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You can earn some income by mining Bitcoins in the cloud. It is a valid way of earning an income on the internet. However, when you are faced with a site like, you have to think twice. The site looks real and legit. However, when you take a closer look at it, you will identify some inconsistencies which are crucial in determining whether you are dealing with a scam.

Far much worse are statements and promises that look like outright lies. The site claims that users can earn up to 30,000 Satoshi daily for free. That means BTC Online is claiming that their site is free and very profitable at the same time. We cannot take these claims at face value. Unfortunately, the anonymous owner of this system cannot prove that their alleged mining pool is the real deal.

Having said that, we also want to bring to your attention that we have researched online for reviews of the BTC Online website and found enough dirt. We can now describe it as one giant rip off. We have been made to believe that the person behind this operation is an internet crook, and you are the target. So that means they want nothing more to do with you other than rip you off.

Therefore, this review is basically going to warn you against stepping into the premises of BTC Online. If you ignore the warning, then the financial loss that you will suffer won’t be bearable.

Looking for legit BTC mining sites? Go here.

BTCOnline Mining Review

The first thing that we learn on the homepage is that this site is offering access to a Bitcoin mining pool. At some point, these guys will ask you to send them Bitcoins so that they can mine even more BTC. This does not make sense at all. If they are the ones generating Bitcoins, there is no logic in them asking users to send them Bitcoins so they can generate some more. That is a ridiculous thing to ask.

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They are also claiming that BTCOnline mining has mining data centers in Asia and Europe. Of course no proof has been given. This should not surprise you because scams operate in this manner. They make claims which they are not able to substantiate, and this particular one is no exception.

The first thing you will notice is that there is no mention of the exact location, mining capacities, hash rate or any of those useful details. BTCOnline mining is simply ignoring the fact that anyone visiting their website will ask those questions and expect some proof that mining of BTC is happening behind the curtains. So this is a very bad thing. If you are going to invest your money with a system like this one, you will need to know where that money is going to. For that to happen, the website must supply the necessary details first. As you know, BTC Online mining has no information related to these questions.

Are returns generated by this website?

We are afraid to say that BTCOnline does not provide any kind of returns. The truth is quite different from what the site is trying to portray out there.For an investment if 0.9 BTC, the site is promising a daily return of 0.08 BTC. At the current value of BTC, this would translate to a daily profit of about $700. Do you think this is realistic?

And if the price of Bitcoin  happens to bounce back, because it will at some point, this will mean generating at least $2,000 in daily returns. The thing you must know is that these kinds of returns are impossible to generate. Even if there was mining happening, it would never generate such returns at all.

You must understand that these returns are exaggerated. It is not possible to generate such revenue from any kind of Crypto mining activity no matter which technology you are using.

On top of this, we encountered a few people who fell for the trick and ended up sending some Bitcoins to the crooks. What happened is that BTC online mining ended up scamming them. They never received any returns at the end of the day.

That means the crooks are only concerned with scamming you. Nothing else. If everyone is reporting the same thing about them, it definitely means that they can’t be trusted no matter what.

Is BTC Online a ponzi scheme?

The answer to this question is yes, this site is running something similar to a ponzi scheme because they can’t prove the existence of their data mining centers. These crooks are just promising huge returns but giving nothing in form of profits.

And what’s up with the phony Bitcoin transactions on the website? This information is fake. Now you understand that this kind of presentation can only be done by a ponzi scheme and not a legit business.

On top of that, BTCOnline mining is a pyramid scheme because they are promising commissions of up to 40% for every affiliate that signs up under their friends. The multiple commission levels are also promising some big dollars to participants of this scam operation. It almost reminds us of Carcoin scam.

If you are a fool, guess what? They will steal money from you and also from your friends. At the end of the day, your friends will get mad at you because you enrolled them in a scam. They won’t hear any excuse from you. If you want to ruin your relationship with your friends, this is the quickest way to do so as no one will bare with you if you are the reason they lost thousands of dollars to a ponzi scheme operation.

Our best advice for you

Since there is nothing you can achieve from BTCOnline mining, just understand that the target is the victim who does not want to use their common sense. These group of online thieves have nothing good to give. So if you are truly looking for a legit Bitcoin mining site, this list will suffice.

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    1. Ho intenzione di provare con un minimo investimento di 94 euro che dovrebbero tornarmi in 23 gg, mi a**icuri che sto sito paga?? Non vorrei perdere 100 euro…

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