BTC Investments Review – A Stubborn Scam, Avoid

BTC Investments Review – A Stubborn Scam, Avoid

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The specific domain name that we are focusing on here is As you can see, this website is based out of South Africa, and is parading itself for ”charitable causes”. Members of BTC Investments are supposed to distribute Bitcoins among themselves through a special pyramid structure.

You have probably encountered these scams before where the site admin claims that the more you can give, the more you shall receive.

The question that is on the mind of everyone reading this is whether BTC Investments is legit. Is it really safe to put your money here?

We will answer that question in the next paragraph of this BTC Investments review. Please note that this is an unbiased review aimed at educating and even warning you of dire consequences if we feel that the investment opportunity is risky to participate in.

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BTC Investments review

The main claim here is that BTC Investments is a platform where people come together to invest in Bitcoins with the purposes of supporting a common cause such as joblessness in South Africa.

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They have installed an MLM business model that is based on a 2 x 5 Matrix structure. Kingdom Ministries is the entity that resides at the helm of this pyramid scheme.

The concept here is that if you give more Bitcoins, you will receive more Bitcoins. That is a concept that does not make sense when we talk of MLMs. It is a concept that will simply baffle financial experts because for you to receive more money in a pyramid scheme structure, one person must lose more money.

btc investments review

It is simply a zero sum game where people cannot earn money and be fair to others at the same time.

The way BTC Investments work is that you should choose a cause to contribute to. Once you have committed to that specific cause, you will automatically be placed in a position where you will receive contributions from members who are funding your cause.

Now, every contribution on this platform is transacted in form of Bitcoin and not in fiat currencies. The minimum investment that these folks are asking for is 0.002 Bitcoins. The investment cycle runs for 180 days or 6 months.

BTC Investments has also set a specific minimum and maximum that people can give and receive respectively. The maximum that you can give is 0.565 BTC while the maximum that you can receive is 16.896 BTC.

According to BTC Investments website, they are a group of like-minded individuals who came together to form a community of people who educate each other on matters related to Bitcoin investments. The other goal is to make community members earn a small amount of Bitcoin each day.

They allegedly educate members on ways to invest and grow wealth. Unfortunately, this vibe does not convince us at all. As explained before, you cannot expect people to earn from the sacrifices of those who give. This is unfair and illegal by all means. A zero sum game will always leave many people lamenting of their losses.

Let’s see what other characteristics that BTC Investments is exhibiting.

BTC Investments: How it works

BTC Investments follows a 2×5 Matrix structure where individual payments are handled through the system. Unfortunately, when you join these folks, you will have to fund the person that referred you to this platform with an amount of money not less than 0.002 BTC.

Once payment has been finalized, BTC Investments entitles to receive this amount from two other members who will join you.

This payout structure continues to 5 levels deep. The 5th level is where payouts are supposed to be high. The website is also encouraging its members to sign up more than one account under different legs because one leg can grow faster than the other.

By following this advice, BTC Investments claims that its members will be able to receive monthly payouts for the 180 days investment cycle.

At the very least, BTC Investments is honest with the fact that they are running a ponzi scheme. We know that ponzi schemes are not a reliable business model, and they are illegal.

Why you should never invest your money with this platform

In theory, this is an advanced ponzi scheme.Do not be fooled by the phrase ”cash gifting” because that phrase is just another way of saying ponzi scheme.

But the site is also canning and deceptive in the sense that they are hiding behind charity. These guys are essentially ‘donating for charity’, meaning that one must not expect to earn a coin from charity donations. The money should go straight away to the people who need it. How these funds come back to the system is what we do not understand.

You see, these guys don’t trade or mine Bitcoins. They do not have a product or service line. Instead, the main source of income is from member contribution. You cannot expect this kind of business model to be sustainable in the long run. If new members stop coming in, the opportunity will stop making payouts because all funds are only generated from new deposits.

Even then, the site admin stands to gain the most revenue because money is first sent to their wallet so that they can distribute a small portion of that money to the so-called BTC Investments members.

More red flags

Once you know that you are dealing with a ponzi scheme, you can either decide to keep your money or get scammed anyways.

The site was registered 1 year ago, and they actually have an address on the platform that captured these records for public view.

The address 67 Wessels Street, Johannesburg, Western Cape, 2128, ZA is not listed correctly. You can rest assured that Johannesburg and Western Cape are two different places. There is a very large distance separating the two places. There is no way you can fit the two places into one sentence when referencing to a physical location. It is just foolish.

The other issue that we have discovered is that this same address has been used by several other scam sites operating in the country.

At one time, this address was used by a fake online retailer who purportedly sold Apple Watches. Of course the buyer never gets to receive their orders in such instances.This same address has been shared with a couple of other sites in the region.

What this could mean is that the address does not represent any actual location in South Africa. At this point, alarms should go off in your head because this is clearly an indication that BTC Investments is a scam site as well.

The site is also operating anonymously because the domain is registered with the name of the organization rather than an individual. We cannot immediately establish who is behind this operation.

Our best advice for you

The site owner has made a deliberate move not to introduce site admins, their information, biographies etc. If you click the tab labeled ‘Kingdom Ministries’, you will come across names of 5 men who supposedly found the organization.

Of course these names could have been picked randomly. There is no proof that BTC Investments is telling the truth with regards to these names.

The point is, ignore these signs at your own peril. Legit Bitcoin investments can only happen through these opportunities.

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