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Share This! is a very weird name for a domain and a website. It makes no sense at all. We even wonder whether people will come to this website and take them serious because from the look of things, BTC Grabber Comli simply means a scam waiting to grab your Bitcoins by pretending that they will add you more Bitcoins out of your investments. For the sake of convenience, let’s call these scammers BTC Grabber. The word ”Comli” makes no sense. What is more, this scam is hosted on a free platform, which makes us wonder why the owner couldn’t use the money they claim to make to purchase premium hosting for their service. If you wanted to invest in a scam like this, you need to think twice. There are good ways to invest your Bitcoin and BTC Grabber is not one of them.

What is it that this scam claims to provide? Visitors to this website may get confused at first due to the vagueness that surrounds this scam website. The only way to generate Crypto currencies is through mining. The only way to generate revenue with Bitcoin is by trading them. There is no other way to go round about. The service sounds vague. They claim to have a software that can add unlimited amounts of money into your wallet every day. They claim this software is safe and secure – no one will ever see your transactions because it was coded by top designers. It is not possible to believe this nonsense since the site lacks basic security features like an SSL certificate which comes with a premium hosting service.

Let’s rule out the possibility of making free money with this strange software because there is no way you can make free money with an imaginary software that does nothing. As for the safety and security of your transactions, this makes no sense because Crypto currency transactions are virtually anonymous. We have no idea what these scammers are talking about at this point in time.

And the funniest claim that these scammers made was that they used to offer this software for free until they realized people were abusing it. So they stopped offering free versions and now people must pay a specific amount of money in order to access the benefits. But when we scroll down the page, we come across a number of investment plans. One of those investment plans promises that investors will earn $15 every day for free. This is because the scammers are all of a sudden forgetting that they had claimed that their software cannot be used for free. In this plan, they are offering it for free. This is a huge contradiction and an indication that these cheap thieves lack attention to details.

BTC Grabber review

The concept that this website touts makes no financial sense. The website does not tell its audience how revenue is being generated. Instead, they have listed a number of investment plans and are promising a certain amount of dollar each day. This is the same concept that ponzi schemes use before they make an exit with people’s money. It would be right to suspect that this is a ponzi scheme or an outright attempt to defraud people.


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If users don’t want to go with the free plan, they can invest a minimum of $10 to earn $35 per day. Do you see why this is too good to be true? You see, there is no place on earth where people give $10 in exchange for a profit of $35 per day. And if this is the case, we need to find out where this money is coming from. There is no answer to this concern or question, which means that BTC Grabber is definitely a scam.

The site also claims that they are based in Manhattan, New York. This address does not appear to host a business whose website can be found on the domain stated in the first paragraph of this review. This is something they made up in order to appear more credible. The truth of the matter is that BTC Grabber is run by scammers. The problem with these scammers is that they are too basic and not persuading at all.

Even a phone number has been provided. We have not called the line because there is no need to waste resources on an obvious scam like BTC grabber. They might have published this phone number for purposes of fooling users that they are legit. They cannot attain credibility though.

Why this is an outright fraud

There are many elements that make BTC Grabber an obvious scam. Don’t you think its suspicious when a website asks for $10 in exchange for $35 per day profit? Where exactly does this money come from? They are neither mining nor trading. So the most likely activity here is scamming people through running a ponzi scheme while collecting peanuts and lying to victims that returns will be offered on a daily basis.

As for the free investment plan where the scammers claim that users will earn $15 per day, this is a trick to lure people to get them to upgrade so that they can lose their money ultimately. We understand that this website is giving access to a dashboard where investors can view whatever they have earned in real time. This dashboard is basically created for purposes of fooling users. The ones on the free plan will see money getting credited into their accounts on a daily basis. However, when it is time to cash out, the crooks will demand that the user should upgrade in order to access their profits. Then the scammers will do the obvious.

Our best advice for you

Not only is this website sounding weird, but it is also an obvious attempt to scam users. Do something meaningful with your Bitcoins. You could mine and produce even more. These cloud mining services offer the best mining services. Keep in mind that BTC Grabber is an embarrassing scam.

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