BTC Job World Review: is a Scam

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BTC Job World Review: is a Scam

BTC Job World investors is an online-based platform that claims to offer investors crypto services. However, do not be so quick to fall for their catch because we will unravel the red flags exposed and why we do not recommend them to make Profits for you.

They claim to provide you with exchanges, yet the kind of pairs they trade with is unknown. The owners of the platform have not been mentioned anywhere, and dealing with anonymous people is very risky.

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The company does not require you to have any knowledge of Forex trading, yet they do not provide any learning material. Investors are urged that they will be able to learn how to earn from Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum, among others.

Investors are introduced to the website via a video which definitely features a paid actor who claims to have experience in the trading world, and the video is aimed at helping you understand the platform. However, no names have been mentioned, and no evidence of any experience they hold is available to verify these allegations.

The video does not explain how the platform is going to operate; instead, they give general information which is already known regarding the cryptocurrency world. Investors are also promised top-notch team of personnel though no support of the same has been proven.

Investors are also urged that they’ll receive up to $300 daily yet how they come up with this figure is unknown, and the kind of strategy or software is also used not mentioned. Transparency is vital in every legit investment firm that tends to deliver top-notch services to investors, and you can easily verify the credibility of the software.

However, if you’re looking to make a profit in the cryptocurrency world, you ought to use the best trading tools that will minimize the risk you encounter while trading and make massive profits for you. Review exposes multiples scam characteristics, and any experienced investor will realize this and avoid the platform at all costs. The kind of offers they promise investors do not add up, and they are overestimated and non-sensible.

BTC Job World Review, Platform

How the trading tool operates is not known; the company has a bad reputation all over social media of sad investors who have lost money from the firm. Once you have lost money, reaching the platform is not easy because they do not provide any whereabouts address.

Scammers rarely provide information that may lead to their location, and this is because they result in opening new platforms and try to rob more customers. There is no trend evidence, but you can rely on to showcase any trade activities taking place, and the companies have a hidden agenda.

The kind of algorithm used by the software in coming up with the profits is unknown, and you cannot test the credibility. The legit trading software will always provide you with a trial period of at least more than a month, but you can come up with the winning strategy.

The trading world faces high volatility, and promising investors constant returns is not entirely true. In the past, it was possible to generate massive profits for investors but due to the enormous competition generating steady returns requires patience and knowledge.

The minimum tradable amount is 0.05 BTC investors have to exchange 0.005 BTC through an exchanger. Investors have to wait for confirmation and approvals, which takes up to 10 minutes.

You need to complete multiple exchanges which will help you reach the $300 mark daily. However, do not be so quick to fall for the catch because no investor seems to benefit from this strategy.


BTC Job World tries to win your trust by using fake customers and positive reviews which they pay to work and earn your trust in the Investment firm. The company does not provide any link to the result in the positive profiting trade investors claim to have made this statement is definitely made up.

They use stock images and the names of just made up because during our research, we discovered that they do not even exist. Scammers will result in using paid actors and you should able to verify any information they mention via trade links.

Funds Safety

How your funds are going to operate, and the trading tool to generate profit is unknown, we do not recommend this platform to be safe with your funds. The company also uses fake testimonies, and some angry customers have lost funds, and the result is not like you to change when you invest with them.

There’s no visible evidence of any past trade transactions that the tool has been able to complete, and you risk losing all your money. Legit investment firms will always provide you with the trial period of at least 30 days that you can use to come up with the winning strategy for your trades.

Some angry investors have lost money from the company, and this kind of trait will lead to massive loses. If at all, this company was making the said profits, then the traffic ought to be higher, and they would not even sell the tool because it will help them make money for themselves.


BTC Job world is not a regulated platform and may quickly get shut at any given time with all your investment funds. The company is operating illegally and generating funds from the public without the consent of the regulators.

Different countries have come up with various laws to protect the citizens from scammers, and regulation is among the top mandatory requirements. For any legit investment firm to be allowed to generate funds from public control is necessary.

The owners of this investment firm risk facing criminal prosecutions and is the main reason their location is unknown. Legit trading tools that are regulated always showcase a high level of transparency, and you can easily trust such a company to make money for you.

Contact support

Customers who require assistance in company-related queries can reach the company via email [email protected]. However, once this platform has your funds the possible outcome, your details get blocked, and you can not reach the platform for assistance.

Furthermore, there are legit software’s that you can trust to make profits for you, and you quickly get assistance instantly. Working contact support is very important, and it boosts the customers trust in the platform.

Final Verdict

BTC Job World promises investors $300 every day, yet how they come up with this figure is unknown, and this is a major red flag. Always invest with the profitable crypto trading bots in the market. Some platforms make profits for investors, and the risk you encounter trading is lowered.

There is no information regarding that whereabouts of the platform owners, and you risk dealing with criminals who might not have any idea in crypto trading. You should have a trial period that you can test the credibility of the tool and come up with a winning strategy.

The company also uses fake testimonies, and they fail to provide any link towards the winning trade. The company risks facing closure at any given time for operating against the low and generating funds from the public illegally.

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