BTC Mining Option Review: A Scam Mining Platform?

BTC Mining Option Review: A Scam Mining Platform?

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In this review, we are going to explain reasons why we think BTC Mining Option is a phony investment platform not worth your time and money. It fits the definition of a scam Bitcoin mining platform. The theory is that you have to rent mining hardware by purchasing any of the plans so that you can start generating profits every day. However, visitors of this website want to know just how much they can make with BTC Mining Option. The website claims that they can make 100% returns. Now the question becomes: after how long can they make these returns?

The reason we suspect that BTC Mining Option is a scam operation is because they are talking of realizing profits ”per mining” which is something that does not make sense to us. That part is not very clear, and we are therefore left with many questions to ask ourselves. You see, mining of Bitcoin isn’t a defined step. It is rather a process that results in mined BTC. You cannot say that you will realize profits after every mining. The reward of the process is what brings about BTC. Therefore, the explanation that BTC Mining Option is giving is clearly out of order.

Let’s see other reasons as to why BTC Mining Option might be considered a scam or a suspicious investment platform.

BTC Mining Option Review

This program continues to miss the mark with their presentation. Let’s focus on the alleged 100% return on investment. This does not make sense. Making 100% is not possible in mining of BTC and other altcoins due to the fact that the price of Cryptocurrencies is falling. Even if you mined for one year with some of the most reputable mining operations on the internet, you would never make 100% return on investment. You’d probably make 40% but definitely not 80%, 90% or 100%.

BTC Mining Option

Also, when we look at their investment plans, we see that BTC Mining Option is claiming to invest in Forex, Binary Options and Gold as well. However, the operational process hasn’t been defined and there is also no proof to suggest that BTC Mining Option is investing in these areas.

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The basic investment plan is supposed to yield a 40% ROI. The website does not tell us after how long. But those returns are definitely high and no legit website can quite such figures unless they want to mislead investors so they can scam them.

We suppose that BTC Mining Option is trying to suggest that these returns are possible because they are investing in trading to supplement what they get from mining BTC. The question is why there is no talk about their data centers, their employees, or anything that involves the operations of the website? There is a sense of lack of transparency and accountability, which is an element that is always present in many Cryptocurrency ponzi schemes.

Therefore, all in all, nothing makes sense in this mining program. Unless they explain more with evidence of their mining and trading activities, it will remain classified as a Bitcoin mining fraud.

A fake company it is

BTC Mining Option says that it is registered as a company. The name of the corporation is Currency Trading Investment Company. Preliminary investigations can reveal that this is a big lie and we could be dealing with a fake company behind the operations of BTC Mining Option. The company is allegedly based in London UK. That means they need a license from the Financial Conduct Authority FCA. If they claim that they are trading Forex, Binary Options and Gold, they definitely need this license.

Apparently, the FCA does not know anything about BTC Mining Option. That means they are not registered an definitely not licensed to conduct these operations  on the behalf of their investors.

The truth of the matter

The truth is that BTC Mining Option is just a ponzi scam. The anonymous admin is busy collecting funds from gullible internet users who want quick wealth. You cannot become rich overnight by thinking that this platform is your ticket to quick financial freedom.

The fact that the owner is anonymous means that they have a second agenda which you do not know of. The agenda is mostly to rob you as soon as you make a deposit.

Once you make a deposit, they may either issue a small payout to attract more money into the system or opt not to offer any payouts at all.

These operations have not always lasted 6 months. They always collapse along the way.  Their owners usually run away with the funds at some point. It becomes easy for them to do so because they are anonymous and are only accepting payment in Bitcoin.

The reason as to why BTC Mining Option is potentially a scam is that it lacks transparency and their operations are not quite clear. Lack of a regulator’s license is also something to think about because if they are based out of London, they must surely seek the authorization of the FCA to trade the assets which they claim to invest in.

So far, nothing is genuine about the operations of BTC Mining Option. Apart from the fact that they are not licensed, this website has not introduced any of its employees. This makes us believe that it could be a solo operation since there is no evidence of trading yet. If they really trade these instruments, it shouldn’t be a challenge producing proof of trading. However, it seems that BTC Mining Option is not willing to clean up its reputation. It appears that they are planning to do a runner some day after they’ve collected enough.

Our best advice for you

If you don’t want to be disappointed, you better consider these legit Cryptocurrency mining platforms. These companies don’t beat around the bush. They are upfront with their operations and do not see the need to maintain a anonymous profile. Also, they have created quite a buzz online where users are generally praising their work. As for BTC Mining Option, we recommend total avoidance unless you want to get scammed.

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