Bprimes Review: Brutal Forex Scam Broker Revealed

Bprimes Review: Brutal Forex Scam Broker Revealed

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Bprimes ( is a CFD and Forex brokerage firm from the Marshall Islands. It’s an offshore broker and this makes doing this review easier. Offshore brokers are notorious for not following set rules and regulations. Complaints have been sent to us from members who have lost money with Bprimes. As ardent crypto and Forex investors, we simply had to investigate. What we found out will shock you, read this detailed review.

Bprimes Review

Bprimes Review:

According to the website, this is the must-have broker when dealing futures. Sadly, we don’t agree on what this fake broker claims. Investigations that we started a few weeks back have led to some damning evidence. Yes, we are here to clearly paint out the whole truth in Black and white. No one should be able to scam people and get away with it. All tricks will be revealed here and hope you stay away from Bprimes.

Forex trading should be free for all venture and most people should learn from it. With Bprimes, you will lose your money moments after depositing with them. According to the website, members get step-by-step tutorials and articles. Members also get online webinars and local seminars. All these are fake claims meant to lure you into signing up with Bprimes. Hold your horses before signing up.

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Fake Bprimes Demo Account.

Disturbing details regarding Bprimes started when we looked at their demo account. Demo account has been rigged in your favor. You might think that this is a great idea but wait until we tell you the trick behind it. Scammers ensure that members make successful trades with Demo account. It ensures that you trust the broker into signing up. After all, if you see you are making only successful trades, you will want the real thing.

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Fraudsters have made this a thing since they know no one will care to notice. Sadly, we did notice and are sending a warning to all potential investors. Placing wrong trades is what we did and astonishingly, we managed to make winning trades. It’s what we were afraid of. Demo accounts such as those used in Bprimes have been rigged. It ensures that most people sign up and scammers get more victims.

Bprimes Fake Platform.

Another feature that was wrong with this broker is their platforms. When dealing with Forex, they claim to have a MetaTrader5 platform. Problem we faced with this platform is that no one could manage to download it. Download took longer and eventually stalled at 58%. No matter how you look at it, their platform is whack. Signing up with Bprimes is opening yourself to more risks.

Best thing to do is to stay away from this fake brokerage house. No one can claim to have a powerful platform that does not work, except scammers. It also means that we are dealing with Fake platforms that are highly unstable. Unstable platforms usually are a high-risk initiative since hackers can easily take over. Worse still, if hackers take over, your identity can be stolen as well as all your funds.

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Fake User Claims.

Bprimes Scam

According to the website, Bprimes has over 2 million open positions. Bprimes also claims to have over 10, 000 active customers and over $70Billion in trading value. Folks, all these are fake user claims meant to lure you into signing up with them. No one can clearly verify these claims. Only thing we are able to verify is that there are a lot of unhappy customers. How can this be? If you look at the reviews you find online, all are negative reviews.

All these claims make the platform look legitimate and have more users. Scammers make websites such as these to encourage you into signing up. You will think, if it has over 10,000 users, it must be real. Problem is that it isn’t real at all. These are just numbers that have been plastered to make Bprimes look and sound realistic. Never fall for such crappy tricks used by these scammers.

Who Owns Bprimes?

Bprimes Fake Review

According to the disclaimer, Fina Holding LTD owns this brokerage firm. For sure, there is one way we could find whether this is true. Contacting the registrar was what we did to confirm whether this company is registered. Sadly, we were informed that there is no company under that name. It also means that the registration number set there is fake. Only scammers can come up with a fake name and fake company registration number.

You should also know that Fina Holding LTD does not offer services to citizens of certain regions. Americans, Canadians and Israelites are not allowed to use this platform. Care to guess why this is the case? It’s simply because governments of these citizens have banned the use of Bprimes. No one should be able to sign up with a brokerage firm that has been banned by other governments. Bprimes is one of the banned brokerages.

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Bprimes Account Types.

Bprimes offers owners four types of accounts. One can get Micro account, standard accounts, VIP account and Premium account. All these accounts come with different perks. Micro account holders must make a minimum deposit of $5 which is way below the acceptable standard of $250. Another disturbing fact is that you are given a bonus which is illegal in Forex trading. No one should open an account with these scammers.

Premium account holders must deposit $500 to start trading with this platform. Premium account being the biggest account, one would expect it has huge advantages. Sorry to disappoint but it has no real visible advantage over Micro account. Margin calls are between 50% / 20% which is the only advantage it has. Plus, owners of this account get a bonus which as we said, is illegal.

Is Bprimes a Scam?

Without a doubt, Bprimes is the lamest Crypto and Forex scams to hit the financial world. No one can claim that this is not the case. From not being registered to fake user claims, we are sure that we’re dealing with a scam group.

Bprimes Final Verdict.

Bprimes Scam Review

All users should know that we have no other option but to blacklist Bprimes as a scam in the making. We urge that you ignore all promotional messages that are offered by this broker. Most of all the promises you see are just empty promises.

Always go for trustworthy and dependable Forex brokers who have the backing of the trading community. Reputable Forex brokers ensure you trade safely and with comfort. Sign up with expert Forex brokers and change how you make money online. Remember to stay safe and best of luck.

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  1. Consider the trader who has been diligently monitoring a market for a particular setup and, for whatever reason, the initial trade is missed. He then makes a reactive spontaneous trade out of frustration for having missed the first one. And this is bad for his trading, he should control his emotions, accept his failure and be with a good broker like BPRIMES. Do we know how some common pattern leads us to unforced errors! Let’s look then.

  2. Lastima que he leído este articulo tarde pero confirmo que es una estafa la pagina de Bprimes

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