run by an anonymous crook. In that case, the inevitable will happen when the website owner will have made enough money. They will simply exit the business with the public’s funds.

The other thing that we are concerned with is that this site is not registered with the financial regulators. That’s a bad thing considering that the law requires such websites to be fully registered as fund managers. This site is so far operating like a hiyp and promising unrealistic profits. You cannot trust an unregistered website that is promising to make you rich overnight. It doesn’t work like that.

Our best advice for you

Bpayment biz is a scam. It is as simple as that. If you want to invest, go here. But do not expect big profits like 500% per day.

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