BTC Income Club Review: Scam Playing Dirty Games

BTC Income Club Review: Scam Playing Dirty Games

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If BTC Income Club was a club, it would be a club of death. Thankfully, it is a scam that has gained recognition throughout the worldwide web. Nearly everybody knows it. As a gesture of kindness, we’ve decided to warn you against this deceptive domain which can be found hosted at After going through the website and picking out some important details here and there, we are fully convinced that this is a money grab scheme. This is how modern ponzi schemes operate.

BTC Income Club website is not trust inspiring at all. The choice of colors and overall theme screams the worlds ”don’t trust them with your money”.

Don’t even believe the dubious stats that the site admin has published on the homepage. These statistics cannot be trusted as far as the operations of BTC Income Club are concerned.

Also, the returns are lucrative and abnormally high. These figures cannot be achieved anywhere in the world. We actually believe that BTC Income Club is a high yield investment scam where investors fund their operations and get Bullshit in return. Yes, you will not double your investments in 24 hours. There is no easy way to multiply our investments in a short duration. Anyone who tries to claim otherwise is definitely a scammer. And we already know that BTC Income Club is run by a scammer since they are selling us a financial fairy tale.

BTC Income Club review

We were definitely interested in their about us page because this is where we learn about the entity behind it, assuming that the information published therein is true.

btc income club

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According to BTC Income Club, this entity is a London-based international Cryptocurrency trading consultancy agency that focuses on stock trading, mining of Bitcoin, investment brokerage, debt and anti-crisis management and real estate management services for both private and institutions who are in need of these services.

They allegedly operate from London and hire freelance workers whom they claim can professionally manage finances since they are skilled in this area.

The question is this: if BTC Income Club is based in London, which is a lie, why are they investing in freelance asset managers? Don’t they have an office in the said location? Why can’t they hire workers locally? And finally, who are these ghost workers? They’ve never been introduced anywhere. Their identities remain a top secret as if it’s illegal to disclose them.

Most professional asset managers will make their employees known to the people they serve. This is not rocket science. An introduction of the employees plus their various roles must be made on the website in order for their targeted investor to gain confidence towards their business.

In this case, we have ghost asset managers who cannot be trusted. You shouldn’t be shocked if we reveal to you that this website doesn’t actually have employees in the form of asset managers. This is probably pure fabrication. It’s the reason they were not introduced. The scammers think that using stock images would be a bad idea, and so they’d rather mention it in the passing and hope that you will believe them.

Definitely we are not convinced by their about us page. Their international status cannot be verified. If the existence if employees can’t be confirmed, rest assured that BTC Income Club is so anonymous that nothing else can be confirmed.

Company details

We do not trust new companies that employ a ponzi scheme model of business. Having been privately registered on March 2, 2018, we can only say that this website is so new that it doesn’t have a reputation yet.

The fact that no one has been scammed yet doesn’t mean that BTC Income Club is any safer. The red flags are there. For example, their domain is privately registered on, just the same way ponzi schemes make use of privacy guard.

It’s intentional. Rest assured that the person in charge of this website is dishonest and canning. That is why they are not willing to reveal their identity to you or anyone else interested in their phony investment service.

As always, they did seek UK business registration and actually got it. They have a company registration which suggests that they were registered in London on the said date. Now, this is a corporate if we are to go by these details.

The problem is that we cannot believe that we are dealing with a legit company if its activities look like high yield investment operations. Registering a company in the UK is dirt cheap. It barely costs money. That is why all ponzi schemes with no reputation will register a company as a way of making their operations look legitimate in the eyes of potential investors.

The existence of a company behind this ponzi scheme doesn’t make it legitimate. That’s probably something you should know. Even Bitconnect, a well-known scam that has since collapsed was once a corporate in the UK. What it did was to steal client funds because it was running a high yield investment operation that is similar to those of BTC Income Club.

Don’t believe in fairy tales

It has been said before. We will repeat it just in case some of you have not gotten it right yet. 20% a day is impossible to achieve and maintain. 100% in 48 hours is ridiculous. 300% in 4 days is plain absurd. These ROIs are nothing more than financial fairy tales. Believe them and you will end up losing money.

There is nowhere in the world people make these kinds of returns. So forget what this scam is telling you and cling to what is real.

Our best advice for you

If BTC Income Club was legit, it would have sought a license from the FCA since it is actively purporting to offer investment advice to members of the public. But now that they have deliberately ignored the law, we can only say that they have an ill motive. BTC Income Club must be avoided. Any rational investor wanting to invest in BTC must trade them with these robots or mine them, period.

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