BTC Real Review: Scam Investment Advisory

BTC Real Review: Scam Investment Advisory

Share This! is using an old tired template to scam as many naive investors as possible. We are hoping that none of you will fall for BTC Real because their tricks are quite obvious by now. There are 3 plans promising up to 50,000% in 3 days. Don’t get excited because this is a way of making naive investors feel good at the prospects of throwing their money down the rain through BTC Real website. Even if you do not have any financial knowledge, you will recon that 50,000% in 3 days is an absolutely ridiculous ROI to promise anyone. Even if we were to choose their basic plan which claims to generate 500% in 10 days, we would have trouble believing it. This is just too good to be real. We have many doubts about BTC Real simply because the site has too many red flags to ignore.

Therefore, to cut the long story short, BTC Real is a scam that can never prove how ROI is generated. If you want to invest in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, you should consider trading these coins. If you have no experience, you must only rely on an automated solution for doing so. But you must not expect to get rich overnight. Remove that ideology in your mind. That is a reserve for scammers.

So in this BTC Real review, we will be proving this assertion with supported facts. If you doubt that the red flags are nothing to worry about, read this review carefully because we have many shocking things to say about BTCReal.

BTC Real Review

On their landing page, they claim that their ”company” is involved in a number of businesses and that one of the things they are doing is to bring together the efforts of ”experienced Financial analysts” and market traders who will guarantee successful and ”super results”. We see a too good to be true element in this description. Actually, it sounds like a copied statement. A serious company usually parades some of their staff members on their site with the intention of proving that they have real employees. However, with this site, there is nothing like that. In fact, BTC Real does not prove or give any evidence to suggest that they are working with experienced financial analysts and market traders.


So this is definitely a very big lie. While they claim that they have developed ”very profitable strategies for trading”, that is a very big lie because they do not even have traders who are working for them in the first place. What they have is a one man army who is looking to rob gullible internet users their Bitcoins. They have to masquerade like a hedge fund with serious traders behind it. But we already know the trick and also how to spot these criminals from afar. One thing you have to understand is that this website isn’t trading at all because it does not employ any serious trader. It is just an outlet for collecting funds from members of the public. You can see it right there based on their template and style of presentation.

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3 too good to be true investment plans

There are 3 plans and all of them are promising unrealistic returns. The first plan promises 500% in 10 days. The second plan alleges that you will get a return of 600% in two days. The third plan says you get 50,000% in 3 days.

Minimum investment is $30 and maximum is $300,000. Rest assured that if these plans were real, the anonymous owner of this website would have generated a lot of wealth. They would have collected all the money in the internet by now. They would never hustle random internet users of their money. The reason they have not retired to a private island is because they are scammers looking to collect any money that will be sent their way.

So far, BTCReal has proved that they are generating ROI from money collected on the internet. But they have not proved that this ROI is coming from trading. At the very least, there is no evidence of their trading performance or even talks of benchmarks and other things. Therefore, we believe that ROIs are only generated from funds that are collected from naive investors. This is in fact a ponzi scheme because they can’t prove a basic operation.

Fake user statistics

BTCReal is showing us fake statistics on their website. Total deposits and total withdrawals figures are quite misleading because even if we were to believe them, we would not be able to verify that information. It has not been verified by a third party. BTC Real wants us to believe those figures anyway. Clearly this scam can only snatch from many people. But it will never display the exact number of victims who have fallen into their hands.

No licensing

BTCReal is telling us that they are our trusted investment advisor. Is this true? No way. The site cannot be trusted and even the anonymous operator can never be trusted. We do not know from which country BTCReal is operation from. But most likely it has to be in the UK. Now, you have to know that if this scam is operating in the UK, they have to seek the authorization of the FCA, which will require them to produce their identity and qualifications as well. They do not have these two things. A scammer fears getting exposed. Furthermore, scammers fear accountability. So that means they would like to remain off the radar until an inconvenient time when running this website will be impossible. But as long as the scammers are comfortable, they will continue to make money with this fake investment advisory platform.

Our best advice for you

Right now, trading of Cryptocurrencies is a very reliable business model. If you want to make money by trading them, don’t give your money to a scammer (BTC Real) who claims they will manage your portfolio. Just sign up with any of these trading robots and jump aboard. Otherwise, never think for a second that BTC Real is a serious investment website.

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3 Replies to “BTC Real Review: Scam Investment Advisory”

    1. yes i think they are scam.i deposit $30 to gain 700% in 24 hours. then my dashboard shows that i have $240 total balance. when i request for withdrawals, they told me to deposit first $150 in order to process my withdrawals and then the $150 will be added as my new investment.

  1. Yes they are scammers i deposited 30$ then they asked to pay 150$ to activate withdrawal system so k paid after that they want 300$. Totally bulls*** scammers. Please everyone out there don’t waste your time and money to these scammers.

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