BTC Income Is Scam: Read This Review

BTC Income Is Scam: Read This Review

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BTC Income is a new UK-based company whose tagline says that they are an International Reliable Bitcoin Doubling Program on the internet. There is so much craze about doubling Bitcoin these days. No wonder scams like BTC Income have emerged and are over-promising in the hopes that they will find a few unsophisticated investors willing to day dream with them.

Records indicate that BTC Income website came online just the other day — in August 2017, meaning that this website is relatively new and has not yet gained any meaningful history.

The biggest challenge here is believing the impossible returns that BTC Income is promising. We have never heard of any investment opportunity where people made 128% per day. It even gets worse when someone starts saying that if you give them more money, they can increase that interest so you can earn 135% per day.

Now, it’s total illusion when the same person says that it’s within their power to increase the daily returns exponentially. As you can see, BTC Income has 4 plans that don’t make any sense.

The first plan is called the standard plan. It promises a whooping 128% a day. The second plan is called Premium. This one promises 135% a day. The third plan is called Deluxe. Deluxe promises an impossible 150% in 2 days. The fourth plan is the Freedom plan. Here, guys are promised 220% in two days.

We don’t know about you. But these figures just don’t look right. The thing is, all Bitcoin doubling programs are scams. There is no exception. And if you were led to believe that BTC Income is one of those few exceptions (if they really exist), then this review was published specifically for your consumption.

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BTC Income Review

The biggest problem with this website is that it is promising the impossible. The 4 packages mentioned above are misleading. There is no way you can put in a tiny investment of $20 and make $25 in 24 hours. By the way, the basic plan only needs $20 to get started with. This is a nice way of collecting several $20 from unsuspecting investors who want to test this service in curiosity.

BTC income impossible returns

You see, if we were to do the math factoring in a deposit of $20 only and using the current interest rate (which is impossible to achieve with any legitimate investment), we would realize a profit of $25 at the end of 24 hours. That means that BTC Income is promising more than double your seed investment. In one month, this would bring in $750 out of a $20 investment. As you can see, this is the true definition of a scam project.

Clearly those values say that BTC Income is not doing any meaningful activity to invest their client money. In fact, it seems that these people have no idea when they say that they can turn in a minimum return on investment of 128% per day.

To give you a good clue on what is happening here and how impossible those values are to achieve, we’d consider what is possible with a legitimate crypto-mining programs.

A legitimate crypto mining program would make way less than 1% on a daily basis. In fact, some days’ activities would even result in losses. But at the end of 30 days, they would turn a realistic 5% on average.

With the increasing demand for Bitcoin, it means that mining is getting harder, and no matter the technology you are using, you cannot collect all the Bitcoin out there to your pocket. We just gave a real world example above. It gives you a good hint on what is realistic to achieve.

Therefore, if someone tells you that they make 128% per day, they are clearly going overboard and are day dreaming. If not, they are blatant scams who disregard the fact that investors do have a common sense.

About BTC Income

In the BTC Income website, we learn that this website is the representation of a UK Mining and Forex trading company with a focus on Bitcoin mining investments in different countries. They also claim to invest in Forex trading and Stock Option.

They claim that this company exposes investors to zero risks. Is there any form of investment that has zero risk? The answer is a big No. But we do understand that this is the language of all scams. If they tell you that their investment model is safe to participate in, you will feel confident and therefore part with some money in the name of purchasing their plans.

The website describes this UK company as an Investment and trading Licensed Company dealing in various portfolio since 2015. They also claim that their mining centers were live even before Ethereum came into the picture.

Is there any proof to these allegations? Does this company even have a separate website which got registered in 2015 when they launched the so-called Investment and trading Licensed Company?

We certainly expect that BTC Income would have launched their first website back in 2015 — if the things they tell us on this website are anything to go by. Why wait until August 2017 to launch a website when operations began in 2015? It does not make any sense.

Who owns this silly company? Well, there is no name, only company name and registration number. The owner is clearly not willing to disclose their details because this is an illegal business operation.

Company registration means nothing. Folks have been duped by scams like BTC Income because they thought that registration numbers were a sign of authentication. In the past, we have reviewed a number of businesses in this niche. Most of them are registered in the UK. But they are all scams. Therefore, registration means nothing.

Proof that this is just a pyramid scheme

BTC Income is a pyramid scheme, and all pyramid schemes are illegal and designed to feed the top guys only.

As you can see, this website is promising affiliate commissions where people earn 10% on level 1, 3% on level 2 and 2% on level 3.

btc income pyramid scheme

If we consider that this website is already promising ridiculous amounts of daily interest in profits, do you believe that this affiliate reward model is even remotely possible?

Where is all this money coming from? Well, you don’t need to scratch your head so hard. This is a pyramid scheme. Once you get your money in (because you will be funding your account with them through Bitcoin), there is no way to get it out. We have not seen any testimonial or evidence that this company pays.

There are two tables on the website which show the number of investors who have allegedly joined BTC Income as well as recent payouts that were made to members.

btc income fake payout table

It is impossible to verify the legitimacy of any information published there. We would have certainly appreciated a third party verification or some documents that are transparent and can be independently verified.

What we have in those tables are just figures, period. Anyone can start a website and construct a table with various values in it. They can then decide to include the name of ghost investors and the payouts which they made to them on various occasions. Isn’t that simple? Yes it is. Can it be used as concrete evidence that they are paying individuals? Not at all.

Our best advice for you

Just avoid this scam at all cost. We have the best Bitcoin mining opportunities here.


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3 Replies to “BTC Income Is Scam: Read This Review”

  1. Yes it’s true. is scam . It paid me the first time . I invest the second time.this time it sent me an email with a forced bonus. It didn’t pay this time . Ì lose my money . Don’t invest .

  2. I invested with BTC-INCOME early 2019, and all the keep telling me is to deposit more money to enable me withdraw what I invested. SCAM. Till date I still can’t withdraw. I transferred $51 instead of $50 for Validation that I have to send another $50 again to get the ID.

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