BTC Instant Review: is a Poor Scam Attempt

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BTC Instant Review: is a Poor Scam Attempt

There is only a finite number of Bitcoins in supply. To be precise, this number stands at 21 million, and will never exceed this figure no matter what. So when scams like claim that they can double or triple your Bitcoins in 24 hours, you better be suspicious because these suckers are looking to smoke your wallet.

You must have come across the website where BTC Instant software is hosted at, and you’re probably wondering whether it’s real.

Some people get tempted by these offers. You simply deposit a certain amount of Bitcoin, and then the crooks doubles or triples it for you.

It sounds too good to be true. You definitely have to do some due diligence on your part because failure to do so will always result in a loss that is equivalent to the minimum Bitcoins required to ”double or triple” the deposit.

If you have not sent some Bitcoins to BTC Instant Bitcoin wallet yet, you’re lucky. But if you got smitten and hurriedly sent the minimum Bitcoins which they are asking for, you’re already doomed to lose that money. We are sorry for the awful experience.

Note: only these robots can help you create more Bitcoins.

BTC Instant Review: There is no software that triples Bitcoins

btc instant review

The first thing that opportunity seekers on the web need to understand is that there is nothing like Bitcoin doubling or tripling software. Bitcoin is not created out of thin air.

It has to be mined or traded within the confinements of the 21 million volume that is in supply. Anyone who wants to create Bitcoins out of thin air is definitely a magician or a scammer.

We know that magicians are hard to come by in this niche. So that person definitely has to be a scammer.

The way we see it is that all deposits collected by BTC Instant goes to funding the lifestyle of these crooks. There is no question or doubt about it.

The biggest lie that has ever been told on the internet is that there exist a software that can triple Bitcoins instantly.

BTC Instant is one such lie. It has no basis absolutely. There is no rationale behind this. It is unreasonable and silly to think that someone can hurriedly put together a website one afternoon and start announcing that they have a robot that is multiplying Bitcoin, and they are giving it out for free.

Does it make sense to you when you think about it realistically?

Furthermore, the crooks that run BTC Instant website are encouraging people to lose more money because they know that most people are greedy when it comes to making more money. How exactly are they encouraging you to deposit more money?

btc instant website

Well, the minimum Bitcoin that is required to start multiplying your BTC is 0.01 Bitcoin. However, if you want to triple what you have deposited, you should start with a minimum of 0.50 Bitcoin.

In other words, if you want to triple your Bitcoin in the next 24 hours using BTC Instant, you need to deposit more money. Suckers are happy with this because they know most people will go for the ”tripling package”.

To make you convinced and a little more excited, these guys use their creativity to play with your imagination. They claim that maximum withdrawal that can be performed on the BTC Instant website is 2.40 Bitcoin.

So that means scammers are actually tripling Bitcoin. If they can say that maximum withdrawal is 2.40 Bitcoin per day, then it must be true that they are creating Bitcoin out of thin air.

It sounds amazing. But don’t be trapped. These guys want you to keep funding their lifestyle. There is nothing like free money. If this software was multiplying Bitcoins the way they claim, it would cost a fortune. It would not be free to download.

This brings us to the question of why BTC Instant is giving it out in the first place.

Why BTC Instant website has a free software for you

They gave us a very silly explanation as to why the creators of this software were giving it out for free. They claimed that they had made a lot of money with this software, and that they felt that it would be fair to give everyone else a chance to make a lot of money too.

The question is, does this explain why someone is giving away a billion-dollar worth software for free?

Well, you be the judge. But such kind of an explanation does not even convince a 4 year old.

As you can see, this website does not have anything valuable enough to offer investors. There is absolutely nothing for you here. Anyone who risks his money in this website will definitely lose it because that’s what it was made for.

How does it work?

It’s only fair to ask this question when someone says that they will give you a free robot that triples Bitcoin out of nowhere.

We asked the same question too. The answer was a vague explanation as always. The website claims that this software contains 3 high level coded tools inside it. That’s it. There is no more explanation on what those tools are and what they do.

Furthermore, we are not told whether BTC Instant mines or trades Bitcoin. The shady operation just leaves it to your imagination. So those who actually love to imagine and dream can easily fall for the scam even if it’s quite obvious that it will bring disappointments as soon as the investor sends their Bitcoins.

Who owns BTC Instant website?

Such a software would attract the attention of the world only if it existed. The problem is that this thing doesn’t work. That is why it is available for free, plus the owner is hiding to ensure that they can evade trouble.

You see, this website’s domain is privately registered on This is a typical characteristic of a shady website. Most of them involve Cryptocurrencies.

The aim is to make it harder for people to trace them once they have stolen Bitcoins.

We definitely don’t recommend doing business with a website whose owner is anonymous. You should be suspicious when a website owner claiming to help investors make money out of nowhere is hiding their identity.

Summary of points to note

This software should be downloaded into your computer so it can supposedly make Bitcoin for you.

But we are warning you that this is not the case. You’re going to download a software that fills up your hard disk and does nothing to increase your Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, your Bitcoin will be lying in the scammer’s wallet. There is nothing you can do about it once you hit the tab ”send Bitcoin”.

It’s quite unfortunate that we are dealing with someone who does not want to disclose their identity.

And thirdly, this website does not give us any reason as to why we should download BTC Instant.

Our best advice for you

BTC Instant is a convenient way for scammers to collect Bitcoins from the public. There is absolutely nothing in it. No user reviews or testimonials whatsoever. And one thing is always for sure. If you try them, you will lose all that money. It’s simple as that. Anyone who wants to use software to create Bitcoin should select from this list only.

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