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Share This! is a very popular site that claims to mine Crypto currencies for its users. The site is mainly popular in countries like India where majority of its visitors seem to be originating from. You need not to confuse with another popular site that claims to mine Bitcoin for its users. The name of the site is Bitcoinone and if you check Google for reviews, you will find a lot of comments on forums where people give mixed opinions regarding the site and its services.

Ordinarily, Bitcoin is abbreviated as BTC which we think is giving this site a good exposure and yet they do not deserve it. The reason for this line of thought is because we have clearly observed that Google is mixing up things such that when we search for Btcone review, what comes up is Bitcoinone reviews. Just to clear things and avoid confusion, Bitcoinone is a Crypto currency project that has its coin listed on Coinmarketcap. The coin in question may soon get listed on Mercatox as well. However, for Btcone, things are different. The site is clearly a scam and if you plan to start serious mining, we advice that you only deal with genuine Bitcoin mining sites as opposed to these shady cloud mining operations that tempt your greed.

Btcone review

Obviously scammers are capitalizing on the fact that if they can ride on the reputation of a genuine domain, they will be able to get a lot of free traffic, which has worked for them to some extent. The project that this scam took advantage of was announced in June 2018. When these malicious people heard that the project had been launched, they followed it up with their own version in October 2018. It appears that the scammers were learning about the project all this while before they could use their knowledge of SEO to leverage on the traffic that the genuine site was expected to receive.


In terms of what they offer, Btcone claims that they are providing Crypto currency cloud mining services. They proclaim  that they are a leading cloud mining service on the internet, although it is hard believing these claims seeing that this website has already stole the name of another popular Crypto currency project with the intention of confusing victims to think that they are on a genuine domain when they are actually on a wrong website. These scammers even claim that Btcone was set up in 2015 but this is a big fat lie. If you look at details for the domain in question, you will find out that this is far from the truth. The truth is that the site in question is very new, having been registered in October 2018 to engage in fraudulent activities rather than in genuine BTC mining.

They claim to have invested in over 90k machines but it’s clear that the purpose of Btcone is not to invest in mining machines but to scam investors. There is zero evidence of the existence of these machines. Surely if this business had over 90k mining machines, they would do a walk through video showing us the inside of their data centers and the kind of machines which they operate for this kind of work. But this video is not available on their website. Besides, there is no other form of evidence that has been provided on the website to prove that Btcone is mining Bitcoin for their users.

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850,000 active users is a big fat lie

Whereas they may have leveraged on the traffic of a genuine site, we don’t believe that this site has any active users at the moment. It ranks well simply because it has a lot of visitors but once these visitors convert and get tricked to the point of losing money, they pull out and count their losses. For that reason, this number if a big fat lie. Also, if this number was real, then it would be quite obvious that the site was not started in October last year. Businesses that have this number of active subscribers are at least 2 years old. This one is just a couple of months old and yet they keep lying on their site to attract funds from naive investors. You cannot believe their bogus claims because these have not been backed by any strong evidence.

List of latest Bitcoin transactions

Btcone is one hell of a funny scam because they have even provided us with a list of users who have been allegedly paid using Bitcoin. While they are genuine Bitcoin addresses, you can rest assured that the information that goes into this list does not change. That means it is the same Bitcoin addresses and the same amount of money that is always being displayed on this suspicious list. In simple terms, this is a list of fake transactions that once happened on the blockchain but the site owner keeps recycling the list to create the impression that their site is paying. You cannot believe this stupid game.

How Btcone plans to scam users

They have a free plan and this is how they get to scam users. Once an investor is registered on the free plan, they will see mining activities on their dashboard, not knowing that this is just graphics and that no actual mining is taking place. With the minimum deposit requirement that has been set so low, most gullible people will just be tempted to upgrade their mining plans to one of the paid plans. This is how the site scams every user who gets tempted to pay some Bitcoin in hope that they will upgrade to a more powerful mining plan.

Our best advice for you

This is a very funny operation. It is aimed at fleecing you of your hard earned money. That is why they are so smart to use tricks that will help them generate traffic. By no means should you believe Btcone. If you want to mine Bitcoin, our advice is that you should find out what sites are providing genuine mining services and use them for this purpose. 

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12 Replies to “ Review: Is BTC One Legit or Scam?”

  1. Beware of site it’s totally a scam site. I don’t invest in it thou but i use the free minning to try if it is paying. I’m almost at 300k satoshi in few days but when i log in again in their site my earnings go back at 0 satoshi. It’s a waste of time to this scammers!!!

  2. Very big scam don’t even try it.once you reach the minimum redrawer they will cancel your account and you can’t even sign in again.

  3. tolong dong bagi link invest legit yang depo bukan free,gw siap jadi referal yg sudah sukses,,1 link aja mas,, invest lama gpp ,receh gpp,, asal membayar,,thx

  4. Super scam I already upgraded my account but still re. Ain free account no reply from their support till now so clearly its all scam

  5. I have 0.01 something in my account so when I try to withdraw I was ask to upgrade to crab in order to withdraw.What is wrong with this people?Why don’t someone blocked their site..

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