BTCpool Review: A notorious Bitcoin Scam

BTCpool Review: A notorious Bitcoin Scam

Share This! market themselves as the best bitcoin mining pool in the world.  The platform claims to give investors bitcoins in the fastest way ever. However, details about the owners of the platform are missing posing questions to investors.

Lack of transparency information poses the platform as a fraud scheme. For that reason, the sole purpose of this company is to rob investors of their funds.

They are operating illegally as n authority regulate Furthermore, the main reason they lack verification certificates is that they have hidden agendas.

Legal investment markets always prove their verification, and gain investors’ trust. Investors’ funds are also secure in such platform assures investors cloud mining of up to 8% in daily returns. The amounts in the previous years were possible to attain.

In the current Bitcoin markets, there is vast competition, and these figures are unrealistic. Experts with a keen eye for details quickly avoid this kind of lucrative narrative as they are pyramid schemes that want to rip off investors their hard-earned money.

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Many newbies who have no idea of how cryptocurrency works have fallen victims of The huge returns promised by the platform have attracted many people. Review

The platform poses as an ICO that buys altcoins and maintains them for the investors. They collect capital from investors and, in return, promise them high returns.

The platform does not entail trustworthy information. The investment company does not have many positive reviews from the cryptocurrency community.

The platform is operating incognito, which should raise suspicion. has not stated anywhere on their platform where they are located.

Why would you choose to deposit funds with a company that you do not know their founders, where they are located, and to make matters even worst they are not licensed?

BTCpool Review, BTCpool Platform

The safety of your funds should be your top priority. Do not give this scammer any chance to steal your money. Stay on the lookout and identify the traits of a Ponzi scheme. Trust your money with legit platforms only, there are many scammers in the market.

A lot of people have had a bad experience with the site. is a cloud mining platform. Although they claim to use an algorithm of how thy operate is not stated. They have many loopholes and their claims do not add up. Regulation Information promises huge returns once investors’ capital matures. Professional scammers have this traits. This review will help investors to think twice before indulging in their dealings.

Though the investors get contracts, they have to wait until the agreement matures so they can start earning profits. Investors risk dealing with criminals who endanger criminal sentences.

Lack of authorization to conduct their operations, does not provide investors with incorporation certificate or regulative data. Pyramid schemes are known for hiding needed data to prevent being traced.

Under FCA, there is no available information about them being regulated. Firms that are not registered easily violate the rules and protocol set by the legal bodies.

They assure the clients they use algorithms to generate the needed amount of bitcoins. claims to sell retail investors the computing energy, which is false as they have not provided proof they indulge in ICO activities.

Investors who lack knowledge in the market wouldn’t realize the scheme at first glance. The location of the platform is not recognized.

Only Ponzi schemes hide the location from authorities and clients. actions are not transparent according to research; they only care about the investors’ deposit.

Company Details and Contact

The platform claims their offices are located in the United Kingdom,68 woodford. However, this is not their real base as we checked and couldn’t find them.

You can raise your grievances via email; [email protected] You cannot reach the support cannot through the telephone. This is a shady model used by Ponzi schemes. They try so hard not to disclose any information that can be used to trace them down.

The platform claims to respond fast to customers’ needs, while after receiving funds, they cut any communication with the investors.

Avoid this platform as it will only amount to getting losses. will leave you high and dry, and nobody will come to your rescue. investment plans

Like all other pyramid schemes, have an attractive narrative that lure investors into their platform. The investment company plans are split into three.

They have Enterprise, Standard, Basic, and Starter Pack. The Basic plan offers to earn a rate of 0.0005 BTC daily, an affiliate bonus of 12.5%. They accept deposits of 0.01 BTC.

The starter pack, on the other hand, gives investors a return of 0.00016 BTC daily, as earning rate. The cost is 0.0035 and an affiliate bonus of 11%. Scam Review, Plan

The Standard enterprise plan has an affiliate bonus of 15%, earning a rate of 0.0027BTC, and the accepted deposit is 0.05 BTC.

The Enterprise plan is the last plan in the platform. It offers an affiliate bonus of 17% and an earning rate of 0.0175 BTC daily. minimum deposit amount is 0.0035BTC, and the lowest payout is 0.0045BTC. The duration it takes to process payments is not mentioned.

The platforms only accepts funds via bitcoin. You cannot deposit using fiat currency. The platform has not indicated its transaction charges.

An expert investor will assure you that these amounts are unrealistic, and no other competitors are offering such returns. It is only a Pyramid scheme that will promise you such profits.

Referral Program

Like all other schemes, the platforms require assistance from the initial investors to generate traffic to their platform. is another platform that shows the characteristics of a Ponzi scheme through their affiliate program. only offer bonuses to initial marketers who refer other people to the platform. They promise investors a commission of 11% to 17% for every person they manage to recruit.

They state that it’s not a must for customers to have any investment plans to earn a commission. There is no monitoring on the methods investors use to drive traffic. Most use unethical means.

Without revenue, there is no The platform uses new investors’ money to pay their pioneer members, and the cycle goes on until no more funds are coming in the site.

Avoid such platforms and do not believe any positive review as they are left behind by their promoters.

Domain Insight

According to, the platform was registered in 2019. The registrant details are not listed, raising the doubt levels higher.

Alexa Global Ranking ranks at 83,050. managed to score a ranking of above 1000 according to Alexa’s global rating.’s target audience is people from Bangladesh, Brazil, Indonesia, Egypt, and India.

Is Scam or Legit?

The platform based on the characters portrays declares the platform is a direct scam. is most definitely a pyramid scheme as they go against KYC regulatory policy.

Nonetheless, the profits profits promises are not reasonable, and keen investors will quickly recognize the scam. cryptocurrencies trade skills seem like an excellent way to generate profits. Despite the quick money-making claims, investors only waste time in the platform expecting returns. only cares about the customer deposit once the client sends capital to the platform. The customer is of no use afterward.

Legit investment plans all have customer support. Only scam platforms operate in this kind of manner. Business platforms always put investor interests first. Final Verdict

The platform is not transparent in its dealings. does not care about the investor, or once the deposit is complete.

Lack of legal credentials is thumbs down and a red flag to investors. Laws governing the cryptocurrencies market continuously change, but most investors are not keen.

Hence, they end up being scam victims. Investors need to avoid this money swindling schemes. There are legit cryptocurrency platforms that will give you decent returns without compromising your funds.


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