BTC Global Review: Scam? Not Again!!

BTC Global Review: Scam? Not Again!!

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This review proves that BTC Global is a scam website. Do not get sucked into this BS Ponzi scheme because there is no money to be made. Only losses awaits the naive investor who thinks that the 14% weekly income is a guarantee and a reality.

Since we already know that BTC Global ( a scam, we will go straight away into the meet of this content where we will back that assertion with facts and reason.

BTC Global Review

BTC Global website claims that their site was launched to provide unmatched returns through Binary options services.

They’ve introduced us to someone called Steven Twain who does not exist in reality. His alleged photo is a textbook definition of a stock photo. If you searched any evidence of someone called Steven Twain being in charge of BTC Global, you would never find that man. What you’d find is a character called by that name.

btc global review

However, the story continues anyway. These scammers claim that Steve is the founding trader of BTC Global and that he has been trading for the last 6 years consistently and successfully.

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He has an alleged track record of not losing a single trade. In the last 3+ years, the guy has allegedly been involved in providing his hedge fund services where he only trades for high net-worth clients who are willing to deposit $10,000 and above. He is not supposed to compromise on this requirement whatsoever.

So, what’s the connection between Steve and BTC Global? Well, the interesting bit of the narrative is that this website has secured partnership with Steve and are now offering the general public the opportunity to participate in the business even if they can’t afford 10k for their investment capital.

Somehow, BTC Global has brokered a deal that will now make it possible for Steve to agree trading for the average Joe if they have $1000 or more.

The weekly return on investment is 14%. This is guaranteed.

In addition to this, the website claims that they are giving the opportunity to earn an extra income through their referral program which earns you between 2% to 0.25%. The amount which you’re supposed to earn depends with your level.

Apparently, you cannot sign up except when you get an official invitation from one of their members.

Now, that is to confess that BTC Global is a full blown ponzi scheme where a pyramid-like pattern can only be sustained based on new members joining existing ones.

If you want to be absolutely sure that this is yet another dangerous financial game, consider the following points: the ownership of the site, track record, investment strategy and many more.


As usual, crooks will never expose their real identities. Even when they own a site that claims to offer investment services to members of the public, they will always do their best to utilize premium service which allows website owners to hide their real names and even the date of website registration.

If you spare a moment to run the full domain name of BTC Global on, you will be able to confirm for yourself that this is the exact thing that the owner of this website did. They made sure that no one could see their name or any other information that would lead to identifying them.

As it currently stands, these frauds don’t tell us who owns the site. Therefore, we assume that it’s owned by a crook or someone with a bad agenda.

That aside, consider the fact that Steven Twain is an anonymous person with no real track record of trading successfully.

Honestly, the story sounds like it was made up to create the impression that BTC Global is offering a premium service where members are more privileged compared to those who join other hedge fund services.

Little did they know that their referral program would clearly suggest that this is a pyramid scheme and nothing more.

Generally, hiding personal information when presenting such a service to the general public is illegal. Hiding address information is equally illegal. Also, in most countries, anyone intending to provide an investment service to members of the public should obtain licensing from members of the public.

Therefore, BTC Global is an illegal service. What makes it even more of a scam is the fact that its owner is completely anonymous. No name or reputation to prove what the site is boasting about.

Trading strategy

There is some reference to the trading strategy which these guys are supposed to use in order to make the ”guaranteed 14% weekly returns”.

btc global

Clicking on a tab labeled ”strategy” will take you to an empty Google doc page. Again, that’s a red flag because scammers intended to provide their trading strategy for us to see and then decided to delete whatever they had published on that page.

Clearly something is terribly wrong with this website. The more we dig into the matter, the more we find red flags which actually suggest that BTC Global is a property of scammers.

The 14% weekly return

The surest scam indicator would have to be the promised weekly returns. Just pause for a moment and think of 14% weekly returns. That would be 56% monthly return on investment. Most people would consider that kind of return insane and ridiculous. Moreover, no trading performance has been presented to justify those claims.

