BTC Gen Review: Pathetic Scam Attempt, Resist!

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BTC Gen Review: Pathetic Scam Attempt, Resist!

Bitcoin cannot be doubled folks. The only Bitcoin that can double is when you send it to a scammer’s bank account and now they have double the amount which they were initially holding in their wallet. Fortunately for the scammers who run the town at, this is the order of the day. We have finished analyzing BTC Gen website and are fully convinced that these guys are here to suck your wallet dry.

Do you want to find out what they do and how they do it? Stay put. We will show you their tactics.

Also, if you had come across BTC Gen and wanted to sign up, expecting that you’d generate some more Bitcoins through the portal, we are sorry to announce that if you have already made the move, you are doomed to lose the coins you sent them. If you haven’t sent any coins yet, you’re very lucky because this review just saved you from throwing away some Bitcoins.

BTC Gen Review

The scam is using a very basic script for generating fake Bitcoins. Those who actually don’t know about this game would easily fall for their trick.

As you can see, the website has an area for inputting your Bitcoin wallet address and selecting the amount you want to make at the end of the day.

btcgen club review

The more the amount of Bitcoin you are aiming at, the longer the length of time it will take to create these Bitcoins (out of thin air). Yes, these guys are actually creating Bitcoins out of thin air.

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Once you have input your correct Bitcoin address and selected the amount of Bitcoin you want to make with BTC Gen, you are supposed to click the tab that says ”start”. This process is allegedly going to create Bitcoin worth the specified amount.

Now, before we can go too far, let’s find out who owns this website and how they intend to create more Bitcoins out of the thin air.

According to details taken from, the domain that is hosted by BTC Gen is owned by an anonymous person. It is not even clear when this website was registered.

The second thing is that BTC Gen does not have any backing from any recognized entity on the internet. There are no affiliations whatsoever. In short, they don’t say whether or not they have partnered with other companies in the Blockchain space.

Usually when you come across a site like BTC Gen where the owner is anonymous, the first thing you should do is close the tab and invest your time and money elsewhere.

But for the sake of curiosity, we decided to spend a little bit of time here to expose the site and make it clear that this is a lazy scam attempt where a cheap script has been used to fool naive investors that Bitcoin can be multiplied. This is not the case.

Other important pages such as ”about us” does not exist on the BTC Gen website. We don’t know who is behind this operation. We don’t even know whether this is a team of a solo man operation.

However, there is a reference on the site which suggests that this is a team with some knowledge in Cryptocurrency technology.

This cannot be confirmed due to the anonymity of the people behind BTC Gen.

The other risk which you’re supposed to be aware of (if you decide to send them Bitcoins anyway) is that you are paying in Bitcoin. Combine an anonymous form of payment with an anonymous recipient on the web and you get a big SCAM.

You now know very well that BTC Gen is fitting in the puzzle. There is nothing else to analyze because the red flags are all over. You cannot mistake this for a legitimate business for any reason.

You can select how much you want to earn in BTC

That’s another red flag which we want you to be aware of. The fact that you can determine how much you want to earn by simply selecting the desired amount is quite alarming.

In the world of Cryptocurrencies, investments come with some risks and setbacks. Even the best TRADING companies in this space will tell you that making profits depend on several factors (time being one of them).

They have the most cutting-edge technology for mining Cryptocurrencies and other altcoins. But they also tell you the truth when it comes to the daily returns which investors must expect out of their capital.

Unfortunately, BTC Gen claims that you can make as much as you want. And it’s as simple as moving the bar on their homepage to select what you want to earn. It’s ridiculous. We are hoping that you’re seeing why we are already calling it a scam.

How exactly is BTC Gen Club multiplying Bitcoins?

That’s the question that all investors want to know. With legitimate mining operations, we know that professionals have invested in mining farms across the world, and they are using them to mine Bitcoins and other altcoins.

BTC Gen scam

But with BTC Gen, everything is covered in a cloud of mystery. Instead of giving us a valid reason which explains how on earth they are multiplying Bitcoins, they tell us that they have discovered multiple loopholes in Bitcoin mining pools around the world. They are allegedly exploiting these loopholes to make more Bitcoin for their investors.

What loopholes exactly?

Well, BTC Gen website claims that these are security flaws which they want the founder of Bitcoin to address. They also claim that they have tried raising the issue with the founder of Bitcoin and that they have not taken the issue seriously. And that is why they have resorted to illegal means of making Bitcoins by actually exploiting those loopholes.

Why are they giving it out for free? They are giving it out for free because of the same explanation given above.

Now, we feel that this is a lame explanation. Anyone who understands blockchain technology knows very well that blockchain transactions can never be manipulated whatsoever.

There is no loophole in the blockchain. No loophole can ever be created in the blockchain because this is virtually impossible.

BTC Gen website: it’s run by scammers, period

We love the way they have incorporated a troll box on this website where various visitors can chat with them to try finding out how this scam works.

Honestly we cannot find any participation of these scammers in the troll box. The conversation which you see here is coming from visitors of this site, not people who have actually used BTC Gen and made money.

Our best advice for you

The fastest way to lose Bitcoin is to send it to scammers who run BTC Gen. There is no doubt about it when we say that the admin will sucker your funds and go quiet on you.

Let’s be honest one more time. This is a club of scammers. It’s not legitimate. The idea behind it is as fake as the promises which they are making.

But of course day dreamers can go throw their money here. As for you, be on the lookout for such scams and never fall for them.

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