Breakfree Trading Review: It’s a Trading Course Scam

Breakfree Trading Review: It’s a Trading Course Scam

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Breakfree Trading ( is a trading program that claims to guide investors to success. The records show that the website behind this robot gets its traffic from affiliate sites. And this means they are vigorously selling a service that they claim is successful. If it was that successful as they claim, there would not be much need for affiliate programs. And this is where we know for a fact that this is another scam. Read this genuine review and find out more about the false trading guide program.

Breakfree Trading Review

About Breakfree Trading

What is clear about Break Free Trading is the fact that there is no background or history information. It would seem that they fail to give users about their prior trading history. A thorough investigation from our team reveals some damning facts about this platform. It is best that you stay away from such mentorship programs. Their credibility remains to be seen as no one has come out praising the program. The only positive review comes from the creator of this mentorship program.

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Breakfree Trading is trying to sell a mentorship and trading program that has no valid results. And this is where we have a huge problem with the site. They clearly have no results to prove that their mentorship program helps investors. And this is why they choose to create a moving website to entice users. Yes, their website is professionally designed to attract unsuspecting eyes. The only problem is that the website is full of industry jargon. There is a lot of information to go through and it takes forever to comprehend the website.

Assets covered by the program

Although they don’t mention the assets they help investors with, information suggests all classes. This includes CFDs, Commodities, Cryptos, and Forex. They claim that their trading system works in every kind of market. These also include indices and metals although they fail to inform visitors how they do so. What they do add is that they did a stress test and noticed the program has an accuracy of 70.3 percent. After using it on a real trading platform, the accuracy went through the roof. And this is another lie investors need to know.

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Business Owner

Anton Khan and Asger Emborg are the gentlemen who claim to have developed the algorithm. Not much is known about these two guys as their names are not on any developer’s platform. If they created such a groundbreaking algorithm, their faces would be all over the trading scene. This s not the case as we believe these are paid actors who claim to own the platform. With the program not getting the much-desired traction, they chose to become the lead actors. And the problem with this is that the gentlemen are not available for comment of feedback.

Customer feedback

Breakfree Trading Strategy

The few people who have signed up with the platform have only bad things to say. And the developers of this program have countered by posting positive reviews. They have hired freelancers to post positive comments on trading dashboards. The community is aware that there are no developers with such names exist. And this is one of the many reasons that investors should stay away from the platform. They have been trying to seduce investors with their moving developer’s story. The story is not working.

Domain Details and Information

Thanks to domain insights, we can determine when a website went live. Domain details also show the records of whether the IP address and domain names have changed. Records show that the website was registered on 23rd May 2018. There have been over 8 unique IP changes over the last 6 years. And this means the owners were using the website to sell other scam products. This is the way we know that the products they sell are far from genuine. The internet has cleared any history of their other scam-related products.

Features of Breakfree Trading

They claim to have created algorithm 3.0 and goes through 100,000 assets every minute. The only problem with this claim is that they fail to show how the algorithm works. There is no video presentation of how the algorithm works which is a problem. These scam artists only use promotional videos of users who claim to have benefited from the program. And this is why we plan to expose the program for failing to offer any realistic mentorship and training guides.

License details of Breakfree Trading

Breakfree Trading IS NOT LICENSED or registered to offer any trading to investors in the world. They fail to show users any certification of their platform’s compliance. If they are a mentorship program, they should get the certification. No one wants to pay for a program that is operated by unregulated people. The license will prove that the people behind the program are experts and professionals. For all we know, these could be amateurs taking advantage of unsuspecting online investors.

The entire platform or site does not have any license details. We tried to search for the terms and conditions page but could not find it. The terms of use page is not clear on whether the program has undergone compliance. And this is a problem as it means the funds deposited don’t get any insurance cover. Users are to send a $1 payment for security clearance. They do not refund the $1 as expected from a genuine platform. And this is the reason why we must stay away from the platform.

Restrictions of Breakfree Trading

Account Packages

Breakfree Trading is furnishing users with three services which they can buy at a given price. Users can get the Breakfree Trading Algorithm 3.0 and 12-hour video content. The last service provided by the mentorship program is the legendary community. Members will get to interact with other traders on a regular basis with the last service. The only problem is that all of the services come at an undisclosed price. It means the owners might ask for different sums when it comes to different traders. The services should come at a certain price and not take advantage of certain users.

Contact and Customer Support

Although the platform claims to have superior contact support, there lies a huge problem. They offer chat support and fail to give credible phone numbers. The developers claim the platform is based in Singapore but the phone code is from the Netherlands. Internet traffic from the website mainly comes from the United States. It means the platform is targeting investors from this region. Breakfree Trading is also hiring virtual office providers to give them different work addresses.

Results verification

Breakfree Trading Results Verification

The website has given users a spreadsheet of different results. It shows 39 trades in which 30 of them are winning and the remaining 9 are losses. Although this would seem to be genuine proof of concept, it is not. There are is no third party to verify the results such as myfxbook. It also means the platform could have picked only the winning trades out of a possible barrage of losses. This is why no one should use a program that is not verified by a trusted third party such as myfxbook.

Security of funds with Breakfree Trading

When it comes to the safety of funds, Breakfree is not in the habit of offering sufficient security. There is no money-back guarantee which means once you deposit funds; it’s the last you see of it. And this poses a problem to users who want to back down from using the platform. Imagine buying the robot and finding out you can’t get your money back. This is after purchasing and not yet receiving any of the services provided. These are some of the complaints we have seen going around the internet.

Scam or Legit Breakfree Trading

This is a scam that must be exposed by all parties. The platform is not able to provide ample security to users. Hackers can easily take over the transaction process and steal personal data. There is no SSL encryption on their platform to protect users from third-party attacks.

Closing Remarks

To protect our readers, we will be adding the program to our scam blacklist.

Stay safe and go for expert-backed forex robots with a proven track record. They guarantee your investments are safe at all times. Start using these robots and get profits with online trading.

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