Do you still believe this nonsense? We definitely don’t. And we don’t see the reason why a rational person would believe a website carrying all these red flags.

Points to take note of

BTC Global has no ownership details. The story of Steven Twain was completely made up. That means it’s hogwash and a waste of your precious time.

Scammers seemed to have run out of creativity. So they decided to tell the tale of a character called Steven Twain. The funniest thing is that the so-called Steven Twain can’t even prove his trading background. How pathetic?

Another thing is that this site does not even have a disclaimer to warn investors of the fact that they can lose their capital.

Most ethical fund managers will publish this page at the footer. There is no way an honest fund manager will have a website that doesn’t contain a link to their disclaimer page.

Finally, payment to BTV Global account is in Bitcoin. The site does not accept any other form of deposit.

We do not think that this is confidence inspiring at all. The site has too many red flags, and now asking for Bitcoins is only going to ruin their reputation further.

Our best advice for you

You cannot send $1000 worth of Bitcoin to strangers who are not willing to disclose even the tinniest bit of information about themselves.

Secondly, you cannot send your coins to people who are not willing to produce a track record of their work.

The truth is that these guys have not been trading since there is no evidence of trading activities at all.

It leaves one thing in our imagination: the crooks have been running a full blown pyramid scheme where payment is accepted in Bitcoin and members are promised revenue that they will never earn.

To be on the safer side, invest with our recommended companies instead. You can either trade Bitcoins and other altcoins using these robots or mine the coins using the aforementioned option.

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12 Replies to “BTC Global Review: Scam? Not Again!!”

  1. Hi Warren
    Should I be concerned as I have invested in BTC Global since last year when they started and have made my money back 600%. I have paid off all my debt, saved more money than I can make in a year and have time to do as I please.
    They pay on time like clockwork,not a cent short into my designated account, No reversals, no funnies , just return on my investment as promised by a ghost in a sh*** company .Maybe Im scamming the scammers then? Or what is your take on that? It is because of people like you that people stay poor and keep struggling. Wished people could just think for themselves, will make the world a better place.
    Judgement can only be made once ALL the facts have been viewed. Get your story straight.

    PS: for interest sake lets look at a tipycal work enviroment
    The owner of a business makes the most,
    his 2 managers makes less but not more than him,
    the people they manage makes less than them…ect sounds like a pyramid scheme to me buddy.
    there will also never be more bosses or managers than workers…defenitley a pyramid..and the workers can never earn more than the boss..absolutely a pyramid.
    Maybe quit your job 😉

    1. And so it happened! I****lsayer did you get your promised return on investment yesterday? Please try and withdraw your initial deposit and see what happens. Then also acknowledge that Warren were right!

    2. You may have got the Profits from them, but people like me like new investor’s money all gone. From last week monday the daily income stopped crediting, and from last wednesday they are showing as server maintenance and now nothing as a blank paper. It’s good to hear that you’ve got atleast what they promised. Sad part for me is I was at the peak of withdrawing my investment on coming days, but that time they’ve stopped the company.

  2. What I don’t get is, can’t the man in the photo sue for using his photo? That is still a real person. I started to suspect things a couple months ago and now that I look back there were so many signs. I’m glad I’m wiser now. But I’m tired of these things happening and I hope there is some way to catch the people behind it.

  3. 1) Google reverse image search comes up with nothing on the photo, so it’s anyone’s guess who it is.
    2) There is now a disclaimer on the site, probably ripped from some other investor.
    3) The link is gone, but will take you to a Google Sheet showing how $1000 will grow to $23,000 in 32 weeks (if you reinvest every week).
    4) Nobody’s said it so far, so I will: “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.” In this case, it most definitely is.

  4. My neighbour a pensioner lost a lot of money and i advised him to open a case at the HAWKS against the co workers that talked him into this ,they stay in Kempton park so soon the police will visit them SHAME ON THE SCAMMERS

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