Brook Castle Review: a Scam With Outrageous Returns

Brook Castle Review: a Scam With Outrageous Returns

Brook Castle is allegedly an investment company that is dedicated to helping their clients make money. The platform claims that it is investing clients’ funds in various methods. The company is also managing investors’ funds.

The biggest mistake that you can make in online investment is to entrust your funds with an illegal investment venture. The returns which this company promises traders are outrageous. The entity guarantees a daily profit ranging from 2% up to 7%.

There are multiple methods that you can invest in this modern day. You can either trade forex, crypto, metals, commodities, indices, and stocks. Additionally, you can as well start mining digital currencies.

However, no matter what you choose to invest with, you cannot make the returns that Brook Castle advertise. The platform is not trustworthy, and we do not know how they have survived this long in the industry without being exposed.

Instead of wasting time and resources with this losing company invest with legit crypto trading companies. These entities are trustworthy and profitable. You will not earn reasonable returns. Above all, they are licensed, therefore operating per the law. Review

Brook Castle claims that it is investing their clients’ funds on financial markets. The platform does not specify the assets that they are dealing with. The company is using ambiguous words to try and confuse their customers.

The platform is allegedly working with expert professionals. However, the entity is fully anonymous. The information of the founder and the team they brag about is not availed. We would appreciate it if this company becomes transparent.

Brook Castle Review, Brook Castle Platform

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They should provide information and qualification of people handling investors’ funds. Brook Castle views itself as an entity that is offering superior investment services to its clients. We would love to see the financial reports and managerial reports of their team.

The information Brook Castle avails on its about us page is a joke. The platform does not even try to win over clients using real data. The content is full of fluff, and you can easily tell that this platform is not conducting any investment services.

Avoid this platform like the plague. They make bold claims, but the company fails to provide relevant evidence. You will not earn the returns that they advertise. If the entity is profitable why don’t they have endorsement from those who have used their services?

Domain Insight

Surprisingly, this entity brags of having 25 years of experience in investment. Unfortunately, the company did not exist with a different domain name. According to, the entity was launched in May 2018.

The domain is expected to expire in May 2021. Their targeted audience location is currently not known. The entity has very low traffic coming on their website. The entity claims it has competitive prices.

How Does Brook Castle Operate?

Brook Castle does not have evidence of having investment product or services. The platform is relying on its ghost team to attain the ridiculous returns. They do not mention anywhere, having trading bots.

The entity does not have performance reports that can show how they have been fairing on in the market. They might pay their clients at first. However, keep in mind that they do not have a method that generates income.

Therefore, Brook Castle company is using new investors’ money to pay pioneer clients. There are reports that this platform is no longer paying. Hence, this makes them a scam that uses false information to attract novice trader.

Brook Castle Trading Conditions

Brook Castle states that they do not have a hidden fee. They will return your funds as agreed. The platform allegedly performs thorough research for its customers. They also manage risks to ensure that you do not suffer more loses.

The least amount that you can deposit is $500. They have four investment plans for their clients. The more money you deposit, the higher your earnings. The notion is common with Ponzi schemes.

Sadly, if you make the mistake of depositing the high amount with them, the entity will cut you off. 2% daily return is an absurd offer. If you do the math, you will see how crazy their promises are. You do not need to have any investment knowledge to know that this platform is a scam.

Regulation and Registration

Brook Castle claims that one of their main goals is to protect investors’ funds. Therefore, they only engage with certified brokers in the industry. The statement is hard to believe as the company itself does not have a license.

The company is accepting investors from all over the world. Therefore, their platform should be decorated with multiple licensed from various regulatory bodies in the market. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Brook Castle is, therefore, an illegal scheme that does not care about the law. They do not offer fund safety to their clients. Giving them a chance will only result to regrets. This platform is a Ponzi scheme. They do not segregate investors’ funds in separate accounts.

In an attempt to win over clients, the company states that it offers funds safety. Moreover, they also claim to be members of the Compensation Fund. The information is false and only meant to lure you into giving them funds.

Brook Castle Customer Support

The entity has 24/7 customer support services for their clients. The investment entity does not disclose its actual location. Therefore, we do not know where they are based. It will be a cat and mouse chase once they cease to exist.

There is no method available for contacting this venture. They do not feature their email address or phone number.  Brook Castle is determined to remain anonymous at all costs. Invest only with a platform that has a convenient customers support service.

Brook Castle False Endorsement

Brook Castle claims that it has been featured on various financial magazines. These include Forbes, Business Insider, Coindesk, and CNBC. The company, however, is using false information again to lure naïve investors.

The platform additionally claims that the clients give them 5 stars rating. This scam does not have existing clients review. You have seen what this entity is capable of. The only thing that Brook Castle is good at is deceiving their customers.

We constantly urge our readers to look for feedback from third party website. Moreover, do not deposit funds if there is no proof of payment. Nobody in their right mind would endorse a losing entity like this one to the public.

Final Verdict

Brook Castle is a Ponzi scheme that tries very hard to stay relevant. Any financial body in the market does not regulate them. Additionally, the firm is operating in an undisclosed location. The platform also features false testimonials on their website.

Do not give this company your hard-earned money unless you want to lose it all. The best thing that you can do is to trade with legit crypto trading platforms that have no intention of scamming you. You will earn genuine returns.

Brook Castle is a scam that has managed to hide their cover for one year. The anonymous platform ensures it does not leave any traces that can be used to track them down. Whoever is running this scam is smart and has perfected the act of conning investors.


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